[Audiobooks] Poemotion 3 Author Takahiro Kurashima – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Poemotion 3 I picked this up to see the moire effect and it didn t disappoint Very interesting images that seem to move before my eyes My kids and friend s kids enjoyed it as well. This entire series is great. I have the 3 different books in this series and they all are equally impressive I love the fabric cover material and the durable feel of these books. Amazing stuff Part math project, part artwork, part toy all fun.Have the 2 previous books and love them, this one uses a vertical motion so it s easier to enjoy.Thanks for this In The Fall Of , The Long Awaited Third Installment Of Takahiro Kurashima S Series Poemotion Will Be Published In The Previous Edition, Color Was Added This Time He Goes Back To The Roots Thirty Abstract Graphic And Geometric Shapes Are Brought To Life By A Black Plastic Foil Only When It Is Laid On The Paper Do The Shapes Begin To Dance, Jump, Spin And Weave, The Reader Experiencing The Impressive Moire Effect In A Playful Way

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