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Once a Cowboy (The Cowboys series Book 3) (English Edition) Brodie Hayes Is A Former Rodeo Star, Now A Ranchera Cowboy, Through And Through But When He Finds Out Some Shocking News About The Circumstances Of His Birth, He Begins To Question His Identity Luckily, Private Investigator Alexandra Donovan Is There To Help Him Find The Truth About Who He Is Along The Way, He Discovers That Even A Man Who Thought Hed Be Alone For The Rest Of His Life Can Fall In LoveFor Brodie, Love Was Something You Did Onceand For Always But Is Alex The Type Of Woman Who Can Take On A Stubborn Man Like Him Because Theres One Thing About Him That Will Never Change, No Matter What They Find Out About His Pastonce A Cowboy, Always A Cowboy I got Once a Cowboy by Linda Warren as a free Kindle read a while back I have absolutely zero romance going on in my life so I figured why not live vicariously through someone else Hehe This someone else happened to be Alexandra Donovan, a private investigator who finds herself falling for the hunky cowboy who just so happens to be the subject of one of her investigations.Helen Braxton comes in to Alex s office asking her to check out rodeo star Brodie Hayes, claiming he s the son she had 40 years ago that was stolen from the hospital not too long after birth Alex tries to be discreet and not stir up too much in Brodie s life but it doesn t quite work out the way she d planned Now she s bulldozed her way in to his goings on and he doesn t know which way is up any.Once all is said and done with Brodie, though, Alex gets a shock of her own that she has to figure out how to come to terms with And does surprisingly well for someone whose world has just been turned upside down Brodie seems to have rubbed off on her Alex Donovan is a no BS character She doesn t expect people to take care of her and she s opinionated and straight forward Extremely likeable and refreshing She s blunt but caring and can tell you what s what with tact Brodie sounds like a handsome cowboy who knows exactly who he is Until Alex comes along Despite that, though, he takes the news as well as can be expected.This was a quick read and not quite what I d expected I was pleasantly surprised And I enjoyed it a lot I think I would have liked to see the relationship between Alex and Brodie develop a bit before diving right in, but it wasn t too hurried to be at least a little realistic I suppose Although it s always frustrating when you know what s going to happen long before it does and then you have to spend the rest of the book waiting for the character to figure it out as well The love scenes between the two were tasetful Not overdone or poorly done.I loved Alex s grandmother One reviewer on Goodreads said the author should write The Many Adventures of Naddy I completely agree Naddy is definitely not your typical grandma And it sounds like she d be a fun character to follow for a while Alex s father, Buck, was not what he d been made out to be though I did not get the sense that he was the bulldog she claimed he was But that s ok He was a minor character and didn t really play a huge part in the book.The ending, in my opinion, was a little You ve got to be kidding me Still a great book, but I didn t like the development in Alex s life The blow she was dealt after she d helped Brodie and the Braxtons And reading the epilogue, even though I knew that all of the characters had been mentioned, at least in passing, there were still a lot of names to try and keep straight and I had to read it a few times to get it figured out It made me smile though.I d recommend this for anyone looking for something new to read Or anyone who loves cowboys and romance Probably not anyone under the age of 17, simply because there ARE some love scenes It really was a good book to read. For full review including excerpt and dialogue highlight, please visit Reader s Edyn at readersedyn dot blogspot dot comReview It made me cry dumb book So Brody is a huge star in the world of rodeo Now retired and running his ranch, he has been living a life in solitude Sure, he s got his few close friends and a bit of family his mother and aunt , but for the most part he is alone Just how he likes it Love is a myth so why subject himself to the game It is much easier to wash his hands of it all Or at least that idea sounded nice until Alex walked into his life and turned everything upside down Brody is not sure of much, but he always knew who he was Not any.Alex works as a P.I with her father, Buck She knows how to get the job done no matter how hard the case may be She throws herself into her work and leaves little time for anything else, much less time to explore relationships But when Alex takes a case involving a stolen baby a baby who just might be rodeo star Brody Hayes, things become personal Drawn to him before ever meeting him, Alex knows she has to find the truth within this case, even if it causes Brody pain even if, ultimately, she loses her chance with him.Brody remains reluctant, but grudgingly allows Alex to take further steps into the investigation a little at a time When it comes to light that he is not who he always thought he was, he struggles to identify with who he really is AND who he should be now that he knows he was living a lie And while Brody is off searching for answers to tough questions, Alex herself gets her world toppled She s tough and she has been helping Brody so she will come to terms with her changes But Brody is gone and she has no idea if he will ever return.Ms Warren sure pulled at my heartstrings with this story I felt so sorry for Brody throughout the book How does a tough rodeo cowboy come to grips with life altering changes without losing himself And what if losing himself is exactly what is happening Not to mention, he is starting to alter his outlook on being alone for the rest of his life, but he doesn t feel like he has the right to pull Alex down with him He has a lot to deal with and I felt like his behavior and actions were consistent with his character I loved the pairing of Brody and Alex She is exactly the balm he needs to heal his wounds He just doesn t quite realize it yet Had any less of a woman been paired with Brody, the story would not have worked.Terrific additions to this story are the supporting characters Quite a few of them exist to make the story work, but rather than hinder as can be a common downfall to over populating a story , they enhance Buck, Alex s father is a tough old dog who chooses to boss around rather than show any type of weakness Alex, his only child, is that weakness, but you d never guess it Naddy, Alex s grandmother is a hoot She is young at heart and acts it in every way possible, oftentimes switching roles with Alex Alex playing adult to Naddy s childishness But it s a fun kind of childishness that makes you laugh out loud at her antics The Braxton s, who claim their son was stolen from the hospital at only two days old, add a bit of heartache with their story, their loss, and their drive to find the truth behind their missing child Claudia, Brody s mother who well, I can t say much about her without spoiling a lot, so let s just say that she reasons for her actions, although I never felt sorry for her despite knowing her motivations Cleo, Brody s aunt, who was probably of a mother to Brody than Claudia ever was, is Brody s only true supportive family member Colter and Tripp are Brody s best friends, who have interesting stories of their own Quite a few characters to keep straight, yes Trust me, they all flow together with purpose The reader will not have difficulty keeping them all straight The epilogue is what killed me You know how you have those moments where everything seems right and your heart is full Well, I saw that for Brody and Alex at the end and it made me happy Tear inducing happy Not the sobby kind, but the lip was quivering and the throat was constricted You know the kind I was actually a bit surprised by my reaction given the expected events throughout the story, but touch me it did.Overall, the book is predictable But it is also sweet Maybe some prefer to have some deep moment of inspiration from the books they read For me, I like a mixture And sometimes a quick read with a fairly simple plotline, and a charming, romantic story is just the ticket PLUS, it is a free read so you aren t losing anything Enjoy a story about finding love in the face of difficult circumstances, discover a new author or enjoy a known author , and get it for free You can t go wrong Digital copy purchased for personal library.

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