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Lying About Last Summer (English Edition) This was a good book Recommend for teens and adults very important points in this story..Gina Clabo A brilliant debut novel, pitched just right for the audience This book is edgy with just enough mild menace to keep the reader engaged, but without any dystopian malaise that sadly seems to be the current trend in YA and teen books Highly recommended ACD It s hard finding good teenage chick lit to fill the summer months as most of them are about some middle class ditz falling in love with a boy from the wrong family and are about as edgy as a satsuma Yes, pleasant, breezy summer nonsense is always welcome, but a little bit of darkness now and again is most welcome and Lying About Last Summer explores a safe amount of darkness without becoming inappropriate for younger readers or betraying the nature of the story.Teenage Skye her age isn t given but it appears she is about 15 loses her sister to a murder drowning accident, a tragedy that rips apart her family and sends her into seclusion, denial, and an unhealthy extended mourning One year later she is sent to a week long bereavement camp for teens who have lost someone close to them While there she meets other mildly damaged teens while coming to terms with her own loss and mistakes, occasionally dipping back into the past to explain what really happened when her sister died.The story is told in a present tense first person narrative, but I thought it would make sense if the last summer chapters were told in a past tense Just my observation, and something I would have done I was expecting a big plot twist at the end, regarding the main story, but what we get is satisfactory With just a touch gloom and a slightly bleaker tone I would have given this a stronger review As it is, LALS will keep you hooked, though it is unlikely to leave a permanent impression. Skye Is Looking For An Escape Her Sister Died In A Tragic Accident And Her Parents Think A Camp For Grieving Teens Might Help Her But When She Arrives, Skye Starts Receiving Text Messages From Someone Pretending To Be Her Dead Sister Skye Knows It S Time To Confront The Past But What If The Danger Is Right In Front Of Her

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