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Numerical Mathematics (Texts in Applied Mathematics) This Book Provides The Mathematical Foundations Of Numerical Methods And Demonstrates Their Performance On Examples, Exercises And Real Life Applications This Is Done Using The MATLAB Software Environment, Which Allows An Easy Implementation And Testing Of The Algorithms For Any Specific Class Of Problems The Book Is Addressed To Students In Engineering, Mathematics, Physics And Computer Sciences In The Second Edition Of This Extremely Popular Textbook On Numerical Analysis, The Readability Of Pictures, Tables And Program Headings Has Been Improved Several Changes In The Chapters On Iterative Methods And On Polynomial Approximation Have Also Been I ve been using this book in an intro to numerical math course at the graduate level It is the only textbook for the course, and it leaves some to be desired A number of the sections are very clear and well written, and it makes understanding the material a breeze However, there are as many sections that seem to have been thrown together and only provide a cursory glance at the ideas involved, but lack examples and implementations Those sections sometimes lack enough information to fill in the gaps as would be expected at the graduate level, so after reading it, the reader is left with a hazy 30,000 foot view of the solution and very little else to grab on to The notation is sometimes confusing and undefined There is a particular example on splines that uses non standard notation for characteristic functions, which left everyone in the course confused about what was even being asked It also uses some strange methods in the Matlab code that require some tweaking if you aren t careful They were certainly written in a FORTRAN style So I have a split opinion of this book When its good, its really good, but when it misses the mark, it really misses the mark So I give it 5 stars for when it works, and 1 for when it doesn t, so my net score is 3 stars. Too theoretical for a person moving into math, but extremely broad and in depth. Definitely a classic Loads of useful information.

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