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Love Letters to the Dead Certainly, I haven t read yet but I read 70 pages and I can t stop am hooked To sum up, I loved This book changed my life I always looked at death as something that always happened to everyone else Laurel throughout the events of the novel hit home as it should with any other teenage reader whose dealt with the aspects and sucky nature of being a teen It s absolute perfection The whole rage of the teenage rebellion shook whole within the walls of her world She lost someone close to her and dealt with the severity of the situation under the covers, and to release all that pent up emotion she looked for a way out It s realistic The bond between sisters is greater than anyone realizes It s a bit of a trigger for some readers However, it is still an excellent read This is the type of book that defines a generation Highly Recommend. The resemblances to the book of her mentor, Stephen Chbosky, are EVERYWHERE A teen with issues, friends with issues, the protagonist sinks deep before getting well in the end.However, I still liked this book, it has very good sentences and it s written in a very lyrical and beautiful way Also, I liked most of the characters except Laurel, the protagonist, who is UNENDURABLE.Apart from Laurel, the only bad thing about the book and it is related to her is that when she writes letters to the dead she means to a very reduced number of dead people, mostly teen idols of the time. It took me a year to read this book,From when I first brought it here until about a month ago.As a dead celebrity afficianado it seemed right up my alley but it was actually a slow read and too many flowery proses that teenagers DO NOT say or hardly even think of.It seemed so unauthentic I had a hard time getting past that part and would kind of slam the book down in frustration.I understand with The Fault in Our stars,Perks and Everything, Everything how folks like to act as if teens are highly evolved.Only in the books movies,lol.But thats not why I m here.When this book gets going,esp after Laurel s breakdown through of her sister May s demise,I was truly heartbroken.Like,in a fit.I hadn t reacted so much to a book since when I first read White Oleander.And thats when the flower prose actually worked and fitted in with the story.I dont want to give it all away but its worth the read,esp when Laurel goes in on the wasteland of dead celebrities and having the world at your feet only to lose it.I still tear up at certain parts just Thinking about them.I now hope that this is the latest teen book to have the film treatment,I ll be first in line. Why I chose this book One of my favorite types of books to read is epistolary novels I am a girl that is all about letters, especially love letters So when this book began to pop up on several book blogging radars, I knew I had to pick it up Oddly enough, I wrote my own grandfather s eulogy while reading this book, so I related with the book on a whole other level.3 Things You Need to Know 1 Epistolary Novel This is a story told in letters While I hear many a complaint about this, I really enjoyed this format and felt that it did the story justice Sometimes you can t sort out feelings and emotions until you tell them to another person The character of Laurel understands this as she writes letters to dead icons throughout history Sometimes their stories give Laurel insight, and sometimes they are simply there to listen Either way, Laurel discovers insights about her feelings, and about life around her After all, high school is never easy.2 All aboard the FEELS train I had an idea about how this book would end, but I did not expect the pain and emotion that would come with it Ugh Dellaira definitely knows how to make you feel ALL THE THINGS I found myself wanting to hold Laurel and protect her from life s cruelties something that I often feel when looking back at my own teen years.3 A place for the lovers of music, poetry, and culture Dellaira writes so beautifully as she intertwines snippets of reality into Laurel s world While still giving vivid and beautiful descriptions about life, love, and everything in between, she carefully sculpts the voice of a questioning teen Laurel s voice is authentic as it is original While still maintaining the form of a vulnerable and broken girl, you see all the potential that Laurel has It is equal parts lovely and heartbreaking.Final Thoughts I really enjoyed this book While it may have been due to where I was in my life, I still believe that this is a beautifully written novel Love letters are totally capable of telling a story, and Ava Dellaira proves this over and over again I gave this book four stars on Goodreads.Check out of my reviews at A Troubled Teen Writes Poignant Letters To Influential Celebrities Who Died Young, Confronting In The Process Her Own Efforts To Fit In, Navigate Her Splintering Family And Come To Terms With A Past Trauma A First Novel

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