{Free kindle} Mastering Go: Create Golang production applications using network libraries, concurrency, machine learning, and advanced data structures, 2nd Edition (English Edition) eBook: Mihalis Tsoukalos: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle Author Mihalis Tsoukalos – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Mastering Go: Create Golang production applications using network libraries, concurrency, machine learning, and advanced data structures, 2nd Edition (English Edition) eBook: Mihalis Tsoukalos: Amazon.es: Tienda Kindle My biggest problem with this book is that it doesn t explain WHY Node trees p109 tells you how to display the compiler s node tree That s it, it just shows it, and moves on When would I use that Chapter 5 presents a range of data structures, without explaining what they are used for, there are no examples The logging section dumps an rsyslog config file over two pages, mentions the last line of the file, and moves on What value does that bring Pages 710 and 711 are just hex values, raw ICMP packet dumps, and then the chapter ends All that does is make the book thicker.The table of contents looks wonderful, but the presentation is too often trivial The Programming UNIX pipes section is io.Copy os.Stdout, os.Stdin The WASM section is a main that prints to the JS console, no function calls or data passing.The book attempts to target too broad an audience amateur and intermediate Go programmers as well as experienced developers in other programming languages We get garbage collection internals on page 72, and for loops on page 128 The level jumps around, often telling you things even beginner Go programmers would already know unused variables are a compilation error , and then how to view Go s assembly output although again, without explaining why you might want to do that.Finally, there are some minor but awkward amateurisms In the regexp chapter d d d d would look like we were Mastering Go if it was d 4 The date time chapter doesn t explain that the format specifier Mon Jan 2 15 04 05 2006 0700 runs in numerical order Without that insight it seems random and arbitrary Page 373 introduces git as a command line tool that can do many things and continues for six pages without ever saying the words version control.The best way to end this review is the way Chapter 8 s summary starts This invaluable chapter talked about many interesting topics. This book cover many Go topics from the basics to advance topics such as Networking, gRPC and Machine Learning This book can give you an overview of all the topics you can do with Go but you ll need other books to know about them After each chapter there is a list of resources to continue learning about the chapter topic and some exercises.The author Mihalis Tsoukalos is, among other things, a mathematician and I appreciate the solution of some mathematics problems. I like this book I really do I started learning Go reading The Go Programming Language which one can view as Go s K R But like not everyone can learn from K R, the same holds for TGPL too This is the gap that this book closes You cannot be scared You can finish the Tour of Go in Golang s web site and then start the book.Information presented in the book is in small pieces That is the author s style if you ve also read his other book It helps You can read it in coffee breaks and write a few lines of the examples, compile, run, test and be happy with the result You become immediately productive once you ve mastered the concepts of the language By that I do not mean that you magically become a Go expert programmer, but with the book you get a faster pace on the subject that matters to you You can dive right into it as a junior Go programmer within the first week Because the presentation style that allows for you to study in small chunks helps you with that You will never stop halfway through a section because the break is over You will never type lots of lines before you make an example work.How do you eat an elephant By eating one bit at a time The same with Mastering Go You master it one section at a time That is the gift of the book.Disclaimer I was gifted the book by the author and the publisher as I relentlessly proof read and corrected typing errors in his other book. Before I tell you about this book, I think it s important to disclose that I do Go training for a living This means that I m constantly writing material on Go and presenting it to developers of all levels One of the fundamental mistakes that many books make is assuming the reader knows background about a specific topic than they necessarily do.This book, however, does not make those assumptions In ever chapter, before even talking about code, it lays out the terminology and concepts that will play a factor in the code that is about to be written It also builds on one topic at a time, so that you can see the effect that each piece of code makes as you add new features.This book will take you from the fundamentals of Go through some of the most advanced topics, such as concurrency, optimization, and profiling When you finish this book, you will have a very strong grasp of not only the Go programming language, but the Go ecosystem, tooling, and style that will ensure you write robust, maintainable code. Mastering Go Second Edition Is A Must Read For Developers Wanting To Expand Their Knowledge Of The Language Or Wanting To Pick It Up From Scratch Alex Ellis Founder Of OpenFaaS Ltd, CNCF AmbassadorDive Deep Into The Go Language And Become An Expert Go DeveloperKey FeaturesSecond Edition Of The Bestselling Guide To Advanced Go Programming, Expanded To Cover Machine Learning, Go Packages And A Range Of Modern Development TechniquesCompletes The Go Developers Education With Real World Guides To Building High Performance Production SystemsPacked With Practical Examples And Patterns To Apply To Your Own Development WorkClearly Explains Go Nuances And Features To Remove The Frustration From Go DevelopmentBook DescriptionOften Referred To Incorrectly As Golang, Go Is The High Performance Systems Language Of The Future Mastering Go, Second Edition Helps You Become A Productive Expert Go Programmer, Building And Improving On The Groundbreaking First EditionMastering Go, Second Edition Shows How To Put Go To Work On Real Production Systems For Programmers Who Already Know The Go Language Basics, This Book Provides Examples, Patterns, And Clear Explanations To Help You Deeply Understand Gos Capabilities And Apply Them In Your Programming WorkThe Book Covers The Nuances Of Go, With In Depth Guides On Types And Structures, Packages, Concurrency, Network Programming, Compiler Design, Optimization, And Each Chapter Ends With Exercises And Resources To Fully Embed Your New KnowledgeThis Second Edition Includes A Completely New Chapter On Machine Learning In Go, Guiding You From The Foundation Statistics Techniques Through Simple Regression And Clustering To Classification, Neural Networks, And Anomaly Detection Other Chapters Are Expanded To Cover Using Go With Docker And Kubernetes, Git, WebAssembly, JSON, AndIf You Take The Go Programming Language Seriously, The Second Edition Of This Book Is An Essential Guide On Expert TechniquesWhat You Will LearnClear Guidance On Using Go For Production SystemsDetailed Explanations Of How Go Internals Work, The Design Choices Behind The Language, And How To Optimize Your Go CodeA Full Guide To All Go Data Types, Composite Types, And Data StructuresMaster Packages, Reflection, And Interfaces For Effective Go ProgrammingBuild High Performance Systems Networking Code, Including Server And Client Side ApplicationsInterface With Other Systems Using WebAssembly, JSON, And GRPCWrite Reliable, High Performance Concurrent CodeBuild Machine Learning Systems In Go, From Simple Statistical Regression To Complex Neural NetworksWho This Book Is ForMastering Go, Second Edition Is For Go Programmers Who Already Know The Language Basics, And Want To Become Expert Go Practitioners Table Of ContentsGo And The Operating SystemUnderstanding Go InternalsWorking With Basic Go Data TypesThe Uses Of Composite TypesHow To Enhance Go Code With Data StructuresWhat You Might Not Know About Go Packages And FunctionsReflection And Interfaces For All SeasonsTelling A Unix System What To DoConcurrency In Go Goroutines, Channels, And PipelinesConcurrency In Go Advanced TopicsCode Testing, Optimization, And ProfilingThe Foundations Of Network Programming In GoNetwork Programming Building Your Own Servers And ClientsMachine Learning In Go

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