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Looking for JJ

Three Children Walked Away From The Edge Of Town One Day But Only Two Of Them Came Back.

A Gripping And Emotionally Searing Novel From A Talented Author, Looking For JJ Explores The Circumstances And Motives Behind The Murder Of A Child By Her Friend Six Years Later, JJ Has Now Been Released, And Has A New Identity But Is There Any Way That She Can Lead A Normal Life This was for my daughter as on her school book list she seems to be enjoying it This year my pre holiday book shopping was NOT hold up brilliant and thank you, Wordery This book is from a recommended by school Summer Reads, so I read it as well to be able to discuss and generate a decent quality h w.My 13 yo son, for who it was purchased, found it a bit too mundane, he called it a book with no story line My take is that it s, indeed, a life story with now frills But behind the unsensational nature of everyday descriptions is a true drama of an unfortunate little girl s fate There is a lot to think about life choices that some people make and their consequences, that others are not aware of, how difficult it is to put wrongs to rights and the strength to continue to live no matter what It is about how we, as a society, sometimes swayed by the superficial facts in the media, are hastily judgemental, when forgiveness would be appropriate Will continue to discuss. Good book but I bought for my 11 year old as Anne Cassidy is a suggested author for school reading but not age appropriate as I discovered when I read it first. Good book and in good condition

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