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Optimists Die First (English Edition) This is a quick but heart rending read Nielsen deals with teen mental health, including several very serious topics with grace and hope I was immediately drawn into Petula s world, including her fears and phobias As you learn about her, you can t help but feel for her and want to be her friend As she grows and changes, you can t help but be excited for her And when heart break arrives, as it always does in life, you can help but hurt alongside her And yet, the author delivers sliver after sliver of hope, finding the reader that life is too short to love trapped inside our minds and getting help, and helping one another, is what makes life truly worth living. This is a good young adult book The book focuses on Petula and starts with touching upon tragedy in life that has changed her significantly and then goes from there I like this book because the author does the voice of Petula very well, she comes across hurt, angry, sullen, and struggling without being over the top well, all teens are over the top in some things, but not everything Petula as she is fits well into this story.The story turns around Petula as well as a group of kids with their own challenges The individuals that Petula is involved with are each stuck in their own world and it takes another newcomer to draw them out and start gelling the group The boy linking and drawing out the stories of each of the kids is himself a bit hesitant to share his stuff Start the adventures I liked it when the boy gets his shoe thrown back to him at one point.One thing this story brings out for me is how so very differently many of us may react to hardship in our life some turn internal and ball up like hedgehogs being prickly and mean towards anyone approaching, some strike at world around them creating an outward rippling of anger and harshness, some reach outwards to help others where they can t help themselves, and some are just lost The common theme is there is a hurt person at the core that is almost always being harsh, angry, unforgiving towards themselves than anyone else the outer shell varies.Petula s journey simply shows that life can get very hard for every one of us just not in the same way or time in life Her story shows things can and do get better, and that journey can be amazing.This is a quick read, a good read I m happy this book found me. Petula Has Avoided Friendship And Happiness Ever Since Tragedy Struck Her Family And Took Her Beloved Younger Sister Maxine Worse, Petula Blames Herself If Only She D Kept An Eye On Her Sister, If Only She D Sewn The Button Maxine Choked On Better, If Only Now Her Anxiety Is Getting Out Of Control, She Is Forced To Attend The Worlds Most Hopeless Art Therapy Class But One Day, In Walks The Bionic Man A Charming, Amazingly Tall Newcomer Called Jacob, Who Is Also An Amputee Petula S Ready To Freeze Him Out, Just Like She Did With Her Former Best Friend, But When Shes Paired With Jacob For A Class Project, Theres No Denying They Have Brilliant Ideas Together Ideas Like Remaking Wuthering Heights With CatsBut Petula And Jacob Each Have Desperately Painful Secrets In Their Pasts And When The Truth Comes Out, Theres No Way Petula Is Ready For It As a teen whose toddler sister accidentally died while under her care and whose parents are on the verge of divorce, Petula manages her fears by researching all the ways that things could go wrong and avoiding trouble that she perceives as controllable Of course the things that really bother her are beyond her control, as much as she would hate to admit it Her story chronicles her voyage from a fear ridden life to a realistic approach which allows her to have friends and accept the uncontrollable tragedy of life.Laugh out loud, no Occasional wry humor, sure I like the main character a lot and the author paints her with sympathy and charm so it is easy to empathize with her anxieties and concerns I like the narrative and the other characters are limned with lifelike touches A promising author. Optimists Die First is a compelling read and a fascinating examination of grief and forgiveness It s filled with complex, well written characters that are easy to love and root for The pages will turn at a fast clip as readers will immediately become engaged in the story of young sixteen year old Petula, a girl crippled by anxiety and fear who struggles through life always on the alert for danger She s so incredibly lovable and interesting, I was eager to learn about her, her family, and her art therapy friends.Petula s story of guilt and tragedy is matched by the other kids in her therapy group A surprisingly dark yet funny version of The Breakfast Club, this group of damaged young people won my heart thanks to the author s skilled and empathetic treatment of each of their illnesses and pasts This is a short, powerful read that offers up valuable insight into guilt, grief, and the importance of forgiveness while never forgetting to tell a story that is entertaining and true Optimists Die First is a wonderful read and an enthusiastic recommend for any young reader ages 13 and up. Petula De Wilde is sure that optimists die first That is why she is a pessimist, always seeing danger lurking Petula may not have always been that way, but after her two year old sister, Maxine, died when she choked on a button, Petula can t help but see accidents just waiting to happen She is also sure she is to blame for her sister s death, since she is the one who sewed the costume with the button that choked her.Petula is forced to attend an art therapy class with a group of teenage misfits Although they may not be friends, they all have guilt they are carrying and with the arrival of Jacob, a boy with a prosthetic arm, the group begins to form a bond with each other.Jacob and Petula are partnered up for a project, and it is Jacob who finally gets Petula to let go of some of her fears and try living again.Nielsen s novel is a must read Petula is a character I found myself chuckling about, yet rooting for the whole time Nielsen provides many bookish references in this story, which I also loved Her ability to create characters who all dealt with grief in different ways is a real portrayal of grief I m excited to read of Nielsen s work that has already been published and can t wait to see what she puts out in the future. This is one of those books that manages to be sweet and sad all at once.I did have a little trouble buying into Petula s character, but loved the rest of our mixed up and sad little crew Don t get me wrong I did sympathize with Petula I just never really believed her.This is one of those books where every character is a good person Seriously, there isn t a villain in the book The only villain was the rather hazy bad things that can happen in life In a way, that s okay It s kind of nice to read a world where every person is wonderful It s just maybe not so real Regardless of my nitpicks, I did really enjoy the book It s a fast read and, yes, the eyes got a little misty at times.A good read for teens who may need an occasional reminder that you don t always know what s going on in another person s life and that compassion really is a virtue. Young Adult I a so glad I ordered this novel 16 year old Petula blames herself for her baby sister, Maxine s, death two years ago Her parents are in no better shape Her dad is in over his head financially and also struggles with depression.Her mother s coping mechanism is to become the neighborhood cat lady with 6 kittys and growing Petula meets Jacob, is a group therapy class He was in a car crash that killed his two BFFs abd and resulted in his arm being amputated however he seems to be holding up and dealing well with what happened Luckily what could have mean a tedious melodrama for the readers, however the characters have a perfect black humor that made me laugh, giggle and smirk. Odd cast of characters thrown together by circumstances They grow together Felt a bit rushed in the second half and could have benefited from description But overall I was invested Great payoff at the end as well. Petula De Wilde is terrified of accidents Anything could happen Freak accidents occur everyday, so she will minimize her risk as much as possible no matter how much people tease her Her family is torn apart and unrecognizeable since her little sister died due to a freak accident that she blames herself for After counselling at school failed disastrously, she has to go to art therapy led by a woman who would rather work with elementary age kids Then a very tall boy walks in with a prosthetic arm named Jacob and her whole life changes.While I don t like the cliche a boy changes a girl s life thing, Optimists Die First is adept at dealing with grief, anxiety, and making amends I ve heard some criticism about the portrayal of Petula s anxiety, but it is dismissed as trivial by other people To Petula, it s very real and very serious that she do everything she can to avoid fatal accidents She has pushed everyone in her life away and opted to wallow in guilt and sorrow while her family reals from the loss and copes in their own ways Her mother collects needy cats to take care of and her father throws himself into work No one acknowledges each other s pain, too busy feeling their own When Jacob walks in, they are forced to work together and both hate it at first Their romance is sweet and develops organically over time Birth control is acknowledged and used which is rare The one mar on it is that Jacob doesn t really share about himself, opting to give fake names and movie plots instead of what really happened to him.The art therapy is my favorite part of the whole book At first, everyone is miserable and just going through the motions This Breakfast Club esque group of misfits all have their own trauma to deal with Jacob s filmmaking talent gives each of them the tool to communicate something in a way they never thought of before Koula apologizes for all the thoughtless, mean things she did when she was drunk or high Alonzo expresses his journey and pain through mime Ivan gets to hold a funeral for his mother when he was barred from the original one Petula made a video archiving her family s life and Maxine s life When Jacob s secret comes out, everyone is hurt The ending has everyone on the road to rebuilding and reconciling, but it s not perfect Petula still has some doubts as one would after being lied to It s the most realistic representation of a teen relationship I ve seen This book has real emotions and shows different ways of coping with grief and trauma Optimists Die First is a short, heart punch of a read that I enjoyed.

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