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Satyananda, S: Moola Banda: the Master Key Para Echar Un Vistazo A Este Libro, Es Necesario Habilitar JavaScript En El Navegador M S Informaci N

15 thoughts on “Satyananda, S: Moola Banda: the Master Key

  1. Val in Middx Val in Middx says:

    Excellent, detailed anatomical and scientific explanations, and so can be difficult to digest The book explains the mysticism in western terms, so one can grasp the theory, however the mysticism aspect will remain until one experiences it through yogic practices Useful for yoga teachers and fo

  2. cg1 cg1 says:

    great read would definitely recommend it

  3. veronica veronica says:

    Very good book Much than i expected, im sure i will be using it often because it has descriptions on exercises we can do to activate moola bandha.Great purchase

  4. Ms. E. Lloyd Ms. E. Lloyd says:

    This is a brilliant book, containing all you need to know about Moola Bandha.

  5. Phillip Cresswell Phillip Cresswell says:

    Well written, clear explanations with diagrams where appropriate.

  6. Vishtashp Dinshaw Munshi Vishtashp Dinshaw Munshi says:

    With full respect from my heart , i would emphatically state that every chapter of this highly and complete knowledgeble book,i again state every chapter of this book , is an encyclopaedia of the subject which it explains of Moola Bhanda.I repeatedly serched for a book which completely deals with MoolaBhanda and till

  7. AMIT AMIT says:

    Ancient Book on Inner Bandha practice Thank U Guruji for bringing it to Light our Masters Wisdom to Common People.

  8. Narendra Modi Narendra Modi says:

    Just try it out and see Masterly explained and the exercises are excellent Very good for beginners as well as advanced students.

  9. HD HD says:

    Masterful narration.Unfolding of big secrets in a simplistic manner

  10. Shivakumar Shivakumar says:

    Good One for Yoga, gives detailed description to practice yoga Daily and regularly, very useful.My Kudos to the Author.

  11. Neysa Rustemeier Neysa Rustemeier says:

    This book was clear and concise on the technical elements, while still possessing a philosophical enough tone to allow it to read well Detailed written descriptions accompanied by clearly drawn images guide the reader towards a clear understanding of the mechanics, and how to best begin incorporating Moola Bandha into one s own personal pract

  12. Devendra Singh Devendra Singh says:

    Super great book every one must read this

  13. sangeeta sangeeta says:

    On the process of reading.But the contents i found are enigmatic and enlightening.

  14. Suresh Kumar Kaushal Suresh Kumar Kaushal says:

    Good explanation in very simple language

  15. Dr Sofiya Rangwala Dr Sofiya Rangwala says:

    Very important for spiritual seekers Good quality book.

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