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Musical Composition An Instructive Book For Students At All Levels And Abilities Musical Composition Is Becoming A Key Discipline In Music Courses In Both Schools And Universities, And Many Teachers Consider It As Important In The Development Of Young Musicians As Playing And Listening To Music Indeed, It Can Be Argued That The Study Of Composition Is Essential To All Musicians, Be They Performers, Musicologists, Teachers, Or Critics, Because Through Composition Musicians Achieve The Deepest Insight Into The Elements Of Music And The Imagination Of A Composer Musical Composition First Takes The Student Through The Basic Elements Melody, Harmony, Counterpoint, And Rhythm Before Covering A Variety Of Special Subjects Such As Writing Vocal And Choral Music, Accompaniments, And Film And TV Music Devotes Many Chapters To Composing With Advanced And Recent Techniques Including Free Diatonicism, Bitonality And Polytonality, Atonality And Twelve Note Mic, And Serialism And Indeterminancy Uses Over Music Examples To Illustrate Points In The Text, And Includes Exercises For Each Chapter

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  1. R. Machado R. Machado says:

    This is a great book really about musical composition There is lots of books saying to be about composition In fact, most of them talk about counterpoint, harmony, musical forms, etc The point is that musical forms and counterpoint are not composition itself, they are topics of musical theory instead Brindle s book is not about theory, is truly about composition You will find answers for questions like How to create distinct colors in composi

  2. PersonReviewing PersonReviewing says:

    Great books on music composition are, in my opinion, extreamly hard to find This one is very good It covers a lot As a fan of the composition of diatonic art music sometimes with chromatic color added I love the first half of this book, and the last half covering modern music composition including atonalism, etc is also great.As a fan of melodic composition the approach given in this book is great.To get the most out of this book the student shou

  3. bibliophile bibliophile says:

    textbook for Composition available It s a very tough subject for which to create a textbook, because music can t be composed by recipe This one has sensible goals and sensible explanations Like all of them, of course, it needs to be supplemented with other things and sensible assignments created But this is the third term I ve used it, and I still think it s the best there is.

  4. markg markg says:

    Very well written Professor Brindle is a wonderful composer check him out on YouTube , but his book is also very erudite Well worth the money.

  5. sabnizta sabnizta says:

    This book is good if you only need to get some ideas about composition techniques in general It does cover various essential topics and yet nothing is covered in textbook details I suppose this book is not for learning to compose but for learning what is a composition and how it is actually done in various styles and forms etc., sort of like a reference book or dictionary So, take it as it s and it s good enough for its purpose.

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