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Merry and Bright: A Christmas Novel In the interest of full disclosure I won this kindle edition in a goodreads giveaway but this is an unbiased reviewI laughed, I cried, I wanted to throw the book, which considering its on my phone not a good idea and I wanted to strangle one or both of the characters on then one occasion I also pulled hard for them through every misunderstanding and confusing moment this book is a joy and the perfect book to get you into the holiday spiritThis book will pull at the heart strings I loved the family dynamics from Merry and the lack of them from Jayson I loved the lessons this book taught, and the way hearts were softened Every character had their moment and every character had my heart I loved Merry s brother Patrick who is eighteen and has down syndrome, and Merry s mother trying to brighten her daughters life while struggling with her own health issues We don t see much of her father but we know he loves his family.Jayson s family is the opposite while he is very close to his cousin and semi close to an uncle he has a very bad relationship with his parents and this colors his views on love.These two are perfect in their imperfections and had my heart beating at several scenes. Merry Bright is a temp working on a year long special project in order to save up money for college Between her job, helping her disabled mother cook clean, helping take care of her handicapped brother Patrick, Merry s life is full She doesn t have time for any sort of social life For her Christmas present, her mother brother signed her up for an internet dating service filed her profile.Jayson Bright is in charge of a special project for his uncle s company He s been working overtime pushing his staff to make sure they get the information compiled before the reports due date He can t let his uncle down His cousin called to ask him to be his best man since he s getting married Jayson realized he had been feeling lonely dissatisfied in his life signed up for an internet dating service.In typical Debbie Macomber fashion, this story takes internet dating makes it hilarious touching The writer has created wonderful characters where initial impressions are completely wrong Jayson comes across as a by the books, grumpy boss until he is encountered outside the office Patrick his lack of filters creates several funny instances The plot takes something that has become commonplace takes us along as it starts going wrong Another great story by a great author Each Christmas it s a tradition for me to read Debbie Macomber s latest Release for the holidays This year was no different Merry and Bright was a captivating , humorous, Christmassy read Almost from the beginning I was pulled into this story which was full of the spirit of the season.The colorful cover was MERRY and Bright , which certainly lived up to its title It s an easy read that can be completed in a day But unlike any of the other Christmas novels written by this author that I ve read through out the years there was a cuss word included in this Christmas story For that reason I have rated it with four stars in stead of five.I loved the characters that came alive in the pages of this Christmas novel Please allow me to introduce you to some of them.Merry Knight temporary office manager sent over to the company on a years contract to sub for the regular office manager , out on maternity leave.Patrick Knight Merry Knight s special brotherRobin Knight Merry s mother, who happens to think that her daughter needs to get out and date instead of working so much over time at the office.Mr Knight travels out of town on a regular basis as a Pharmaceutical sales man.Bogie the Knights golden retriever.Jason Bright Merry s boss and he s vice president of the company Considered by some to be all work and no play Well actually to be somewhat of a mean guy that doesn t like Christmas decorations at work Wants to play by all the rules found in the HR handbook.Alex Bright Jason s Dad who had no time for his son in his growing up years.Cooper Jayson Bright s cousin and best friend.Mix and Mingle dating web site where Patrick and Robin Knight decide to registrar Merry as a surprise gift for her birthday.Mary Smith Name that Patrick and Robin Knight use for Merry on the Mix and Mingle dating web site As a profile picture they put up a photo of Bogie.Jay Name Jason Bright uses when he registers on the Mix and Mingle dating web site He uses a picture of his golden retriever as a profile photo.Anyone who enjoys a humorous Christmassy story would like this I thoroughly enjoyed this book except for the cuss word less PRE ORDER NOW FROM THE NO NEW YORK TIMESBESTSELLING AUTHOR DEBBIE MACOMBERA Novel About First Impressions And Second ChancesIt S Christmas, The Season To Be Snowed Under Merry Smith Is Overworked Between Family Responsibilities, Preparing For Christmas, And Staying Out Of The Crosshairs Of Her Boss There S Room For Little Else Her Social Life Is The Last Thing On Her Mind, Much Less Finding Love Jayson Bright Is Feeling The Pressure Christmas Is His Most Stressful Time Of Year Deadlines Are Looming, The Holidays Are Coming, And Employees Are Winding Down He S The One Left In The Office Pulling Late And Lonely Nights Luckily For These Two, Their Friends And Family Take Matters Into Their Own Hands, And Merry And Bright Are About To Discover That Love Can Be Found Where You Least Expect It Praise For Debbie Macomber An Ideal Holiday Book Good Housekeeping If There S A Star In The Romance And Women S Fiction Firmament, Chances Are High It S Debbie Macomber Publishers Weekly A Thrilling Yet Tender Tale My Weekly

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