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How to Create a Mind: he Secret of Human Thought Revealed The Bold Futurist And Bestselling Author Explores The Limitless Potential Of Reverse Engineering The Human BrainRay Kurzweil Is Arguably Todays Most Influentialand Often Controversialfuturist In How To Create A Mind, Kurzweil Presents A Provocative Exploration Of The Most Important Project In Human Machine Civilizationreverse Engineering The Brain To Understand Precisely How It Works And Using That Knowledge To Create Even Intelligent MachinesKurzweil Discusses How The Brain Functions, How The Mind Emerges From The Brain, And The Implications Of Vastly Increasing The Powers Of Our Intelligence In Addressing The Worlds Problems He Thoughtfully Examines Emotional And Moral Intelligence And The Origins Of Consciousness And Envisions The Radical Possibilities Of Our Merging With The Intelligent Technology We Are CreatingCertain To Be One Of The Most Widely Discussed And Debated Science Books Of The Year, How To Create A Mind Is Sure To Take Its Place Alongside Kurzweils Previous Classics Which Include Fantastic Voyage Live Long Enough To Live Forever And The Age Of Spiritual Machines

9 thoughts on “How to Create a Mind: he Secret of Human Thought Revealed

  1. Jesus Tejedor Jesus Tejedor says:

    Aun estoy en ello pero lo que llevo me esta encantando Lo recomiendo para mentes inquietas Es muy interesante Compra recomendada


    Cuesta un poco adaptarse al libro electronico desde el papel El libro increible El futuro leido hoy

  3. Laura Laura says:

    El libro lleg en perfectas condiciones y antes de lo que esperaba Mi novio que estudia ingenier a est muy interesado en la rob tica y en IA y le encant para iniciarse en ambos temas.

  4. Radu Constantinescu Radu Constantinescu says:

    Many generalities, opinions, quotes, stories I expected a lot of substance on this topic of mind on which Ray Kurzweil is appreciated as one of the best experts.

  5. Book Shark Book Shark says:

    How to Create a Mind The Secret of Human Thought Revealed by Ray Kurzweil How to Create a Mind is a very interesting book that presents the pattern recognition theory of mind PRTM , which describes the basic algorithm of the neocortex the region of the brain responsible for perce

  6. ImageMD ImageMD says:

    The first half of Kurzweil s book summarizes what is known about information processing by the human brain He details how the neocortex recognizes patterns and stores information hierarchically, producing memory, consciousness and identity He relates this to modern digital computers in ter

  7. Derek Derek says:

    A fascinating idea mired in a circuitous narrative Kinda like having to sort through a hundred boxes of cereal for a single prize that you have to put together yourself Perfectly fine for people with time on their hands and a fireplace to sit next to on a wintry evening But I found myself highly imp

  8. Deon Opperman Deon Opperman says:

    Very disappointed The book is about how the mind works, and not AT ALL about how to create a mind So if you re into the study of the brain, by all means read this book But I was expecting something very different given the author s work in AI and given the title of the book, which is misleading.

  9. Chappy Chappy says:

    In this boom Ray puts together how his knowledge of how the brain works helped in developing his technology a lot of us use daily He deep dives into research done, as well as the why s of how things work It is interesting to see the predictions he has made and his reason as to why they came true He is a very smart man

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