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My Surf Tricks (Olas Surfing Books) A Boy And His Friends Demonstrate A Variety Of Surfing Moves

5 thoughts on “My Surf Tricks (Olas Surfing Books)

  1. academics20193.se Customer academics20193.se Customer says:

    Very cute book and illustrations for future surfer

  2. nbsummer nbsummer says:

    I love this book that I bought for my little nephew I had to buy of these from this writer because it was just sooo cute

  3. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    This and the author s other two books are some of my nieces and nephew s favorite books Since they liked them so much, I m going to buy all three for some of my friend s children this holiday.There are wonderful illustrations with great tips that are extremely helpful for children of all ages Even I learned a few things from this and the other surfing book.Definitely wo

  4. M. BOWMAN M. BOWMAN says:

    We are beach and surf lovers So this book was absolutely adorable Soooo glad they had little girls surfing, too Huge plus for the multi racial representation Last but not least, accurate.

  5. Feral Kane Feral Kane says:

    Super fun book for the future or young surfer Great illustrations show several surfing moves along with the surf jaragon for it Each term is written into a single sentence positioned to form an image of the action ie for a tube, the words for a tight c shape The little surfers shown pulling off these moves are both boys and girls as well as multi racial Fun stuff endorsed by Surf

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