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Navigating with a GPS: Getting the best from your GPS (Cicerone Mini-guides) In This Practical Guide To Navigating With A GPS, Navigation Expert Pete Hawkins Explains How To Get The Best From Your GPS He Breaks Down The Jargon Into Understandable English And Takes You Through GPS Navigation In A Clear And Structured Way He Also Recognises That Strong Traditional Navigational Skills Are The Basis For Effective GPS Navigation, And Gives A Potted Summary Of How To Navigate With A Map And Compass He Also Takes A Look At Digital Mapping And How That Can Benefit The Outdoor User And How GPSs And Mapping Software Can Be Used Positively Together

14 thoughts on “Navigating with a GPS: Getting the best from your GPS (Cicerone Mini-guides)

  1. Ted with a Canon Ted with a Canon says:

    Having bought a GPS Garmin eTrex 20 to help me avoid getting lost in unfamiliar places a result of getting lost in Sienna, when trying to make the rendezvous for my coach party I needed to learn to use it The Garmin manual being to my mind useless as a guide though their free programme Base Ca

  2. Jacob Gloor Jacob Gloor says:

    Getting rather dated but it does give you a good grounding in what the technology can offer.

  3. Dr Andrew M Long Dr Andrew M Long says:

    Slightly out of date however useful starter guide

  4. alec baller alec baller says:


  5. media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer says:

    Lovely little book, very neat Would be nice if it was updated to the most modern GPS

  6. Tim Crane Tim Crane says:

    nice and easy to understand its a shame the device I brought was not GARMIN DAKOTA 10 thank you

  7. Mr D Bainbridge Mr D Bainbridge says:


  8. EricH EricH says:

    As per stars

  9. The Camera Guy The Camera Guy says:

    Good book

  10. Dr. N. WOODRUFF Dr. N. WOODRUFF says:

    Very easy to use and instructive

  11. Ted Ted says:

    I bought this book as a companion to a Garmin Etrex H that I had just bought It covers the essentials and also gives you the basics of compass navigation, which I found very intesting It brought back memories of map reading lessons in O Level Geography The book is quite small in size, about 16x10cm, which was a bit of a let down for me Although it will fit in a rucksack without any problems

  12. John Rose John Rose says:

    This is a great introduction for anyone like me who is unfamiliar with using a gps device It also gives useful tips on map reading and navigational skills It is very basic and very clear It was just what I neeed to get me going with my gps.

  13. pike pike says:

    helpful item depending on how much you know already small price to pay for utilizing your gps device to the full

  14. Gary From Virginia Gary From Virginia says:

    Save your money as this book is approximately 1 3 about navigating with a map and compass which means the title is a litte misleading It is way to technical and has little practical advice to benefit a new user You will be better off to study the manual that comes with your GPS At least I can say that is true for a Garmin which is what I have I thought maybe this book would teach me a few new tricks, but you can forget t

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