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Optimists Die First (English Edition) Hilarious, Heart Warming And Beautifully Unexpected A Real Keeper Lisa Williamson I Fell For Optimists Die First Like I Was Curled Up With A Familiar Favourite Offbeat Charm, With A Bittersweet Romance At Its Sorrowful Heart Harriet Reuter Hapgood Optimists Die First Will Make You Feel Bigger In Every Way Bigger In Courage To Face A Dangerous World Bigger In Feeling Bigger In Love Bigger In Your Ability To Put Yourself Back Together After Something That Should Break You And Yes, Bigger In Optimism Jeff Zentner Susin Nielsen Has Produced A Richly Comic Story Featuring A Cast Of Mismatched, Engaging Characters Marilyn Brocklehurst Guardian, The Best New Children S Books Supplement Entertaining But Also Poignant Claire Hennessy Irish Times One Of The Most Talented Teen Writers Working Today BookTrust Grief And Guilt Permeate Nielsens Empathic And Deeply Moving Story, Balanced By Sharply Funny Narration And Dialogue Publishers Weekly, Starred Review Nielsen Writes With Sensitivity, Empathy, And Humour Kirkus, Starred Review The Novels Greatest Strength Is Its Handling Of The Characters Very Real Burdens With Sympathy, Wit, And Not An Ounce Of Melodrama Nielsen Excels At Depicting Troubled, Clever Teenagers Starred Review, School Library Journal Optimists Die First Is Both Funny And Heartbreaking Fans Of Rainbow Rowells Eleanor And Park Will Love It Red Magazine OnlinePetula Has Avoided Friendship And Happiness Ever Since Tragedy Struck Her Family And Took Her Beloved Younger Sister Maxine Worse, Petula Blames Herself If Only She D Kept An Eye On Her Sister, If Only She D Sewn The Button Maxine Choked On Better, If Only Now Her Anxiety Is Getting Out Of Control, She Is Forced To Attend The Worlds Most Hopeless Art Therapy Class But One Day, In Walks The Bionic Man A Charming, Amazingly Tall Newcomer Called Jacob, Who Is Also An Amputee Petula S Ready To Freeze Him Out, Just Like She Did With Her Former Best Friend, But When Shes Paired With Jacob For A Class Project, Theres No Denying They Have Brilliant Ideas Together Ideas Like Remaking Wuthering Heights With CatsBut Petula And Jacob Each Have Desperately Painful Secrets In Their Pasts And When The Truth Comes Out, Theres No Way Petula Is Ready For It This is my first read by Susin Nielsen I won t lie, the title of this one is what sucked me in I thought it sounded funny and I would give it a try It didn t have the humor I was expecting There were some good witty moments here and there but this one wasn t quite as light and fluffy as I expected Optimists Die First takes us into the mind of people who are struggling with the guilt that sometimes comes with losing someone close to you.Petula struggles with her sister s passing, and blames herself Because of the way her sister passes, Petula has a hard time coping and struggles with paranoia and anxiety She has also vowed never to make a craft again, and pushed away her best friend She has developed all new phobias that cause her to cut herself off from the world.Jacob was in an accident before transferring to the same school as Petula He lost his arm in the accident and is very secretive about the accident He still manages to have an easygoing attitude, and tries to help Petula with some of her issues.What I liked The beginning of the romance between Petula and Jacob was sweet It started out as a tentative friendship and grew into.I really enjoyed the different personalities of the people at her art therapy class too They were all misfits in their own way, but in the end were good for each other.The mom s crazy cat lady tendencies and the silly cat video.What I didn t like Optimists Die First does have one of the things I hate the most when it comes to a story about a person suffering from anxiety She meets a boy and she can magically turn off her anxieties I really hate that.The is a pretty big reveal towards the end of the book about Jacob, and Petula is not sympathetic AT ALL Given the circumstances, I really feel like she should be and could show some compassion but instead writes him off for a while By the end of the book she is STILL saying she can t even look at him the same way Really So, while I didn t hate the book, I still didn t love it as much as I thought I would You may feel differently about it though, so don t let my review deter you I received an ARC of this title via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. This short novel is a quick read that tackles some serious topics, like grief and guilt.Petula feels responsible for the accidental death of her toddler sister Unable to cope with the tragedy, she has been manifesting paranoid behaviors and has driven away her best friend In response to her behavior, Petula s high school has mandated that she attend an art therapy group with a bunch of other messed up teenagers It s there that she first meets Jacob, a new student with his own tragic history Jacob helps Petula and the other group members find ways to deal with their problems, and they all start down the road to healing At the same time, Petula falls hard for Jacob, and he for her Their romance is threatened, though, when Petula learns about Jacob s mysterious past.I really liked Petula as a character She s suffering deeply from guilt over her sister s death and is further burdened by the difficulty her parents are having coping with the tragedy That makes the story seem pretty grim, but it s lightened by Petula s humor and quirky sense of self This is a girl who can put on a bonnet she made in a Little House on the Prairie crafting phase and act out a scene from the show with her friend Her voice made the sad stuff bearable.The emphasis on the importance of friendship and relationships with other people in coping with grief also was another thing I appreciated about the book Friendship and romance don t cure Petula she s attending regular therapy sessions at the end of the book However, they do help her to look beyond herself and begin interacting with the world in healthier ways.That said, my one criticism of the book is that it does simplify the process of healing a bit too much The other members of the art therapy group are also dealing with some pretty serious problems One of them even attempted to commit suicide Their issues seem nearly resolved with just a little intervention on Jacob s part, which didn t ring true to me at all I will give props to a book that talks about cat rescue, though I completely sympathized with Petula s mother bringing in extra cats in need, even if there s no room a dilemma every rescuer is faced with at some point Petula found homes for some of those cats way too easily, though Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it for people who like contemporary YA novels that take on serious subjects with a bit of humor.An eARC of this novel was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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