Into the Woods (TCG Edition) Prime –

Into the Woods (TCG Edition) I am actually using this as a text for adult ESL students I teach an advance transitional academic English class for adults They are reading the various parts aloud and listening to the musical parts as intermixed and they are loving it It s caused them to recall childhood stories from their own culture and some are similar to those used in ITW The music provides a great bridge for comprehension since each song is in itself a condensed story We completed Act I last week and the watched that segment before Easter holiday They were enthralled and the bursts of laughter really made me understand how deeply this art form goes regardless of your country of origin Thank you Stephen Thank you James Sharing it with my beloved students brings back that magical Friday night long ago when I sat in the Martin Beck theatre and was enraptured for the very first time Cheers I was so excited to find this book again I checked it out as a kid from the library at my elementary school, and never even knew it was a play until my high school performed it It s a great story or rather a fine mix of many stories , and the illustrations are lovely I m excited as an adult to re read it and watch the stage production on Netflix if they are still streaming it before the Disney version comes out next month. Had this book when I was a kid When the movie came out recently I was shocked I was like, why all the music To my surprise, the book is actually based off a broadway play Anyways the artwork is incomparable and I just had to own a book that I read over and over in my childhood. I remember having this book when i was little and LOOVED the illustrations It is a very long story though, so if you have very little kids they probably will not last through a full reading as i fully remember happening with me The story is based off of a 1980 s Broadway musical that I recently found out they re turning into a movie I wanted to get this book before the movie came out and was scared the prices would go up exponentially and they d re do it with images from the movie and so I ordered this ASAP Very happy. Includes The Complete Libretto For The Broadway Musical Based On Fairy Tales

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