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Mona Lisa's Secret (Joey Peruggia Adventure Series) A Historical Art Theft Mystery Suspense Novel Da Vinci Code Meets Indiana Jones Historical Fiction Best Seller The Secret Of Mona LisaJoey Is The Great Grandson Of Vincenzo Peruggia, The Man Who Stole The Original Mona Lisa In Along With His Girlfriend, Marie, An Art Connoisseur, He Stumbles Across His Father S Secret Room, And Finds Himself Staring At What He Thinks Is A Replica Of Da Vinci S Most Famous MasterpieceBUT IT IS NO FAKEThe Louvre Has Kept This Secret For Over One Hundred Years, Waiting For The Original To Come To Light, And Now They Want It Back At Any CostWith Marie Held Hostage And The Louvre Curator And His Men Hot On His Trail, Joey Is Left To Run For His Life In An Unfamiliar City, With The Priceless Mona Lisa His Only Bargaining Chip While Formulating A Plan To Get Marie Back With The Help From An Unexpected Quarter, Joey Discovers Hidden Secrets Within The Painting, Secrets Which, If Made Public, Could Change The World Forever Fans Of Dan Brown S, Da Vinci Code Will Love Phil Philips Mona Lisa S SecretIn This Elaborately Plotted, Fast Paced, Historical Thriller, Phil Philips Takes You On A Roller Coaster Ride Through The Streets Of Paris And To The Jura Mountains Of Switzerland, To Uncover A Secret Hidden For Thousands Of Years STAR READING Bestseller Art Heist Conspiracy Thriller Book In The SeriesScroll Up And Grab A Copy Today

6 thoughts on “Mona Lisa's Secret (Joey Peruggia Adventure Series)

  1. Anthony Anthony says:

    Great read I was worried it would be a poor copy of a Dan Brown novel.It isn tStands alone as a thrilling book

  2. Bodysolid48 Bodysolid48 says:

    The author seems to be sort of a Dan Brown want to be He blends fictional history with exotic locations Much of the violence and hero escapes are pretty improbable I read it to the end simply to find out where the author was going to take this story There were a couple of plot twists that didn t lend much to the story Not terribly satisfying.

  3. Christi G Christi G says:

    I m torn over this one I really, REALLY wanted this to be an exceptional puzzle of a story I was really looking forward to a great historical rollercoaster that I couldn t put down Instead, I got a mediocre carousel with very little to keep me glued to the pages What a letdown.

  4. Jon J. Sanserino Jon J. Sanserino says:

    If you are just looking to kill some time with meaningless inoffensive drivel, this book is fine But is is so predictable, and impossible and so full of factual errors I don t know if I can finish it A gadabout surfer partyer son of a ganster family discovers his family has the original Mona Lisa painting they stole 100 years ago, substituting a fantastic copy When he tries to return it he ends

  5. Mina Mina says:

    Question Who would I recommend this book to Answer To anyone who is a history buff, an art lover, an adventure junkie, and or obsessed with history s mysteries.I loved Mona s Lisa Secret just as I loved the Indiana Jones movies and books like the Da Vinci code Phil Philips has taken the question of what riddles and secrets the Da Vinci painting is hiding and set a thriller spanning the US and Europe

  6. Glenda Glenda says:

    I was hooked right away by the clever way the author opens the book Joey Peruggia, a descendant of a criminal family has turned legitIt is 2016, and he s involved with Marie a beautiful woman ten years older, who has extensive knowledge in art and history In fact, Joey has enjoyed learning from their countless discussions and even, later in the book, is able to use what he s learned to help in a difficult

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