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JUMP at Home Grade 1: Worksheets for the JUMP Math Program Love this program My friend and sister in law have both had success with it, too My first grader was struggling in math and we used this as a supplement to the school s math curriculum It is far superior to what the school is using It builds slowly and uses a lot of repetition, which helped my daughter feel confident in her math skills She had commented that she didn t like math and thought she was bad at it, but she asks to do her Jump math and says it is easy I also have my pre Kindergarten daughter doing it and she enjoys it, too. John Mighton S JUMP Program Is Changing The Way Math Is Taught, And His Powerful Math Workbooks Give Children The Tools They Need To Master This Crucial Subject The Key Is A Step By Step Teaching Method That Isolates And Describes Concepts So Clearly That Anyone Can Understand Them Students Build On Their Successes, Becoming Proficient At Solving Problems With Confidence And Enthusiasm Now, Parents And Caregivers Can Bring The JUMP Program Home These Workbooks Follow The Current Student Worksheets Used By JUMP Tutors And Classroom Teachers, Including An Introduction For Parents And Caregivers That Clearly Explains The Thinking Behind The Program And Provides Hours Of Activities, Worksheets Carefully Designed To Enable Children To Move From One Success To The Next, A Glossary Of Math Terms, And A Selected Answer Key. For children who do not grasp a concept easily and need repetition for several days this book is PERFECT We recently switched our Math curriculum to this series as the one we were using jumped all over the place and the children were just not grasping each important math concept.This book is not too wordy, so if you have a reluctant reader then this book will work for them.Each page has an example of one of the problems already filled in and completed which is another great bonus for your child.At the beginning along with the introduction are several pages of games, activities and puzzles which are excellent This is followed by 7 Main Units with sub units 1 Number Sense 12 Patterns and Algebra 13 Measurement 14 Probability and Data Management 15 Number Sense 26 Patterns and Algebra 27 Measurement 2Simple and methodical yet challenging at the same time.Price is EXCELLENT Our other Math books were costing 40 a piece so this is a really great price.One reviewer mentioned you needed the supporting curriculum to work with these books We have not found that to be true This book is independent and the instructions are very self explanatory NOW please note there are no answers, those can be found online, BUT at this level an answer book is not needed at all.Highly recommended from our house to yours. I am a home schooling mom of twin boys and one of the boys just doesn t get math After doing 2 math programs he still wasn t getting it I bought this I can t believe for 14 dollars he gets it I have spent hundreds of dollars in math curriculums for him I wouldn t use it alone but as a supplement it is great The book starts out with understanding the concept of the value of numbers It touches on patterns and addition and subtraction It teaches the concepts one step at a time with very little language but examples for each concept taught My son has expressive receptive language disorder Which means he has a hard time understanding language This book was a perfect fit for him If your child has a difficult time understanding math or language or both this book is worth a try Some of the cons is it is black and white print only the pages are boring and the paper is thin which makes erasing difficult with lots of rips in the paper There are no manipulatives for multi sensory learning Over all a winner for him It may not work for other children It gets 5 stars because it made a struggling math student succeed. A slow start focusing on basic number formation and 1 to 1 correspondence But it s important to make sure kids have this experience I thought it was too basic and skipped it, we re going back to review it now Covers topics at just the right speed for remediation Great price for a great program Will be ordering the full grade curriculum for next year.

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