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Karizma & Devin (A Bioexpa Match Book 2) (English Edition) The Year Is Wise People Marry By Registering With Bioexpa Data Match The Matchmaking Company Has Such A Near Perfect Record That Choosing Your Own Mate Is Now Considered Tantamount To Marrying A Blood Relative Karizma Woods Has Been Dreaming Of Being Matched By Bioexpa Since She Registered At Eighteen When It Finally Happens, She Thinks It S A Dream Come True That Is Until She Meets Devin Only A Few Minutes In His Company Has Her Convinced That She Wants Nothing To Do With The Arrogant Jerk Devin McIntyre Registered For Practical Reasons He Was Tired Of Dating All He Really Needs Is A Woman To Warm His Bed Karizma Suits Needs Perfectly Too Bad That She Seems Determined To Leave Him At The End Of Their Thirty Day Trial Period

5 thoughts on “Karizma & Devin (A Bioexpa Match Book 2) (English Edition)

  1. african-american.se Customer african-american.se Customer says:

    I liked the book disliked the character The book is good Thayer King can t write a bad story I ve read every single book of hers that I can get my hand on and she has a way with words The thing is she has a habit of writing female characters that you want to like but at times don t understand hate Karizma is one such character She is a confused person at best and a

  2. Yazi Yazi says:

    Holy moly talk about sitting in a sauna with this book Man, Ms King delivers again I was expecting something good with the next book in the Bioexpa series, but I didn t expect this Personally, I m always a sucker for the storylines that cover a person who wants love, and another person who isn t really willing to give it So, I was pretty excited to read this one We all

  3. Avid Book Reader Avid Book Reader says:

    The premise that a company can pick the one person in the world that is perfect for you seems a bit farfetched but this series makes this system work I love each of the books I ve read so far in this series Karizma and Devon started out rough but they were able to make it work even when it seems like they are destined to fail Devon and Karizma had a lot to learn about them

  4. Kindle Reader Kindle Reader says:

    This is the second book I ve read by Ms King I was introduced to her writing through this series I have to say that although I enjoyed Bioexpa book 1, I absolutely loved this one even There was just something about the H that made me swoon While Devin seems like an ass at times, he has this sweetness to him and a vulnerability that made my heart melt All this while still main

  5. fabia sailsman fabia sailsman says:

    Ok so here s the thing, got this right away cause I love all of ms King s books and started reading lunch time at work Bad decision Devin is so scorching, I had to put the book away till I got to the privacy of my home I can not wait till Haven and Scott.

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