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Kabbalah: A Love Story As a Christian heretic, I found this book delightful, informative, stimulating, inviting so much so that I gave a copy of it to a Catholic heretic friend He has read his copy at least three times And I ve revisited mine, where I ve folded corners and made tiny check marks Thanks Rabbi Kushner Kabbalah A Love Story is a beautiful book I enjoyed it while reading, and have continued to think of it often If John Irving were Jewish, this book could have been written by him.The story of Rabbi Kalman Stern is told on several levels As a man, he lost his wife s love and has not found another in two decades As a scholar, he obsesses over a letter he found inside a 1697 printing of the Zohar, which talks to Kalman s craving for a meaning to his life, to Jews, to human suffering in general This quest for meaning takes him across the paths of other actors, both in the present time of the story and in the past near and distant His journey does not necessarily arrive at answers, but clarity somehow emerges, at it often does with the accumulation of life s experiences joyous and painful alike.The protagonist, Kalman, is as real as any character across every genre of literature, deep and thoughtful and memorable, and is sourly missed once The End comes about And while the story revolves around Jewish mysticism, history, and the delicious mix of heartache and humor through which the People of the Book have commonly experienced both individual and national life, this novel is written with an artful hand and is accessible to any reader who might lack knowledge of Judaism but appreciates a delightful story.Perhaps this book should have been titled Kabbalah A Lovable Story This review is by Avraham Azrieli, Author of The Jerusalem Inception and other novels. Good read not quite what I expected, but in a way, that s a good thing I really did enjoy this book I even read it all the way through grin I profess to be a Christian, but this kind of book helped me to even better appreciate the variety and richness of our spiritual heritage We have so much to be thankful for if we can only see it I have also read other books by Kushner and have liked them as well. Rabbi Harold Kushner s 2007 mystical novel is than a spiritual romance although it reads quite well as one it is a celebration of Jewish mysticism and spiritual insight that uses rich metaphor and prose to immerse the reader in an experience rather than just tell a story Interwoven plots, historical revelations, and profound insight make Kabbalah, A Love Story an entertaining introduction to Jewish mysticism The most profound insight is also one of the simplest People become mystics for one of three reasons because they ve had a mystical experience, because they want one, or because they re in love Although the book offers only a brief introduction to a very complex subject, Kushner s spiritual novel can help a reader new to Jewish traditions understand the power and allure of the Kabbalah In the end, Kalman discovers that knowing ultimate truth and giving yourself to your lover are effectively identical You move from this World of Separation to the World of Unity by giving yourself away, and once you can do that, new life is the reward My take Kushner s first novel operates on many levels at once, and all deal with love The late blossoming romance between Kalman and Isabel parallels another love story in 13th century Spain that suggests how the Zohar came to be written However, the greatest love story to me is Kalman s and Kushner s love for the Zohar itself To read Kabbalah, A Love Story is to immerse one s self in the magic of Jewish mysticism, where we discover our true nature only by opening ourselves to love.The story feels like magical realism in spiritual expression, rich with metaphors that help expose essential truths That s the way it is with a good book Just when you think you ve read all its words, the damn thing falls apart in your hands and you have to start all over again The novel suffers from a predictable plot and stiff characters, but the beauty of the message, the pull of those multi layered love stories, and the powerful questions Kushner poses both engaged and challenged me to the last page. Sometime, Somewhere, Someone Is Searching For Answers In A Thirteenth Century Castle On A Train To A Concentration Camp In A New York City ApartmentHidden Within The Binding Of An Ancient Text That Has Been Passed Down Through The Ages Lies The Answer To One Of The Hearts Eternal Questions When The Text Falls Into The Hands Of Rabbi Kalman Stern, He Has No Idea That His Lonely Life Of Intellectual Pursuits Is About To Change Once He Opens The Book Soon Afterward, He Meets Astronomer Isabel Benveniste, A Woman Of Science Who Stirs His Soul As No Woman Has For Many Years But Kalman Has Much To Learn Before He Can Unlock His Heart And Let True Love Into His Life The Key Lies In The Mysterious Document He Finds Inside The Zohar, The Master Text Of The Kabbalah

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