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No bullshit guide to math and physics Often Calculus And Mechanics Are Taught As Separate Subjects It Shouldn T Be Like That Learning Calculus Without Mechanics Is Incredibly Boring Learning Mechanics Without Calculus Is Missing The Point This Textbook Integrates Both Subjects And Highlights The Profound Connections Between Them This Is The Deal Give Me Pages Of Your Attention, And I Ll Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Functions, Limits, Derivatives, Integrals, Vectors, Forces, And Accelerations This Book Is The Only Math Book You Ll Need For The First Semester Of Undergraduate Studies In Science With Concise, Jargon Free Lessons On Topics In Math And Physics, Each Section Covers One Concept At The Level Required For A First Year University Course Anyone Can Pick Up This Book And Become Proficient In Calculus And Mechanics, Regardless Of Their Mathematical Background

About the Author: Ivan Savov

I have been teaching math and physics for than 17 years as a private tutor My tutoring experience taught me how to explain concepts that people find difficult to understand I ve had the chance to experiment with different approaches for explaining challenging material Fundamentally, I ve learned from teaching that understanding connections between concepts is much important than memorizing facts It s not about how many equations you know, but about knowing how to get from one equation to another. I completed my undergraduate studies at McGill University in electrical engineering, then did a M.Sc in physics, and recently completed a Ph.D in computer science In my career as a researcher, I ve been fortunate to learn from very inspirational teachers, who had the ability to distill the essential ideas and explain things in simple language I want to recreate the same learning experience for you through my writing I founded the Minireference Publishing company to revolutionize the textbook industry We make textbooks that don t suck.

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