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How to Build Strong & Lean Bodyweight Muscle: A Science-based Approach to Gaining Mass without Lifting Weights (English Edition) I believe this is the best book by Arvanitakis The plan is focused in few exercises, but the most important and foundational ones The logic is if you can t do these few drills properly and in a substantial amount of repetitions, why bother with others Excellent and original leg workout and that includes some cardio.A must ask for the spreadsheet to the email stated in the book. FROM THE AUTHOR OF BEST SELLING BOOKS ALL YOU NEED IS A PULL UP BAR AND HOW TO SCULPT A GREEK GOD MARBLE CHEST WITH PUSH UPS Slim Waist Visible Abs Round Shoulders V Shaped Defined Back Visible Muscular Chest Muscular And Vascular Arms Nicely Shaped Muscular LegsThese Are The Key Characteristics Of An Aesthetic Calisthenic S Physique That Bodyweight Muscle Focuses On DevelopingThis Book Is The Result Of Years Of Research And Self ExperimentationIts The Book I Would Like To Have Had When I First Began My Journey Into Bodyweight TrainingNowadays, Ive Reached A Point Where I Can Say, With Confidence, That I Have All The Pieces Of The Puzzle That One Needs To Get In Great Shape And Build An Impressive Physique Through Bodyweight Exercise Having Made A Lot Of Personal Mistakes, Having Followed A Lot Of Bad Advice, And Having Neglected A Lot Of Important Principles, I Know That Having This Book Back Then Would Have Saved Me A Lot Of Time And EffortSince I Cant Go Back In Time To Avoid My Mistakes, I Can Help Those Of You That Are Getting Started On Your Journey Of Building Bodyweight MuscleThis Book Is Also For Those Frustrated From Training For Some Time, Without Getting The Results That They Should Be Getting I Want You To Find Out The Missing Pieces That Are Holding You Back, So You Can Finally Get The Results You DeserveLastly, Bodyweight Muscle Is Not Just About Muscle Incorporating A Bodyweight Exercise Routine In Your Lifestyle Can Become A Keystone Habit That Triggers Positive Widespread Change In Other Areas Of Your LifeBuilding Bodyweight Muscle And Gaining Control Over Your Body Helps You Develop Confidence And A Sense Of Self Mastery It Empowers You To Further Take Control Of Your Life And Make Positive Changes Day By Day Long story made short, here s why I enjoy your book 1 SIMPLE and CONCISE a introductory exercise routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced b exercises, of sets and reps, frequency of exercise each week Eliminates doubt, am I doing this correctly Is this the best routine Just follow the program c suggested alternative exercises for those that can t complete one pull up d focus on technique versus of reps, especially with push ups You identified my issue of sacrificing technique for reps e technique ex Close elbows for push ups, slow pace, pausing f Mind body connection I now focus my mind on the specific muscle, the pause and contraction of muscle during exercise g RESTING 2 to 3 minutes between sets Simple to you, but a game changer for me I am now able to complete full sets Thinking speed was important to achieve muscle failure, my rests were short causing me to fail at one single rep h defining muscle failure When it should occur in my routine This knowledge convinced me to slow down, and choose the number of reps in each set to result in muscle failure during the last reps of the last set i defining the reps range ex 4 12 instead of a constant 10 reps, which I assumed was the ultimate. This book is well written Anyone interested in bodyweight training from beginner to advanced can benefit from the information in this book FYI, it s not going to teach you to do flags, levers, etc It gives you the basics and tells you how to make them diffucult when you are ready to advance I also like Anthony s view on how to make the legs stronger using plyometrics and sprints. The authors expertise in bodyweight fitness is, by far, the best I ve seen He has taken the most basic of exercises and created a system that is not only effective but extremely simple To be able to workout anywhere and create a physique that any woman truly desires is a dream come true I have read everything I could get my hands on for years on this subject and have not had close to the results that I have gotten from this author s books He even breaks down a scientifically proven way to build legs with functional exercises All other books I ve read tell you that in order to build legs you need to do hundreds of pistal squats which blew out my knees or to use some sort of weight resistance which is the reason I have herniated discs I cannot recommend this book enough Excellent

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