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                        Loving You Easy (Loving on the Edge, Book 8) (English Edition)
            I don t know if I can even say how much I loved this book I probably say it with every Roni Loren book I read, but I think this may be my favorite.I loved Cora and really related to her on a lot of levels Some of the ways she thoughts about herself are exact thoughts that have gone through my own head it s nice to see myself like that in a character, when so often I m made to feel like I m not enough of a girl.And Ren, God, I loved him He may have even beat Jace on the cocky smartassness scale I loved his relationship with Hayes and both of them with Cora And a positive portrayal of online relationships which is how I met my husband 11 years ago.I just loved this book on all levels Wow Wow Wow Roni Loren can do no wrong, the woman is a genius, her way with words is freaking amazing The way she writes those Hot Sex Scenes is just perfection.This is book 9 from Series yet all can be read as Standalone but trust me you will fall in love with each and every one of them, all are so different yet all amazing at the same time.Yes this is a M F M love story, but trust me it s so worth it, you will fall in love with all 3 characters you won t be able to pick your favorite this was a little Nerdy, Dark, Sexy, Hot and Cold Shower Worthy it s insane how much I loved it.Cora was Nerdy yet strong not a push over, she knew what she liked yet she was a little shy in opening up but never wavered in her desires.Ren was Fun, Sexy, Playboy, Dominant with a huge heart, loyal to those he loves, willing to do anything for them.Hayes is your Moody, Dark, Pained Soul, unwilling to get close or open up ready to defend.You must read it, if you haven t read any Roni Loren Books this will start your obsession lol.Trust me it s so worth it.. I love Roni Loren s book about as much as I love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich made on white bread with a cold glass of milk Yep, I compared her book to food I know, but seriously A food that when you take your first bite, you savor the flavor because it is SO good You moan and let the food move around in your mouth capturing all the flavor of that simple bite You do that over and over again with each bite You know you are lucky to have to devour but when it s all done, you wish you had just one bite You look forward to the next time you eat one That s a Roni Loren book Seriously.As in all her books, Roni has very interesting characters that somehow all work together The characters development comes slowly, not in a bad way, you must read to learn about the characters Little by little facts are pealed away about the character This book dealt with virtual reality and the online security Even deeper, the lives of two men who had been each other s rocks since they were teens Now someone had threatened their happiness once again and this time Cora was there to see if she could help.I loved the opening scene where Cora met Ren in the dark hallway It was written with such intensity that I felt as if I was there next to Cora And then the tie in to Cinderella mentioned at the end of the story all came full circle It was perfect.Roni s characters not only struggle internally but trying to find out how to navigate a new chapter in their lives Hayes was dealing with moving on from a past problem, learning to get along with Ren again and then trusting someone new in his life or anyone in his life really Ren had his best friend back and yet he meets Cora Roni writes the three very well interacting yet learning to be together I truly love the Living on the Edge series and all the characters going from book to book Andre, Jace and Evan along with Grant my favorite were mentioned in this book Nice to see The Ranch tied to all the characters So to speak.This was another Roni Loren book I couldn t put down or wait to see how it finished Then of course I was depressed when there were no pages to turn and read Roni has well developed characters that find their way into your heart and head when you read Her stories are unique, interesting and make you want to read all night. Praise For Roni Loren And Her Novels Delicious, Dark, Sensual Prose USA Today Get Ready To Crank Up The A C This Is A Scorcher RT Book ReviewsThoroughly PleasingThe Romance Is As Sweet As The Action Is Hot Publishers Weekly Hot And Romantic, With An Edge Of Suspense Shayla Black,New York Times Bestselling Author An Angsty Backstory Made Beautiful By A Hero Who Doesn T Know How Perfect He Is Carly Phillips,New York Times Bestselling AuthorThe Latest Loving On The Edge Novel, Perfect For Fans Of Fifty Shades Of Grey.The Latest Instalment In Roni Lorens Seductive Loving On The Edge Series.

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