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Mathematical Statistics (Springer Texts in Statistics) This Graduate Textbook Covers Topics In Statistical Theory Essential For Graduate Students Preparing For Work On A Ph.D Degree In Statistics This New Edition Has Been Revised And Updated And In This Fourth Printing, Errors Have Been Ironed Out The First Chapter Provides A Quick Overview Of Concepts And Results In Measure Theoretic Probability Theory That Are Useful In Statistics The Second Chapter Introduces Some Fundamental Concepts In Statistical Decision Theory And Inference Subsequent Chapters Contain Detailed Studies On Some Important Topics Unbiased Estimation, Parametric Estimation, Nonparametric Estimation, Hypothesis Testing, And Confidence Sets A Large Number Of Exercises In Each Chapter Provide Not Only Practice Problems For Students, But Also Many Additional Results.

5 thoughts on “Mathematical Statistics (Springer Texts in Statistics)

  1. Sean Eli Sean Eli says:

    Book came mint 5 stars As for the content if you want to complete the exercises, you don t have a chance unless you ve taken a mathematics department measure course before He does not give enough details to do half the problems in the first chapter For someone with a measure background maybe that is the intent , the book is great

  2. Customer Customer says:

    I don t know if statistics are just that difficult a subject or statistics writers just aren t good Either way I have not found a satisfactory statistics book that treats the subject rigorously, but still readable This book is an excellent reference However, it s notation is cumbersome, if you re not used to it.Before I started taking the class that uses this book, I took four un

  3. Joh Joh says:

    This is for PhDs in Mathematical Statistics Not for any people from applied area So if you are not trained to be mathematician, don t touch this book You need advanced calculus, linear algebra, real analysis, mathematical probability knowledge to even start the first page The author talked about statistical problems as a mathematician Don t be confident if all your statistical trai

  4. charles charles says:

    Does anyone receive this book as a corrected fourth printing as described I received one that is not the corrected printing every time.

  5. J. Yoon J. Yoon says:

    Update In 2010 I am using this book again to review probability and statistics in preparation for applying to a PhD program in Finance or Risk Management I still find the book to be extremely clear Everything still seems up to date, surprisingly I like that fact this book has a longer useful life than an iPod or a cell phone, but is a LOT cheaper The sections are very concise, sometime

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