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How to Survive a Pandemic A Vital, Timely Text On The Viruses That Cause Pandemics And How To Face Them, By The New York Times Bestselling Author Of How Not To Die From Tuberculosis To Bird Flu And HIV To Coronavirus, These Infectious Diseases Share A Common Origin Story Human Interaction With Animals Otherwise Known As Zoonotic Diseases For Their Passage From Animals To Humans, These Pathogens Both Pre Existing Ones And Those Newly Identified Emerge And Re Emerge Throughout History, Sparking Epidemics And Pandemics That Have Resulted In Millions Of Deaths Around The WorldHow Did These Diseases Come About And What If Anything Can We Do To Stop Them And Their Fatal March Into Our Countries, Our Homes, And Our Bodies In How To Survive A Pandemic, Dr Michael Greger, Physician And Internationally Recognized Expert On Public Health Issues, Delves Into The Origins Of Some Of The Deadliest Pathogens The World Has Ever Seen Tracing Their Evolution From The Past Until Today, Dr Greger Spotlights Emerging Flu And Coronaviruses As He Examines Where These Pathogens Originated, As Well As The Underlying Conditions And Significant Human Role That Have Exacerbated Their Lethal Influence To Large, And Even Global, LevelsAs The World Grapples With The Devastating Impact Of The Novel Coronavirus , Dr Greger Reveals Not Only What We Can Do To Protect Ourselves And Our Loved Ones During A Pandemic, But Also What Human Society Must Rectify To Reduce The Likelihood Of Even Worse Catastrophes In The Future

10 thoughts on “How to Survive a Pandemic

  1. Dr Appu Sasidharan Dr Appu Sasidharan says:

    Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly It is a word that, if misused, can cause unreasonable fear, or unjustified acceptance that the fight is over, leading to unnecessary suffering and death I must warn you initially itself

  2. Janet Janet says:

    What a book to read during a mild pandemic, COVID 19 Mild Well, yes, as a matter of fact there are some really terrible pandemics waiting in the wings with death rates over 50% We thought this one was bad just wait until H5N1 learns how to pass hu

  3. Tim Tim says:

    3.5 stars Some great content and inspiring thoughts in there especially on the fact that the current Covid 19 is way less serious than a human H5N1 outbreak would be and how mass chicken production is a big issue in that regard.That being said, the content

  4. Ericka Clouther Ericka Clouther says:

    There was interesting information and analysis here even with all the reading I ve been doing on this topic However, it neededediting, as it was repetitive, seemed to go back and forth to the same topics, and it was definitely too long as a result.

  5. Rebe Rebe says:

    How to Survive a Pandemic is the second book I ve read by Michael Greger He seems to research everything thoroughly literally half this book is just references , writes about scary subjects without inducing panic, and makes complicated science easy to understand.I assumed thi

  6. Trace Nichols Trace Nichols says:

    Wow is this timely particularly because the author wrote this book amidst a global pandemic Chock FULL of information, this read is truly educational It covers not on the history of viruses, pathogens, origins, et al it also delves deep into preventative measures, vaccines, the agricult

  7. Rootul Patel Rootul Patel says:

    Best book of 2020.Actionable personal takeaways Use 60% alcohol based hand sanitizer because humans including myself can t be trusted to wash their hands properly If hands are visibly soiled, wash with water soap for 20 seconds Don t bring poultry into the house Humans can t be trusted to handle

  8. George Jacobs George Jacobs says:

    How to Survive a Pandemic by Michael Greger, M.D FACLM, Published by Bluebird Books for Life, 2020 Currently, Dr Michael Greger devotes his considerable energies to the NutritionFacts.org non profit constellation of website, social media, books, talks, and videos, which focuses on the impact of food on hea

  9. Nina Nina says:

    This is a massive book But half of it is citing references So how to survive Don t get it in the first place Gee thanks He says you could self isolate, but then points out how missionaries on Alaska isolated during the 1918 pandemic only to have an infected mailman come and spread the disease that kill off almost ev

  10. Abbey Abbey says:

    I don t think I ll ever be able to eat poultry again without thinking of all the bird shit on it So gross I feel like I am careful when cooking meat but now I just want to bleach my entire kitchen.Even if we had a vaccine the virus mutates so effectively that the vaccine is rendered useless And if we could produce a vaccine i

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