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Java: A Beginner's Guide, Eighth Edition Very good introduction to Java and its newest features This is not a book for learning how to program or learning about the object oriented paradigm It covers a wide range of basic topics from fundamentals, data types, control statements, abstract data types and exceptions It also covers some advanced topics as I O, multithreading, generics, lambda expressions and modules For the most of it, the book is very clear and uses small code examples to illustrate Unfortunately, most advanced topics show impractical or just dumb examples that work but don t really show how to take advantage of the features Read it if you need to catch up with the newest Java features Keep in mind Java will continue updating every six months, so this book is already outdated. Up To Date, Essential Java Programming Skills Made Easy Fully Updated For Java Platform, Standard Edition Java SE , Java A Beginner S Guide, Eighth Edition Gets You Started Programming In Java Right Away Best Selling Programming Author Herb Schildt Begins With The Basics, Such As How To Create, Compile, And Run A Java Program He Then Moves On To The Keywords, Syntax, And Constructs That Form The Core Of The Java Language The Book Also Covers Some Of Java S Advanced Features, Including Multithreaded Programming, Generics, Lambda Expressions, Modules, And Swing As An Added Bonus, An Introduction To JShell, Java S Interactive Programming Tool, Is Included Best Of All, It S Written In The Clear, Crisp, Uncompromising Style That Has Made Schildt The Choice Of Millions WorldwideDesigned For Easy Learning Key Skills And Concepts Chapter Opening Lists Of Specific Skills Covered In The Chapter Ask The Expert QA Sections Filled With Bonus Information And Helpful Tips Try This Hands On Exercises That Show You How To Apply Your Skills Self Tests End Of Chapter Quizzes To Reinforce Your Skills Annotated Syntax Example Code With Commentary That Describes The Programming Techniques Being Illustrated This book is not for inexperienced programmers as the title leads one to believe The first few chapters do cover elementary topics, but it quickly transitions into highly advanced topics in programming If you are new to the field of computer science, as I was when I purchased this book, then I suggest you look elsewhere. Great Information, You can t go wrong with picking up this book. In the book, the author claims No previous programming experience required I have absolutely zero experience in programming but this book fails to deliver on this claim On the first simple program I am left clueless The author states 1 Enter the program, 2 Compile the program, 3 Run the program However, the author fails to be EXPLICIT I managed to install the JDK by watching a YouTube video because the book is no help on this one If you have some experience or training in programming this book will probably be somewhat easy to follow But for those like me with absolutely No previous programming experience this book fails at the start As a former teacher myself, I understand that for people with zero knowledge or skills you have to be EXPLICIT in every sense of the word to be effective in the transfer of knowledge and or skills Particularly if it involves a serious subject matter The author is perhaps a great programmer, but he s not a great teacher For those like me, it s best to consider either a classroom setting or the Dummies series of books. This book is capable of teaching anyone that really has the desire to learn I like that it s to the point without all the unnecessary jokes and story time Too many books are filled with excess chat chit Very easy to follow.

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