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Once a Cowboy (The Cowboys series Book 3) (English Edition) Brodie Hayes Is A Former Rodeo Star, Now A Ranchera Cowboy, Through And Through But When He Finds Out Some Shocking News About The Circumstances Of His Birth, He Begins To Question His Identity Luckily, Private Investigator Alexandra Donovan Is There To Help Him Find The Truth About Who He Is Along The Way, He Discovers That Even A Man Who Thought Hed Be Alone For The Rest Of His Life Can Fall In LoveFor Brodie, Love Was Something You Did Onceand For Always But Is Alex The Type Of Woman Who Can Take On A Stubborn Man Like Him Because Theres One Thing About Him That Will Never Change, No Matter What They Find Out About His Pastonce A Cowboy, Always A Cowboy Oh how I love sexy cowboys This may be the first cowboy romance I ve reviewed, but rest assured it won t be the last.Look at that cover model I just want to lick him.Retired Pro bull rider Brodie Hayes finds out from sexy PI Alex Donovan that he s actually the child of a couple whose baby was stolen from the hospital forty years ago.Well, there s one I haven t heard before I guess these days us romance writers have to come up with some new and interesting premises to keep it fresh This one is a doozy.Now, Harlequins are known for being short and sweet and I ve always found that I wished they were longer So many times there are jumps in the story that I feel leave me hanging That happened a few times in this book, there were several spots in the beginning chapters that I found myself wishing the author would have made this book a bit longer but would have had to publish it with somebody else because of HQs guidelines rules Linda Warren wove it all together pretty well.My biggest complaints were how long it took our hero Brodie to figure himself out I felt like a forty year old man, even one who found out his parents weren t really his, wouldn t be quite so whiny about it He was just a little to woe is me for my tastes.I also didn t really get why Alex was attracted to him in the first place Besides the fact that he was six feet of cowboy scrumptiousness This is probably the third book in a series about some rodeo ing friends and I did feel a bit lost at times especially the epilogue when the author threw in details about these very minor secondary characters I again thought the book would have been better if it had been longer and I could have developed some attachment to those other hot cowboys I do however appreciate when an author gives you a glimpse into characters lives from past books.I m big on first lines, but this one didn t really do it for me You decide The defunct air conditioner spit out its last puffs of cool air about an hour ago This one would have grabbed me by the horns if this had been an erotic romance, but as it is, I say, eh The plot being pretty original, the writing darn good with lots of emotions and an HEA I think it was one of my better free reads.My recommendations I would have paid for this book, but not up to cover price Maybe 2.99.I may or may not seek of this author s books out This was a pretty good book, but I didn t love it.This was definitely worth the one click.I give it four stars. If I m honest, given that this was a freebie read for the Kindle I wasn t exactly expecting much, which makes it all the surprising that I actually quite enjoyed it The storyline was enough to hold my attention with fairly well developed characters and a great sounding ranch setting After all, who doesn t love themselves a hunky cowboy Brodie is the stereotypical rancher good looks, great body and despite all the clich s that come with this type of romance novel he was still fun to read about and had a great chemistry with private investigator Alex Donovan who is sent to find out if Brodie is really the man he thinks he is.I personally enjoyed the fact that this was a slightly complex romance novel with a bit of family drama and secrets behind it though a few parts of the plot line seemed to go off at a bit of a tangent and come out of nowhere, for example with Alex s family towards the end of the book you ll understand if you read it and didn t seem to be fully resolved or expanded upon Despite this gripe though, I think this was a worthwhile read and is a lot stronger than other Harlequin books I ve picked up recently I think the author realistically managed to convey a lot of the hurt, pain and confusion that comes with finding that you aren t who you always believed you are.Granted, there s the ever present happily ever after that comes with these kind of reads, which was a little bit cheesier than most but it did leave me feeling a bit warm and fuzzy inside I would recommend this book if you need a pick me up it s a quick, easy read and you are guaranteed your happy ending. A light novel, easy to read The story involves a long missing child now a grown man , his coming to terms with his birth adoptive families, the female P.I involved in the search Along the way they both learn a great deal about themselves each other There are some minor quite funny characters in this too It was a free download which is why I read it Not my type of book really but I would think that those readers of romance would like it a lot. Good read I enjoyed this from the first chapter and kept your interest first time I have read from this author look forward now for reading

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