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On Quiet Nights Explore The Blackness WithinTheres A Place Inside Us That Is Cloaked In Darkness, Rubbed Raw With Silence Its A Shadow Wrapped In A Shadow And It Screams, But It Screams In Harsh Whispers This Collection Explores The Blackness Within, The Gritty Underground That Hides Inside Memories And Cowers Just Outside Fear The Poems, Paired With Illustrations From Matthias Matthies Work In Sync To Create A Collage Of Blunt Sexuality, Masochistic, And Sometimes Sadistic Recollections Of Love, Reflection, And Self ExplorationLindemann Paints Pictures With His Poems, A Slave To The Vulnerability And Sexuality That Drives Mankind His Words Themselves Are Body Modifications That Settle On Readers, Piercing Then Slowly Penetrating And Pumping His Audience Full With A Mix Of Pleasure And Pain A Combination Of Longing, Emotional Depth, And Bestial Intuition, These Pieces Evoke An Innate Nature To Seek Pleasure, To Ask For Forgiveness, To Instill BlameOn Quiet Nights Pulls Back The Curtains At Night And Asks Readers To Think About Who They Are Lindemann Holds A Mirror To Soul, Capturing Desire And Need, With The Courage To Answer Some Of Lifes Biggest Questions Who Am I What Am I Why Am I

6 thoughts on “On Quiet Nights

  1. Shama Shama says:

    Pensaba que ser a m s completo, hay p ginas que son de un p rrafo y el resto en blanco Eso s , una pieza que no ha de faltar a cualquier fan de Rammstein.

  2. Alina Alina says:

    He makes me laugh, he makes me cry and all the emotions in between Till is amazing and this book offers a peek into his beautiful soul, of course with the touch of his witty, dark humor To put it very simply I absolutely love it There is a place inside us that is cloaked in darkness, rubbed raw with silence I

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I m a big fan of Rammstein and Till Lindemann is spectacular with his words I knew before getting the book it was going to have 5 stars regardless The collections of poetry make you think outside the box, yet deeply into yourself and around you Rammstein is really known for their poetic ways and makes them unique

  4. Bullet Bob Bullet Bob says:

    If you like anything Till Lindemann does this is a definite must buy Had a friend that keep on acting like she was going to steal my soft back version So in typical fashion I bought her the hard back to add to her large book collection for her birthday.

  5. Curtis Curtis says:

    A great read for any poet and Rammstein fan It s nice to have an English version of this book available now.

  6. Anders Eriksen Anders Eriksen says:

    My wife is a huge Rammstein fan, and she loved it

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