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On Vanishing: Mortality, Dementia, and What It Means to Disappear For Fans Of Atul Gawande S Being Mortal, Eula Biss S On Immunity, And Paul Kalanithi S When Breath Becomes Air, On Vanishing Offers An Essential, Empathic Exploration Of Dementia, And In The Process Asks Searching Questions About What It Means To Face Our Own Inevitable VanishingAn Estimated Million People In The World Suffer From Dementia Diseases Such As Alzheimer S Erase Parts Of One S Memory But Are Also Often Said To Erase The Self People Don T Simply Die From Such Diseases They Are Imagined, In The Clich S Of Our Era, As Vanishing In Plain Sight, Fading Away, Or Enduring A Long Goodbye In On Vanishing, Lynn Casteel Harper, A Baptist Minister And Nursing Home Chaplain, Investigates The Myths And Metaphors Surrounding Dementia And Aging, Addressing Not Only The Indignities Caused By The Condition But Also By The Rhetoric Surrounding It Harper Asks Essential Questions About The Nature Of Our Outsize Fear Of Dementia, The Stigma This Fear May Create, And What It Might Mean For Us All To Try To Vanish Well Weaving Together Personal Stories With Theology, History, Philosophy, Literature, And Science, Harper Confronts Our Elemental Fears Of Disappearance And Death, Drawing On Her Own Experiences With People With Dementia Both In The US Health Care System And Within Her Own Family In The Course Of Unpacking Her Own Stories And Encounters Of Leading A Prayer Group On A Dementia Unit Of Meeting Individuals Dismissed As Already Gone And Finding Them Still Possessed Of Complex, Vital Inner Lives Of Witnessing Her Grandfather S Final Years With Alzheimer S And Discovering Her Own Heightened Genetic Risk Of Succumbing To The Disease Harper Engages In An Exploration Of Dementia That Is Unlike Anything Written Before On The SubjectExpanding Our Understanding Of Dementia Beyond Progressive Vacancy And Dread, On Vanishing Makes Room For Beauty And Hope, And Opens A Space In Which We Might Start To Consider Better Ways Of Caring For, And Thinking About, Our Fellow Human Beings It Is A Rich And Startling Work Of Nonfiction That Reveals Cognitive Change As An Essential Aspect Of What It Means To Be Mortal

10 thoughts on “On Vanishing: Mortality, Dementia, and What It Means to Disappear

  1. etherealfire etherealfire says:

    Thank you to Catapult Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book On Vanishing is part personal narrative as well as a humane and compassionate treatise on the treatment of patients suffering from dementia Much food for thought here and beautifully, movingly written It gives me hope that there could be viable alt

  2. Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his) Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his) says:

    I received an ARC through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This was a very good book about dementia When I m at my internship, an in patient psychiatric facility, I work with older adults on the senior unit Most people admitted are there for behavioral problems with dementia Wandering, sundowning, aggression, sexual behaviors,

  3. Wes Durrwachter Wes Durrwachter says:

    I read this book because 1 the author is my wife s aunt, 2 I assumed this book would be helpful for me as I aspire to continue ministering as a hospital chaplain, and 3 my own grandmother has dementia I m giving this book 5 stars because it was beautifully written, well argued, inspiring, and so helpful for thinkingdeeply and honestly about the iss

  4. Marin Marin says:

    A smart, cogent, and deeply felt exploration of life on with dementia, whether lived or witnessed an act of empathy and a powerful call for inclusion.

  5. Wade Snowden Wade Snowden says:

    I am conflicted on if this is a 4 or 5 star read but that is not the point This book equally reaffirmed all of my beliefs about dementia mortality while also pushing me to a new higher thinking It might not be for everyone, but given my work I can t think of aimportant book that I ve read recently Vanishing be it in death, dementia, or both is beautiful a part of life

  6. Ankush Gk Ankush Gk says:

    Made me think about how I perceive anything related to mental illness in others How the stigmatized cultural environment shapes our thoughts on such matters It is beautifully written about Dementia, The problem is not that the people forget, it is that they are forgotten The book tells people how the social response to the Alzheimer s Dementia has effects much worse than the di

  7. Claire- Louise Claire- Louise says:

    I read this book for some insight but didn t feel I really got anything from it.

  8. Chris S. Chris S. says:

    Have to be honest, this book was a lotlike a memoir than I expected Perhaps because of that, I found the first half somewhat lackluster and jumbled, with some of the comparisons and lengthy metaphors seeming like stretches However, I liked the second half much better than the first and felt that it seemed like it formed acohesive whole Harper makes good arguments for a re evaluation of how we see

  9. Sue Sue says:

    The author s core point, I think, based on my reading based on the book s title, is to question the idea of vanishing in connection with dementia I think she believes there is some underlying essence of a person she, an ordained Baptist minister, probably thinks of it as a person s soul , that is still there, even when a demented person has forgotten everything, recognizes nothing no one, etc That is, she d

  10. Molly Molly says:

    Unexpected wonder This gets 5 stars for beautiful writing, a poet s imagination explaining one of life s greatest living tragedies dementia, and the depth of thought and learning that supports a loving kindness towards our elderly in it s grip Lynn Casteel Harper has a mission to bring our common culture around to a kinder point of view of the demented Senility has always been part of the human progression, but being

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