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Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts (English Edition) Imagine That Jane Austen Had Written The Opening Line Of Her Satirical Novel Pride And Prejudice This Way It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged, That A Single Man In Possession Of A Good Fortune, Must Be In Want Of A Good Romp And A Good Wife Although Not Necessarily From The Same Person Or From The Opposite Sex In Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts Mr Darcy Has Never Been Devilish And The Seemingly Chaste Elizabeth Never Turned On The Entire Cast Of Characters From Austen S Classic Is Here In This Rewrite That Goes All The Way This Time Mr Bingley And His Sister Both Have Designs On Mr Darcy S Manhood Elizabeth S Bff Charlotte Marries Their Family S Strange Relation And Stumbles Upon A Secret World Of Feminine Relations To Her Liking And, In This Telling, Men Are Not Necessarily The The Only Dominating Sex And Of Course There S Some Good Old Fashioned Bodice Ripping That Shows No Pride Or Prejudice And Reveals Hot Hidden Lusts In Every Page Turning Chapter

15 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts (English Edition)

  1. saucy sue saucy sue says:

    I had my husband laughing out loud at some sections I read out This is well written smut, very imaginative and Lydia s oversexed personality wasn t that far fetched TBH everyone is oversexed and not bothered about whom or what ori

  2. Sparklybeck Sparklybeck says:

    This is one of the most hysterical and most fun books I ve read for ages The scandalously shocking things the characters get up to are endlessly inventive, and perfectly attributed to each character Come on, we all knew Lydia was a total hu

  3. Faye Fletching Faye Fletching says:

    In Pride and Prejudice Hidden Lusts Mitzi Szereto takes the familiar story of the Bennett sisters and transforms it into an hilarious bawdy tale filled with laughs and lust at every turn It manages to keep the romance between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy,

  4. EmmyBCow EmmyBCow says:

    Pride and Prejudice being my favourite book and film i thought i would buy this for its erotic values It does not disappoint The pride and prejudice story and characters we know just with an insatiable appetite for sex sex sex I love it Even with all the scand

  5. William William says:

    I m loading up my iPod nano with an audio book Pride and Prejudice by Mitzi Szereto, a take on the original by Jane Austen, but with differences.I found it a very enjoyable read as a book the pseudo 17th centery language took much of the coarseness out of what could hav

  6. richard Jupp richard Jupp says:

    Funny and well written if not a little wanting.

  7. amandac2568 amandac2568 says:

    This was a rather entertaining book Sort of faithful to the original story except with many scenes that are rather comedic rather than erotic

  8. dee dee says:

    good but really strange, parts were simply funny as anything, and other parts were worthy of cringing, still Mr Bennet you naughty so and so hahaha

  9. william r clarke william r clarke says:

    This was a terrible book.

  10. Vicky C Vicky C says:

    I read this book as it s a P P alternative version, rather than because erotic fiction is my thing This book keeps very well to the original story, but with erotic scenes added throughout Don t be fooled into thinking the saucy bits will be left at just Lizzy and Darcy, or even extend to just Jane and Mr Bingley Oh no,

  11. Mrs. Deborah R. Barnes Mrs. Deborah R. Barnes says:

    After reading about this book in Glamour magazine then reading the two reviews, I thought I d give it a go Pride Prejudice is one of my all time favourite books and this twist on the classic sounded interesting certainly interesting than the zombie version I also spotted Unfortunately Mitzi Szereto has transformed the character

  12. Silver Girl Silver Girl says:

    This is, bar none, the stupidest book I have ever read I see that the author meant to insert modern sex into a Regency tale, but I found the entire thing insulting to one of the greatest novels ever written She uses the script from one of the movies, verbatim I wish I had not read this ridiculous, pointlessly titillating story.

  13. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book is hilarious and shocking The exaggerated sex scenes were to me reminiscent of the John Waters film, A Dirty Shame Each character s sexual preferences displayed as a caricature If your tastes run to the absurd, as mine can, you will crack up as each individual personality is described in a sexual light Lydia a nympo without shame, Carolin

  14. Sheila Gallagher Sheila Gallagher says:

    Uses the main scenes from Pride and Prejudice and adds sex or drugs to them It s a romp but will never take the place of the classic Makes you see them as 21st century people Lighthearted fun.

  15. L. Curtis L. Curtis says:

    Dear Lord, where do I begin Okay, everyone knows that my not so secret vice is Pride and Prejudice adaptations My favorites are ones where Darcy and Elizabeth show their love for each other umm, get there grove on, have sex, do the nasty However, nothing prepared me for this.PRIDE AND PREJUDICE HIDDEN LUSTS was crazy for coco puffs, completely lacking in reason and co

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