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Pillow Thoughts So beautifully written I felt every word So relatable as well I read this book in 4 days, i could not stop reading I read every chance i had I also really like how the book is seperated by section I know whenever I need some advice, i know exactly where to turn I definitely reccomend this book I cant wait to purchase her next book Road Between. Make A Cup Of Tea And Let Yourself Feel Pillow Thoughts Is A Collection Of Poetry And Prose About Heartbreak, Love, And Raw Emotions It Is Divided Into Sections To Read When You Feel You Need Them Most I absolutely love this book if you like R.H Sin or Lang Leav you ll like this author as well. Actual Rating 4.5 5I adored this book of poetry.It was sweet and genuine I found myself smiling, laughing, and tearing up as I read The vast majority of the poems were pleasant and relatable, but there were some flashes of true genius in Courtney s descriptions that left me speechless.My only criticism and the reason I knocked off half a star is that I feel like it got a bit repetitive at times and there were a few cliches that made me wince Honestly though, all poets are guilty of that, and it did not much effect my overall enjoyment of this book.It was also really nice to read an Own Voices LGBTQ book of poetry that focused on love and the normal ups and downs of relationships Sometimes, it feels like the majority of LGBTQ literature involves some sort of strife that rooted in our sexualities It was nice just to read about a love story for a change That sort of queer literature is just as important as the stories that focus on coming out etc.I highly recommend it to fans of The Chaos of Longing and milk and honey. 2.5 Stars.I tried so hard to like it, but it read like a journal or a diary It lacked the emotional pull and connection I was looking for. Was recommended to me by a friend I love poetry, but this was just not up my alley I did read through about half of it before putting it down The poems are sweet but very young and most focus on the same thing over and over. un gran escritor No me canso de leerlo.

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