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Islamic Geometric Patterns: Their Historical Development and Traditional Methods of Construction The Main Focus Of This Unique Book Is An In Depth Examination Of The Polygonal Technique The Primary Method Used By Master Artists Of The Past In Creating Islamic Geometric Patterns The Author Details The Design Methodology Responsible For This All But Lost Art Form And Presents Evidence For Its Use From The Historical Record, Both Of Which Are Vital Contributions To The Understanding Of This Ornamental Tradition Additionally, The Author Examines The Historical Development Of Islamic Geometric Patterns, The Significance Of Geometric Design Within The Broader Context Of Islamic Ornament As A Whole, The Formative Role That Geometry Plays Throughout The Islamic Ornamental Arts Including Calligraphy, The Floral Idiom, Dome Decoration, Geometric Patterns, And , And The Underexamined Question Of Pattern Classification.Featuring Over 600 Beautiful Color Images, Islamic Geometric Patterns Their Historical Development And Traditional Methods Of Constructionis A Valuable Addition To The Literature Of Islamic Art, Architecture And Geometric Patterns This Book Is Ideal For Students And Scholars Of Geometry, The History Of Mathematics, And The History Of Islamic Art, Architecture, And Culture In Addition, Artists, Designers, Craftspeople, And Architects Will All Find This Book An Exceptionally Informative And Useful Asset In Their Fields.Jay Bonneris An Architectural Ornamentalist And Unaffiliated Scholar Of Islamic Geometric Design He Received His MDes From The Royal College Of Art In London 1983 He Has Contributed Ornamental Designs For Many International Architectural Projects, Including The Expansion Of Both The Al Masjid Al Haram Grand Mosque In Mecca, And The Al Masjid An Nawabi Prophet S Mosque In Medina, As Well The Tomb Of Sheikh Hujwiri In Lahore, And The Ismaili Centre In London To Name But A Few He Is Committed To The Revitalization Of Islamic Geometric Design Through The Teaching Of Traditional Methodological Practices To This End, In Addition To Publishing, Jay Bonner Has Lectured And Taught Design Seminars At Many Universities And Conferences In North America, Europe, North Africa And Asia. a wealth of information and insight This is a landmark in the study of islamic geometric ornament, a millennium long cross cultural highly mathematical tradition that produced world heritage sites on three continents.Jay Bonner has had a remarkable career, comprehensively studying islamic ornament, its transmission and its construction, extending it further in new directions He has contributed ornamental designs to some of the most important buildings in the islamic world, and this is his magnum opus.This book is and is likely to remain a unique work that will be carefully studied for a long time and critiqued too.It s expensive, but really worth the price if you can afford it Either way, make your library get a copy And enjoy perfect

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