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Lottie & Walter Lottie Goes To Swim Lessons Every Saturday, But She Never Gets In The Water That S Because She Is Convinced There Is A Shark In The Pool, A Shark That Wants To Eat Her And Only Her But Then Walter Appears Walter Likes Singing And Reading Books And Bubble Baths, And His Favorite Food Is Fish Sticks, Just Like Lottie When Saturday Rolls Around Again, Lottie Is No Ready To Jump In The Pool Than She Was Before Or Is She Sometimes It Just Takes A Special Friend To Find The Courage That Was Inside You All Along

3 thoughts on “Lottie & Walter

  1. Melanie Shanks Melanie Shanks says:

    Love this book

  2. Melissa Sack Melissa Sack says:

    Lottie hates her swim class She has a major fear of the pool She has the idea that a shark is in there and will eat her up if she goes in swimming Her fears are made much manageable when her imaginary friend Walter the Walrus comes along.This a sweet book to read with young children that might be dealing with fears.

  3. HD4386 HD4386 says:

    I adored this book Loved the writing and loved the drawings.

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