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Last Day A woman has been found dead, secrets are revealed, crime is solved There is very little action in this story, and LOTS of LOTS of reminiscing for the sake of back story, and also feelings I found it quite tedious to get through The characters are so shallow that the family drama was just a bunch of annoying whining Rice completely lost me when she went on and on about the greatness of motherhood Newsflash childfree lives are very fulfilling Ironically, the mom characters in this story are the unhappy screw ups The mystery is solved through a twist, as most are, but it seemed to be thrown in just to be a surprise, leaving an implausible and unsatisfying ending. I read this book because my friend always said how much she loved Luann Rice and, as an First Read, this was a good opportunity to try her work I am ambivalent about the novel The location was interesting and well described and the background of the sisters tragedy was chilling, but the characters didn t seem authentic Using the Compass Rose device to define the four friends seemed to lock the author into a framework of personalities Even the police officer investigating Beth s murder was bland I didn t feel any passion in the adult characters although Ms Rice gave the teenaged Samantha a complex persona.I was looking for character development and hoped the mystery of the murderer would be enough to recommend this book, but it wasn t The ending was disappointing and colored my overall satisfaction with this novel and this author. From Celebrated New York Times Bestselling Author Luanne Rice Comes A Riveting Story Of A Seaside Community Shaken By A Violent Crime And A Tragic Loss Years Ago, Beth Lathrop And Her Sister Kate Suffered What They Thought Would Be The Worst Tragedy Of Their Lives The Night Both The Famous Painting Moonlight And Their Mother Were Taken The Detective Assigned To The Case, Conor Reid, Swore To Protect The Sisters From Then OnBeth Moved On, Throwing Herself Fully Into The Art World, Running The Family Gallery, And Raising A Beautiful Daughter With Her Husband Pete Kate, Instead, Retreated Into Herself And Took To The Skies As A Pilot, Always On The Run When Beth Is Found Strangled In Her Home, And Moonlight Goes Missing Again, Detective Reid Can T Help But Feel A Sense Of D J VuReid Immediately Suspects Beth S Husband, Whose Affair Is A Poorly Kept Secret He Has An Airtight Alibi But He Also Has A Motive, And The Evidence Seems To Point To Him Kate And Reid, Along With The Sisters Closest Childhood Friends, Struggle To Make Sense Of Beth S Death, But They Only Find Questions Who Else Would Have Wanted Beth Dead What S The Significance Of Moonlight Twenty Years Ago, Reid Vowed To Protect Beth And Kate And He S Failed Now Solving The Case Is Turning Into An Obsession This was a brilliant book so twisty it kept me guessing who did what and to whom all the way to the end I was racing through it so I could find out who did the murder I guessed two or three times but got it completely wrong. Luann Rice does what she does best write about families, sisters, secrets, relationships, with a little mystery thrown in Personally, I loved reading about locations familiar to me and the nod to a murder that took place here years ago Definitely recommend. I was really hoping for from this book I enjoyed the haunting scene that was described at the beginning of this book which I read using the Look Inside feature and that s why I chose this book but it s just downhill from there I still held out hope for at least an ok procedural but this book really falls apart towards the end, and I saw where it was going so I don t say that because I was at all surprised Unfortunately the author chose to have this story play out with multiple POVs which do nothing to serve the story but instead make this much less interesting It was far better served in the beginning with the POVs left to the grieving sister Kate and the detective Owen on the case As the POVs shift between friends and family of the deceased Beth we don t actually learn anything but instead the author s trying to draw out the reveal of the killer by leaving different ideas for the reader Unfortunately most of the people are not at all compelling and again it doesn t serve the story If I finish a book I usually consider it an ok read and rate is 3 stars so I m usually a pretty generous reviewer but this book is a mess 1 Star for me is usually a book I couldn t finish so this 2 star review is probably still too generous for this book I may have read this for free with First Reads but it s still not worth your time so I d recommend strongly that you choose a different book. I gave up on Luanne Rice a long time ago the novels she released in the 1980s and 1990s with interesting, nuanced characters gradually evolved in the 2000 s into shmaltzy melodramas with cardboard heroines and hokey dialogue But this was a cheap First Reads option so I took a chance again, only to remain woefully unimpressed There was way too much info dumping and too many unnecessary details, which made getting through the book a chore The detective investigating the murder seems to have an unhealthy obsession with the dead woman s sister based on another tragedy that happened in their lives 20 years ago, but nobody thinks it s strange that he is fixated on a woman who was a teenager when he first met her There are other inconsistencies and behaviors that make the characters feel very unrealistic And as for the ending.well, I don t want to spoil anything but I will say it didn t make a whole lot of sense to me and felt like it came out of nowhere Sorry, but I ll continue to pass on this author I still recommend her earlier books such as Angels All Over Town and Summer Light though. What a perfect way to kick start my 2020 reading adventure As a long time fan of Luanne s books, I have come to expect certain things in her writing A gentleness, a sense of friendships, sisterhood, family love of art, scenery nature All of those elements were in Last Day, but the added piece was not typical of previous books written by Luanne There was a mystery, a who done it I flip flopped throughout the book as to the who part, but it kept me guessing till almost the end.I am not a huge fan of the current rage of psychological thrillers, this was not one of those books This was still the beautifully written book I would expect from Luanne, but with the hint of other deeper issues Still love of family, women being there for each other sisterhood close bonds to home.Thank you again Luanne Luanne Rice is a master storyteller and that truly shines in her latest novel, Last Day, the story of four friends, two deaths and the secrets kept hidden to the end.Sisters Kate and Beth had survived a tragic ordeal in their teen years but, like so many, that tragedy pushed them apart rather than pulling them together Kate is closed off from all emotion and Beth has infused her life with love, giving to the community, loving her daughter and caring for her friends When Beth is murdered, Kate digs in to find the answers to her sister s murder What she finds instead are layers of secrets.While I was a bit disappointed in the ending, the overall story is brilliantly told Last Day was my January selection for First Reads and will be available on February 1st. Great premise and potential, but seriously overwritten, bogged down with redundant details and inconsistent characterizations The pacing was off, the plot twist inconsistent and an editor s pen needed to do some serious work here Disappointing.

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Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty three novels including CLOUD NINE, BEACH GIRLS, and THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SISTER LAST DAY will be out in February 2020 Five of her books have been made into movies and mini series, many have been New York Times bestsellers and two of her pieces have been featured in off Broadway theatre productions She lives on the Connecticut

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