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La casa 758 (Nube de Tinta) Hace Dos A Os Que Krista Perdi A Su Madre En Un Accidente De Coche Y, Desde Entonces, Su Vida No Tiene Sentido Krista Perdi A Su Madre En Un Accidente De Coche Hace Dos A Os Y, Desde Entonces, Su Mundo Se Ha Roto Siguiendo Una Rutina Inflexible Que Ella Misma Se Ha Impuesto, D A Tras D A Se Acerca A La Casa , El Lugar Donde Vive El Chico Que Provoc El Accidente Mortal Krista No Sabe Por Qu Lo Hace Quiere Hacerlo Sufrir , Necesita Poner Cara A Su Nombre , Dar Forma A Su Odio Pero La Vida De Krista Empieza A Cambiar Con La Llegada A Casa De Su Abuelo Materno, Un Superviviente Del Holocausto De Origen H Ngaro Su Testimonio Lograr Sacar A Krista De La Apat A Y Le Dar La Fuerza Que Necesita Para Volver A Empezar Los Lectores Han Dicho La Casa No Os Defraudar He Re Do, He Llorado Y Al Terminar El Libro, Mi Coraz N Se Sent A Completo Un Libro Que Te Har Ver Las Cosas De Otra Manera Totalmente Recomendable

3 thoughts on “La casa 758 (Nube de Tinta)

  1. Maine Maine says:

    Krista MC is going through a rough time when we meet her with her mom having passed and her dad having a new woman move into the house She begins to isolate herself by spending most of her time outside on the roof in her tent, but it doesn t seem to be much of an inconvenience to her as it is to those around her who seem concerned about her and the odd choices she s making.The story begins in the early summer and Krista s dad is hounding her to find something productive to

  2. BookNerd BookNerd says:

    I think this is my favorite book by Kathryn Berla.This book was so beautifully written The style is fluid and flawless.The narration gives us deep feelings of sadness echoing the character s It was easy to feel how painful it must have been for a young girl like Krista to lose her mom Her depression and emotions are depicted accurately whether they are blatant or implied through the narrative.I liked all the characters in the book.I enjoyed how Krista s story mirrored her grandf

  3. Beth Katherine Beth Katherine says:

    Kathryn Berla is a delightful writer who masterfully spins coming of age tales truly, if anyone should be the voice of our generation, it should be the enigmatic Mrs Berla.La Casa 758 did not disappoint I laughed, I cried, and by the time I finished the book my heart felt full.It is regretful that La Casa 758 is available for purchase only in the Spanish language the English language based publishing houses who passed it by truly missed out on a winner.

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