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Maiden Rose, Volume 1 Two soldiers caught on opposing sides of a war between nations must choose between country and an oath of fealty made long before But the world that they live in is hard, distrustful, and cold What will happen to their innocent love, as they are tangled ever deeper inside the terrible ravages of war?

  • 200 pages
  • Maiden Rose, Volume 1
  • Fusanosuke Inariya
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • 9781933809571

About the Author: Fusanosuke Inariya

稲荷家 房之介)Also known as Tomoyodo Kujoh (九条友淀)She reserves the name Fusanosuke Inariya for her BL titles, and writes regular shojo and josei manga (and seinen and shonen titles too apparently) under Tomoyodo Kujoh Her moe point is a man in uniform.Part of the doujinshi circles duo

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  1. says:

    I'm dumbstruck.

    Why is this story good? Well, it's good even though it's not finished. There is no cliffhanger or anything, it's just that it's unfinished, as if the author had the whole series planned in her head but suddenly she couldn't go on in the middle of it.

    A pity, because for once, this is a series that is totally worth it. My time and my obsession. The same way Twittering Birds Never Fly monopolizes my time and obsesses me. Unfortunately, in this case I have a feeling I will never be biting my nails for the next chapter to be released. So sad.

    So, what is this about? It's a mix of anachronistic aspects, at least that's the feeling I got. This is supposed to replicate a kind of WWII. The political scheme is complex, I never got to understand it wholly, and when I was close to think I finally had grasped the meaning of it all, a new layer was painted and I got lost again.

    It doesn't matter.

    What matters is how incredibly intense it all is. Klaus is 'Germanic', whereas Taki is 'Japanese' or at least Oriental. They are from different nations. Taki is an aristocrat, but in a mystical-religious way. He's pure and cannot be touched, only adored and preserved. He's more considered an object of adoration for his people than a person, something to protect and cherish.

    Klaus is a fierce soldier who only listens to Taki's voice. He is the foreigner who becomes Taki's knight, a figure who lacks rights because he's his master's ownership. Klaus wants Taki with all his being. He wants to touch him, possess him, taint him. A compulsion bordering on sickness.

    And Taki lets him.

    The relationship is so complex and the multiple threads make it even more complicated: when they meet for the first time, when they meet again, the train, the war and the violence, the garden full of flowers and the tree... There seemed to be no end, no bottom, and it all served to build a feeling of pure and raw connection, beyond the rage and the blood, beyond the duties and the selfish need. It all made a passionate and poignant tale that longs to become an epic legend to be told mouth-to-mouth for years to come.


    Read in Manga Rock.

    Volumes in the series:

    Maiden Maiden 百日の薔薇 百日の薔薇

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    I really liked this one. Both the art and the story were great. I loved just looking at the pages and then seeing their responses. I was confused a time or two when it showed Taki and Klaus when they were way younger, back before the war, because I had no idea why I was looking at such a scene change. Once I realized why, though, I ended up loving the story and had to read volume 2 almost right away. I just love these guys. Klaus looks so severe while Taki looks soft but it's really Klaus that's a softy and Taki that's serious. I was a bit worried Taki wouldn't come through for Klaus but my worries were for naught :)

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    I don't have enough words to describe how beauiful this manga is. I think I'll never find such a good yaoi or any manga like this ever.
    The story might been confusing but I think it's the beauty of it all, once you understand the deeps of it (it's almost an obligation to read it at least 3 times, tbh) you can embrace the manga in another level and never let it go.

    Fusanosuke has this thing that makes all drawings seem with so much feeling and meaningful you get enthralled.

    It's so sad has been on hiatus for 2 years and might be for another...

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    Hyakujitsu no Bara or in English, Maiden Rose, is an ongoing war/romance yaoi manga series that isn't for the faint of heart and having said that, I wouldn’t recommended it for everyone. I’ve seen some pretty serious arguments on the net with some people hating this manga series and others loving it. There seems to be no happy medium. I’ve got to admit when I started to read Maiden Rose, I had to force myself to continue reading–this isn’t to say that the storyline was awful or anything, it was the graphic content.

    But like a little trooper I persevered and at the end, I found the characters slowly grew on me (plus I kind of like stories with a military theme). The artistry is well done, the plot interesting and the characters attractive–remember I said those are the three must haves for a decent yaoi. So if you can stomach the brutality you may enjoy it. I don't normally give spoilers, but I will say, not to worry, the brutality does end.

    Klaus von Wolfstadt (seme) and his family (parents and siblings) visit the Far East to attend a coronation ceremony. After the ceremony Klaus becomes lost, wandering in the gardens surrounding the area and this is where he accidentally meets Taki Reizen (uke). The year is 1918. The young Taki asks Klaus to help him pick some cherry blossoms. He wants the blossoms to put on his ceremonial headgear. Klaus does this and Taki asks if he would become his personal knight.

    Almost a decade later the two men meet again at a Military Academy (Luckenwalde), where Taki has been sent to learn about European warfare. Klaus is given orders to befriend and protect Taki. A year passes and the two have fallen in love with one another. And this is where the story takes on a twist. Eurote breaks a treaty with the Western Alliance and Taki is deported. The next evening, he and Klaus, have their first romantic encounter (and I use the word romantic loosely).

    From here on in the sex is brutal and I sense Taki isn't as receptive to Klaus as Klaus would like him to be, which is understandable considering the physical pain and the young man’s status. Klaus is angry and confused. He doesn't want to lose Taki, but due to Taki's status there appears to be no choice. The Reizen family is supposed to be favoured by the gods and the rulers of their country. He is expected to remain celibate until marriage. Knowing this, Taki ends the relationship with Klaus, but this is after Klaus has already sworn to be his knight (which is a sacred oath). And it's the oath that binds them together forever. Both men ended up fighting in the same war from opposite sides.

    This is where I'll stop my synopsis and allow you to decide. I don't want to ruin the story. As far as semes go, Klaus has one hell of a body and he's hung like a horse! LOL Taki is a typical uke in the beginning. Overall I enjoyed Maiden Rose and look forward to the continuing installments! The sex scenes are very explicit. I give this yaoi four flames for the simple fact of content.

  5. says:

    - lead characters from rival nations
    - king and lionheart dynamic
    - giving up everything for each other and submitting to each other in different ways
    - beautiful art

    the only problem i have and this is a problem i have with a lot of BDSM or dubcon fantasy relationships is that I need the sexual dynamics to be established at the start... I understand the dynamics between Taki and Klaus but a lot of it was inferred so the writing (and yaoi in general) needs to work out this issue.

  6. says:

    There are few mangas out there, which are about military and even fewer, which have actual plot and steamy sex. Maiden Rose had everything. It is sort of sociological drama of man, Klaus, who left his country and family in order to pledge himself as knight, whatever it meant, to the young nobleman of the enemy country. Put it straight both men are lovers, but their relationship is sort of complicated. Klaus seemed to be dominant in the bed, but it is Taki, who holds him on tight leash. War and love is entwined in very well developed plot and this first volume is very promising.

  7. says:

    Massive trigger warning on this whole book. It's nothing but a rapefest and not that cute kind either.
    Taki is raped so bad he's sent to the hospital. Then he comes back to save his rapist. It's that kind of messed up.

  8. says:

    In honor of this year's YaoiCon guest, Fusanosuke Inariya.

    Maiden Rose ~ Fusanosuke Inariya
    June Manga ~ 200 pages

    Quick Synopsis:

    “Taki Reizen is an honorable young aristocrat caught between his call to duty and a forbidden love. Claus von Wolfstadt is the proud Saxon who becomes Taki’s knight in a war against his own people… and his secret lover! Will these two passionate men lay down their weapons once they’re off the battlefield, or will they push the very limits of their sacred alliance?”


    What can I say? We actually have a plot to go with our sex. Maiden Rose is a love story wrapped in a war story tied with a beautiful ribbon of BDSM. Lord Taki met Saxon Claus von Wolfstadt ten years earlier in Taki’s home country and as fate would have it they were destined to meet again, this time in the grasp of war. Claus’s feelings for Taki run so deep he gives up his country, his citizenship and his family to move to Taki’s homeland (and enemy territory) to be his knight. Although Taki is in charge on the battlefield, it is Claus who is in charge behind closed doors.

    Character Development:

    Taki is extremely proud throughout the story and takes his duty as Lord and Commander of his troops very seriously. It’s this proud exterior that makes the humiliation he suffers during their sexual exploits that much sweeter. Claus, on the other hand, will kneel before and kiss the hand of his master for all to see, which makes him highly disliked by the aides-de-camp. To see how he transforms from a devoted servant smitten with his master to the sadistic lover who takes pleasure in breaking him is really something to see.

    Sexual Content:

    Which takes us right into the sexual content. Yowza! Plenty of hardcore, graphic sex with a BDSM flavor. If you’re looking for sweet, romantic sex scenes this isn’t the book for you. The sex is hard and at times quite violent but it’s never something Taki doesn’t want. There’s no “I’ll rape you now and you’ll love me later”, although if you do not understand the intricacies of BDSM, you may not see it that way. I have read reviews that mention this title being full of non-con sex, and that simply isn’t the case. Taki knows what he wants and this masochistic little uke gets it from Claus. In total there are three sex scenes and they are quite long so there is a good balance of sex and storyline.


    The character design for Maiden Rose is not typical. Although our feisty uke is delicate, our seme dwarfs him in comparison. Claus is quite large, very muscular (if you like buff men, you’ll LOVE Claus!) and has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen on a yaoi character. He doesn’t have the pointy chin we’re accustomed to seeing. Instead it’s very square and his face is quite chiseled, all features of his Saxon heritage. Personally, I like his design. It really emphasizes the size difference between the two and adds to the sadistic nature of the sex scenes. As for the quality of the illustrations themselves, Fusanosuke Inariya does a very good job with all of the battle scenes and gives us a believable look into what war at that time would have looked like. If I had one complaint it would be more about Taki and how some of his illustrations from certain views could have used more work.

    Final Thoughts:

    I think Maiden Rose is a great example of what The Yaoi Review was built for. It’s hard yaoi, it’s explicit and the story is a balance of beauty, intensity and a love that knows no bounds.

    Plot/Readability: A
    Character Development: A
    Sexual Content: A
    Illustrations: A-

    Overall Grade: A

    ~Jennifer LeBlanc

  9. says:

    DAMN. . . *mouth hanging open* just damn.

    This was a surprise to me. It's totally unlike the sweet, romantic and (often) lacking in plot mangas that I've read. Maiden Rose is blood, war, politics, and rough/violent sex. So do heed the warnings!

    Some reviews point to this as being a BDSM love relationship. I can see that perspective well after reading the manga only, but in watching the anime it seems to put a different spin entirely. (view spoiler)[In that it comes across more as if Klaus is hurting from Taki's having asked him to give up his country and rights to be his knight and then rejecting him. Seems that he's trying to make Taki show his feelings and accept their love. From a sense of duty (and the whole Maiden Rose story that is his legacy), Taki has to resist Klaus even when he wants him. Obviously, he doesn't TELL Klaus the story/legend/belief regarding his virginity (the Maiden Rose) though *sigh*. So frustrated and heartbroken, Klaus gets rough even though he doesn’t seem to enjoy doing it and later is ashamed of hurting the person he loves. That Taki loves him and did want him despite his resistance shows when he rescue Klaus from the interrogation and takes him back to his bed. (hide spoiler)]

  10. says:

    It is really, physically difficult to repress fangirlling urges.

    When I found this volume. In English. In MY LIBRARY, of all places, I basically ended up walking around with a huge grin on my face, scaring off children because DEAR LORD, I'd been looking for this for a long time.


    Okay. Enough fangirlling. Time to get serious.

    This is not something I would reccommend to everyone, though I would sorely want to (along with FAKE, if we're talking yaoi). Set in a fictional war era, it's graphic, kind of gruesome, and there's some real dubious consent (I say dubious because of the D/s element in their tempestuous relationship...I don't think they've talked about boundaries or safewords yet, so it's a little difficult to blame Klaus) in here. That being said, the art is very well done and beautiful to look at, which is, really, the first and foremost reason why I fell in love with the manga. I've not read enough to create a complete opinion, but my first impression is overwhelmingly positive. I can't wait to get my hands on the second volume, and while I desperately root for Taki and Klaus to get together, I know that right now it's not looking good for the two of them.

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