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One Goal: The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams very enjoyable for every soccer enthusiast In Football, Perhaps Than Any Other Sport, Success Hinges On Team Performance Rather Than Individual Play As Coaches Are Well Aware, Inspiring A Group Of Players To Perform As A Finely Tuned, Coordinated Unit Is An On Going Challenge While Several Factors Can Interfere With Cohesion And Flow Of The Team, No Previously Published Work Has Specifically Addressed How To Identify, Prevent And Overcome Such Problems One Goal Is Arranged Sequentially, Providing Invaluable Insights On The Various Challenges Facing Coaches When Faced With Moulding A Set Of Individuals Into A Winning Team One Goal, it s definitely the book that will enrich your knowledge regarding managerial skills not only in soccer but, also in many other areas Perfect book that I would recommend to Coaches, Parents, Players Awesome book I m utilizing all kinds of things from this book with my team. Bill Beswick is an amazing author This book is informative, entertaining, and easy to apply Would highly recommend for anyone, especially those who coach sports teams.

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