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MATH IN MINUTES (200 Key Concepts) This book is just fantastic.I bought the book as a way to explain to my children that there is to maths than just sums algebra and to try to encourage them to study the subject beyond the basics at GCSE I have hardly seen the book since it arrived as my daughter has taken it to school every day and then comes home to expound on the latest gem of knowledge that she has encountered.The joy of maths seems to have passed to the next generation, thanks for writing this in such an accessible manner. Like the other Things in Short Times books, Maths in Minutes is a great sum up of major mathematical areas which seem to be the same as the principal areas of maths in education to college level Namely, numbers, sets, sequences, geometry, algebra, calculus, vectors matrices, abstract algebra, complex numbers, combinatorics, topology, logic, and number theory.They re good to dip into in brief moments of downtime, since each essay is just a few hundred words They re simply put together and the style is consistent, with the author s voice invisible Definitely worth a purchase for your Kindle, especially at this price. Paul Glendinning Is Professor Of Applied Mathematics At The University Of Manchester He Was Founding Head Of School For Mathematics At The Combined University Of Manchester And Has Published Over Fifty Academic Articles And An Undergraduate Textbook On Chaos Theory Both Simple And Accessible, Math In Minutes Is A Visually Led Introduction To Key Mathematical Concepts Each Concept Is Described By Means Of An Easy To Understand Illustration And A Compact, Word Explanation Concepts Span All Of The Key Areas Of Mathematics, Including Fundamentals Of Mathematics, Sets And Numbers, Geometry, Equations, Limits, Functions And Calculus, Vectors And Algebra, Complex Numbers, Combinatorics, Number Theory, And I found this an enjoyable read albeit a bit complex for me in the second half of the read I found that the out lining of a range of mathematical conjectures and theorems informative I would say that the book is not an introduction to basic maths if you have no mathematical background Excellent book summarising maths principles I m an old guy, wishing to refresh my understanding, and it has been ideal for that. I am giving this product one star because it came with 3 pages ripped. A very interesting source of information which I have been able to use to check back over what I remember and still understand of maths learned at an earlier part of my life and even used some at my work as an Engineer at times..I did not understand all items there are many but will continue to dip into this booklet I am 80 years of age now and glad to say I still have an interest. Definitely worth a read for anyone studying maths or interested in the subject, who is after an easy to follow, swift and cleverly collaborated overview within each major field of mathematics I found this book great due to the simplicity in describing many principles, and made previously studied subjects easier to look back upon and understand thoroughly Although to truly understand and utilise the concepts you must dig deeper elsewhere and physically practice the theory, the book is a great starting or revision point for all. This is an excellent little book It s one of those gems produced by someone who really understands a field of knowledge and who can choose well how to present its key ideas.I read as a reminder of much maths I had learned at school, but not been able to pursue beyond it All the basic maths is in there but the book hints at how much there is behind it What is amazing is how very simple starting points allow for so much discovery and implication.The unity of mathematics is well described the fact that constants such as pi and e are the same whichever way you encounter them is emphasised The book is excellent at emphasising the coherence the mathematics, and at showing how the sub specialities are easily absorbed within the whole.I suspect this book would be most useful to A level and university students of maths and related subjects either as revision or as inspiration.The compression factor in the book is huge, and whilst this is good for clarity, and overview, there s a price in lack of space to show you exactly how to make these calculations and arguments, and in terms of full explanation of the implications of the mathematical theorems presented.Overall however this book achieves what it sets out to achieve, and can be freely recommended to others who want to know something quickly about mathematics. I came across this book by accident when I was looking for novels written by Victoria Glendinning It turns out that the author of this book Prof Paul Glendinning is her son.I ve ony read the first 15% in detail and I have been quite impressed, enough to award it 4 stars When I have finished it, that may well be 5 stars.I have so far found only one mistake This is the illustration of the golden mean at 9% The definition a b a a b is clearly an error The r.h.s should read a b a This is just a slip the texual description is correct The golden mean a b 1.61803 which is an irrational number meaning it cannot be expressed as the ratio of two integers.I have looked briefly at the last few sections and they look to be very rewarding reading To summarise I warmly recommend this book.

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