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Once and for All (English Edition) As Bubbly As Champagne And Delectable As Wedding Cake, Once And For All Is Set In The World Of Wedding PlanningLouna Spends Her Summers Helping Brides Plan Their Perfect Day And Handling Every Kind Of Crises Missing Brides, Scene Stealing Bridesmaids And Controlling Grooms Not Surprising Then, That She S Deeply Cynical About Happy Ever Afters, Especially Since Her Own First Love Ended In TragedyWhen Handsome Girl Magnet Ambrose Enters Her Life, Louna Won T Take Him Seriously But Ambrose Hates Not Getting What He Wants And Louna Is The Girl He S Been Waiting ForMaybe It S Not Too Late For A Happy Ending After All When I Read A Sarah Dessen Novel, I M Sixteen Again, In The Flush Of First Love Jodi Picoult I m a huge Sarah fan but I felt like this book really missed the mark.I loved the back story and I thought she did a great job getting us to fall in love with Louna and Ethan I enjoyed most of the characters.But Everything was wrapped up too quickly and neatly but at the same time she didn t give me enough time to fall in love with Louna and Ambrose together They finally coupling felt messy and forced This could very well be my least favorite Dessen book, which is a bummer. This was quite a disappointment I ve read and loved everything Dessen has written, but this falls flat in ways that her writing never has before Spoilers My favorite thing about Sarah Dessen is the way her secondary and even tertiary characters are fleshed out She brings life and background to everyone in her books, except this one We learn virtually nothing about Ambrose and are given no indication why he would be good for Louna He flirts with tons of girls, is hard to work with, but never goes beyond that to find a balance with his good side We re never shown or given a good side He feels like a bad version of Morris from Saint Anything His sister, Bee, would have been an excellent candidate for exploring as well, but we don t get any sense of who she is either I understand the focus on Ethan, but it comes at the expense of understanding Louna further.I love Sarah Dessen Saint Anything was lovely and I highly recommend it above Once And For All , but this book is a disappointing outlier. I ll have to admit to being a little disappointed with this one Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors and I ve read all of her other books She writes simple love stories, great drama, and gives all the feels I wasn t that crazy about this story, however.Louna is, to me, a haunted character She s got some issues that she hasn t really dealt with and that she doesn t actually talk about with others She focuses on her work with her mom in the wedding planning business, but she isn t someone who actually believes in love You get glimpses of her past relationship and hints about what happened to her boyfriend, but you don t get the full story until the end of the book It s sad and Louna s behavior makes sense, but it also doesn tif that makes sense.I liked Ambrose a lot as a character He s goofy and weird, and seriously flirtatious He tries so hard to be nice to Louna but she s just kind of mean, so it was strange when she realized her feelings for him It was also a little confusing when he admits his feelings because there just wasn t a lot of instances that the two of themfelt things I m not sure, but I just didn t get a lot of swoony moments from these two so I wasn t sure how it all happened.I liked the story well enough and the ending was sweet I ll always buy read Dessen s words because she does them so well The supporting characters are always well rounded and fit perfectly into the story This time it was the main character who didn t do it for me.Maybe next time.

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