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  • LOVE MODE (1)
  • Yuki Shimizu
  • English
  • 05 February 2019
  • 9781598160109

10 thoughts on “LOVE MODE (1)

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    One of the best m/m manga series I've ever read. The story starts out when a young man name Izumi get's mistaken for a male escort with the same name. I know this sounds ridiculous, but this is manga so it's not the craziest thing I've ever heard. Izumi considered himself heterosexual before this one night encounter but rethinks things when he realizes he enjoyed it. The other man, Katsura, decides to court Izumi with quite a bit of resistance but Izumi eventually admits his feelings. Their story is by no means wrapped up in this volume however and is touched on occasionally in the later volumes. Later in the series you also discover over couples, especially my favorite Reiji and Naoya <3, and they are all adorable. The stories are mostly drama but they are some of the more realistic relationships I've seen in manga. I'd definitely recommend this series to anyone who reads in the m/m genre.

    Although, a quick side note, the art in this takes some getting used to. However the story is so good you don't notice after a while.

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    In this case, the four stars are for the series as a whole - I'd rate this book with three stars.

    I'm pretty sure I stumbled across this series pretty early on in my manga reading career, but for some reason I never actually read it. It's possible I was put off by the fact that it doesn't focus on one pairing, or because people said that the artwork wasn't to everybody's taste.

    In either way, I'm very glad I finally read it. It's not perfect, but it was still very enjoyable to read. Since I didn't care too much for the first pairing, I wasn't sad that the series wasn't focused on them alone. I didn't care for all pairings equally (and to be honest, my favourite pair only got one volume), but the quality of the writing is consistent, and I liked that I could spend this much time with the characters. I admit that for a long series like that I make allowances I wouldn't make for shorter ones, but it's like when you watch a tv show in one go - for me, that makes it easier to forget about the bad stuff and just enjoy the stuff I like.

    That said, Love Mode has a fair amount of angst, but it has a lot of very sweet and touching moments, too. I'm glad I read it.

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    I love this series. Beautiful art and compelling love stories. Readers beware: this is yaoi, which means that the love stories are all between men and other men. This first one is about a high school boy who is mistaken for an escort by a man hooking up with a stranger through a dating service. Gosh that sounds so utterly disgusting... But people, it's a graphic novel for crying out loud, it's not real-life stuff. I went with it and really enjoyed watching the misunderstanding resolve itself and the young man who until that point thought of himself as normal very reluctantly realizing and accepting that he had feelings for this older man. I've read the whole series and hugely enjoyed it, especially the plot involving these two. It's also a much lighter read than the subsequent volumes, since the two characters themselves are more easygoing with less baggage from their pasts weighing them down.

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    This is a long series which starts with focusing on two couples and then expands from their lives to others they know. Its a very moving and in-depth series which isn't typical for most BL manga. Most BL manga have 1 or 2 volumes at most to handle their plotlines but Love Mode gets much more time to deal with a wide array of situations. Everything is handled decently and its very entertaining but filled with drama. The situations aren't exactly very original but the way they're handled and how didn't make me irritated to see them appear. The characters have growth throughout the series which is a great thing to see in a BL manga series.

    Rating: NC-17

    Originality: B
    Plot line: A
    Artwork: B

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    Typical age-gap story with nice, older seme and tsundere-like teenage uke, but I love the execution of this story. Shimizu-sensei really do knows that she was writing a homosexual relationship and stumble there without jumping into rape or forced-sex bandwagon. Well, it seems like that, at first, but that because Takamiya was mistaking Izumi for a host he asked and thought that Izumi's unwillingness to have sex is because he was acting as a good, typically-japanese host (yea, I love how Shimizu-sensei playing in japanese stereotype of 'women' in bed so nicely). But in the end, the resolution is nice and sweet.

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    My favorite Boy's Love/Yaoi manga of all times !

    It may not have the best drawings of all times but it certainly has all that matters : expressive drawings, engaging romance, well-rounded and very likable characters, interesting dynamics, comedy, drama, hot and sometimes kinky sex, host club, dark past and simply... PLOT !

    After reading this one, I tended to find other mangas of that genre pretty cliché, shallow and overdone.

    In a word : not the perfect manga but one that you'll remember and cherish.

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    A boy gets mistaken for a rent boy, but gradually falls for the man who 'hired' him.

    This is actually better than it sounds. If you like older man/younger boy romance you'll definitely want to check it out. Artwork's not too bad, its fairly sexy, but there's enough character and emotional build to make this work.

    The somewhat manipulative owner of the escort service is a great character. Hope to see more of him in subsequent volumes.

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    Ahhh, Love Mode! What a great manga. I read it ages ago. It's a simple story of mistaken identity and ensuing awkwardness, which of course leads to typical yaoi hijinks. If you like yaoi, you have got to check this one out! Definitely worth the read. :)

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    I read the first few volumes a few years ago but the young age of the characters made me uncomfortable and I dropped the series. I'm a big fan of the other series by this author (Ze) although again there are some youngish parts that came later in the book that I had to skip over.

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    This is one of those stories everyone seems to love, but it somehow did not resonate with me the way I expected...

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LOVE MODE (1) Sakashita Izumi, a typical straight high school student, gets into a sticky situation with a gay translator, Takamiya Katsura, when he gets mistaken for an escort The two go on a date, Izumi goes all the way, and the older man's in love with him and possibly converting this initial homophobe into that which he fears

About the Author: Yuki Shimizu

志水ゆきZodiac : SagittariusBlood type : OShimizu sensei hit it big with Love Mode and is currently working on the popular Ze for the publisher Shinshokan She's very health conscious and loves motorcycles Shimizu sensei's introduction to boys' love manga was when she read an issue of the magazine June Before that she had hated BL.