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No bullshit guide to math and physics Outstanding I purchased this title along with several math physics titles from the IdiotsGuide and DeMystified series in order to get back up to speed in these subjects with the objective of being adequately prepared to help my children with homework as they move through high school I must say that I would have killed to have this text when I was 15 The author is a genius and an excellent tutor I took Algebra Geometry Trig Calculus in high school but was hardly a math wizard and I avoided higher level math in college This is hands down the best calculus physics refresher course available The text provides some of the clearest, most concise explanations I have ever seen and links all of the concepts together It covers material that would require the purchase of at least six different books in some of the other self teaching series available and it s a heck of a lot fun to read If you have no math background at all, please be mentally prepared Due to the lack of fluff, this guide goes from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye If you are in school now, this guide may be the best money you ever spent Despite the colorful language in places, I m ordering a second copy so that each of my kids will have his own Although my educational path led me to become part of the system see pg 280 , I d like to think that if I d had Mr Savov s text in high school, I might have chosen math science. Often Calculus And Mechanics Are Taught As Separate Subjects It Shouldn T Be Like That Learning Calculus Without Mechanics Is Incredibly Boring Learning Mechanics Without Calculus Is Missing The Point This Textbook Integrates Both Subjects And Highlights The Profound Connections Between Them This Is The Deal Give Me Pages Of Your Attention, And I Ll Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Functions, Limits, Derivatives, Integrals, Vectors, Forces, And Accelerations This Book Is The Only Math Book You Ll Need For The First Semester Of Undergraduate Studies In Science With Concise, Jargon Free Lessons On Topics In Math And Physics, Each Section Covers One Concept At The Level Required For A First Year University Course Anyone Can Pick Up This Book And Become Proficient In Calculus And Mechanics, Regardless Of Their Mathematical Background I m giving it three stars because this book is not what it is advertised as This book cannot be picked up by anyone and become proficient in calculus and mechanics As someone else posted, the author moves quick enough to condense the material into 400 pages that he assumes you will follow along through all the steps The quality of the material in the book ebbs and flows At times the explanations are concise, at other times the author introduces new mathematical language and script without describing what it is The problems associated with the chapters assume you will connect the dots between concepts without having explained how to move from concept to concept thoroughly.If you are already or have studied calculus and physics in the recent past, this will be a good refresher and act as a wonderful reference for a different perspective of the material If you are a first time student or haven t visited the material in a very long time then you will spend hours on problems just because the concepts were not explained well enough You ll end up buying supplement books or spending hours on Khan Academy to get a better grasp of the material the author brushes over.That being said, the book is actually a very good path for those wanting to know where to start I d suggest reading through the chapters slowly, and then obtaining specific literature for beginners on the topics covered You ll still end up spending hundreds of dollars on text, but you will be able to teach yourself the concepts covered and finally become proficient in calculus and basic physics. Good book Will you be able to teach a first grader physics No This book is sort of billed as a guide to understanding Math and Physics that anyone could use Anyone would be lost, but if you have a background that includes algebra at some point, then this book will be an excellent way to learn these subjects It is also great as a refresher guide Mr Savov did an excellent job on this book He uses plain English to teach the subjects I can t wait for his book on statistics I had the class 20 years ago , but I really need a refresher Thank you Ivan. This is essentially a condensed desk reference for basic HS college math first principles, and mostly just says what stuff is by definition For example, it might jump from 1 form of a polynomial to its factors w o explaining that step you re just supposed to recognize that s what happened and know what it did.The text Big G gravitational constant, or what a Newton or the speed of light are and you actually have some reason to care , then this is a handy place to look it up Of course, you could just as easily Google most of what s in here and get a similar response.The font is rather tiny, especially in the graphs printed on demand but the paper quality is ok The cover of mine showed up a little bent, but overall this will be fine to sit on a shelf until I need to look up some math or physics thing I ve forgotten how to do, or have kids old enough to want to know those things Not so much a read it cover to cover kind of book, as far as I can tell so far.I also have to say I love the author s perspective on getting rid of overpriced Linear Algebra title that I originally wanted College textbooks on these topics would cost 100s for pretty much the same information, so in that regard this is a better purchase. A Brilliant Summary Of Calculus And PhysicsIf you take the chapter review summaries of your math and physics classes and stuff them into one book, this is it If you are looking to learn the subject s from to to bottom, you ll need sources.As a college student in Calc 2 and General Physics 1, I ve found the book insanely helpful for straight to the solution style concepts It s a second look at concepts that were a little hazy for me from the school textbooks.Highly recommended

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the No bullshit guide to math and physics book, this is one of the most wanted Ivan Savov author readers around the world.

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