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Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts (English Edition) An X Rated Homage To Jane Austen S Classic Glamour UK The Author Did A Brilliant Job Of Keeping To The Original Story But Just Adding Very Saucy And Outrageous Acts To Make It Stand Out Leetid S Reading A Sexual Soap Opera Set Back In The Day Of Horse And Carriage Angel S Cove Readers Familiar With Austen S Story Will Laugh And Blush With Delight As Their Favorite Characters Shed Their Mild Mannered Exteriors And Clothes And Succumb To Passion San Francisco Book Review A Glorious, Breathless Gallop Through The Word Smithing Antics Based On Jane Austen S Most Popular Classic Novel Written With Szereto S Deft Humor, Combined With Austen S Style, The Result Is A Great Deal Of Fun With Literature, With Scandal And Laughter On Every Page Laugh Out Loud Funny And Arousing By Turns, The Pace Doesn T Flag From Beginning To End, Every Point Spot On Portland Book Review Instead Of Living Happily Ever After, Elizabeth And Darcy Have Faced Murderers And Zombies Now Mitzi Szereto Gives The Classic Novel An Erotic Work Over It S Not Just Bodice Ripping, But Szereto Has Thrown In A Sprinkling Of Gay Desire And BDSM As Well Hot Press Ireland Mitzi Szereto S Erotic Parody Is A Loving Historical Riff On The Jane Austen Classic The Advocate This Novel Uses Szereto S Spicy Additions To Explore And Elaborate On The Character S Motivations, Thus Legitimately Reinterpreting Jane Austen S Story Rather Than Simply Jamming In The Erotica Szereto S Imagination Will Surprise, Her Interpretations Will Intrigue Rambles A Fan Of The Original And Wondering What All The Characters You Enjoyed Might Really Be Thinking Of Doing Behind All Those Pleasantries Give Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts A Read And See If You Feel The Same Lusts They Do Bzzingbee The Author, Mitzi Szereto Takes All Our Favorite Characters And Puts Them In The Sexiest Situations Imaginable Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts Is A Mash Up Similar To Pride And Prejudice And Zombies In Style, Except There Aren T Any Walking Dead But There Is Definitely Some Head Glamour A Fun Take On A Classic The Reading Life What I Really Liked About Szereto S Rendition Is That It Made Sense And The Insertions Were Much Lovelier To Read Than The Inclusion Of Dead, Grizzled Walking Corpses So As Long As You Don T Take Your Austen Too Seriously, I Think You Will Find This Version An Amusing And Titillating Treat Girls In The Stacks Ms Szereto Has, While Honoring The Original Manuscript, Done An Excellent Job In Inserting Those Hidden Lusts That Could Very Well Have Been In In The Minds Of Each And Every Character From The Original Novel Book Reader S Heaven Szereto Has Replaced Modesty In All My Favorite Characters With Porno Pumping Desire College Candy Dear Lord, This Is Pride And Prejudice, Is Nothing Sacred Yet I Couldn T Stop Reading Lynette S Two Cents I Was Delighted With This Book, Anyone Who Loved The Original Classic Should Read Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts By Mitzi Szereto Readaholics Anonymous This Novel Is Quite Respectful Of The Original Szereto S Version Is Hilarious And Accomplished Who Is To Say That Jane Austen Wouldn T Have Written Something Like This If The Zeitgeist Of Her Era Had Been Like That Of Ours In Years To Come, This Book Will Probably Be Regarded As A Classic In Its Own Right Jean Roberta Lizardlez Read It If For No Other Reason The Novelty Or Seeing Peoples Faces When They Think Your All Smart And Reading A Classic, Then They Look Closer And See It S Smut Getting Naughty Between The Stacks Szereto S Sophisticated And Humorous Touch To Retelling A Well Known Story Is Both Absorbing And Clear I Still Find It Impressive How Well Her Rewrite Lines Up With The Original Novel, And Look Forward To Her Future Endeavors Romancing The Book I Giggled, Laughed And Smiled All Through Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts Another Look Book Reviews Put Simply, Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts Is Delicious Smut Szereto Has Written Us Some Healthy, Victorian Eroticeveryone Enjoys A Good Romp Or Three And Lives Happily Ever After EDGE This Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Loves Spicy And Entertaining Literature You Ll Be Shocked, Uncomfortably Aroused And Planning To Re Read It Over And Over Bravo Ms Szereto For Bringing Us All A Little Culture Whipped Cream Reviews Despite The Sexy Times, Mitzi Has Kept The Story Faithful To How Austen Would Have Written It, So The Style Of It Is Perfect, And Flows Well Love Romance Passion A Refreshing Change While Keeping The Classic Storyline Intact This Was My First Novel By Mitzi Szereto, But Definitely Not My Last JoJo S Book Corner Szereto Has Captured Austen S Voice And Tone And The Essence Of Her Characters So Well That You Might Ve Believed That It Was Written By Austen Herself But For All The Lustful Thoughts And Naughty Shenanigans That Appear In Just About Every Chapter Pace J Miller It Is My Personal Opinion That Austen Would Not Be Rolling Over In Her Grave Over Szereto S Novel In Fact, She Might Laugh A Little The Dying Book Affair Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts Is Historical Parody, Regency Romance, Erotica, And Satire It S A Mashup Of All Mashups And Most Of All, It S A Whole Lot Of Fun Mitzi Szereto, In An Interview With Joey Pinkney I Was Extremely Conscious At All Times To Write In The Voice Of Jane Austen I Wanted Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts To Be Seamless, With Nothing Marring The Austen Feel And Story Telling Style Or, I Should Add, Her Use Of Language Mitzi Szereto, In An Interview With The Book Rat I Read Pride And Prejudice And Zombies And Let Me Tell You Something This Is No Pride And Prejudice And Zombies There S Way Seminal Fluid Cherry Trifle Ms Szereto Brings New Life To This Classic The Original Book Seems Dry By Today S Standards, But This New Version Will Keep The Reader Entertained From First Page To Last Sensual Reads Everything From The Tone To The Dialogue Is Executed Superbly This Adaptation Of Jane Austen Is Essential For Collectors Of Literary Erotica And, Dare I Say, Is Just As Fine If Not Riveting And Sexy Read Than The Original Lucrezia Magazine Mitzi Szereto Follows The Original Story Line But Endows Each Of The Characters With Their Own Quirks Of Fancy And Sexuality With No Shortage Of Imagination Jane Austen Prequels And Sequels Review If Jane Austen Had Drunk A Great Deal Of Absinthe And Slipped Out Of Her Petticoat Mitzi Szereto S Erotic Parody Of Pride And Prejudice Might Well Be The Result Susie Bright This Is The Book Jane Austen Would Have Written, If Only She D Had The Nerve Reading Lark Polite Manners And Civilized Society Are Juxtaposed With The Seething Sexual Undercurrents Of Szereto S Devising Some Ardent Jane Austen Fans Might Scream Sacrilege , But Indeed Others Might Raise Their Eyebrows In Interest At This Innovative Take On A Classic As I Do And Say Why Not Fiendishly Bookish S Exy And Often Quite Humorous Enthusiastically Recommended Library Journal Thank God For Mitzi Szereto Now The Literary Purists Have Someone New To Go After With Their Pitchforks Adding Zombies To Pride And Prejudice Was One Thing, But SEX SEX SEX It S Sacrilege Raunchy, Hilarious, Subversive Sacrilege Which Is The Best Kind, Of Course Steve Hockensmith, Author Of Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Dawn Of The Dreadfuls If Jane Austen Can Survive The Onslaught Of Zombies, She Can Surely Swoon All Over At The Thought Of Mitzi Szereto S Witty And Explicit New Exploration Of Her Classic Novel A Sexy Hoot Maxim Jakubowski Mitzi Szereto S Deliciously Erotic Retelling Of Pride And Prejudice Boldly Turns Austen S Classic On Its Pretty Little Head, Knickers Side Up With Keen Wit I Laughed Out Loud Many Times , Elegant Prose, And A Wicked Imagination, Szereto Exposes Hidden Lusts And Truths, Paying Irreverent Homage To Austen S Romantic Entanglements Of Yore While At The Same Time Revealing A Great Deal About Contemporary Matters Sexual And Otherwise Janice Eidus, Author Of The Last Jewish Virgin And The War Of The Rosens Mitzi Szereto S Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts Is A Luscious Tribute To Jane Austen This Erotic Version Of The Classic Honors The Wit, Romance And Sociological Observation Of The Original At The Same Time, It S As Though Szereto Knows The Wicked Thoughts That Went Through Many Of Our Minds Went We First Read Pride And Prejudice Austen Lovers Will Savor This Hot Regency Romance Perhaps Even Your Aunt Who Worships The PBS Versions And Those Who Don T Love Austen Can Enjoy This Entertaining, Smart And Sensual Novel Polly Frost, Author Of Deep Inside Extreme Erotic Fantasies And Sex Scenes Mitzi Szereto S Adaptation Of Pride And Prejudice Is A Mysterious And Delightful Uncovering Of Random Sexual Encounters Among The Landed Gentry You Will Have A Ball Nick Belardes, Author Of Random Obsessions And Illustrator Of West Of Here Wicked, Tongue In Cheek And Elsewhere Take On Pride And Prejudice A Wild, Funny, Sexual Romp Austen Is Shaken Up, Sexed Up, And Stirred Up In Szereto S Naughty, Laugh Out Loud, Exuberant Homage To P Janet Mullany, Author Of Jane And The Damned How Fun It Is To Wander In The Minds Of Seemingly Proper Tea And Crumpets Men And Women, Set To The Tune Of Jane Austen S Romantic Tale Szereto Creates A Parody That S Full Of Sex Of All Kinds Including Taboo Topics Like Homosexuality, Adultery, And BDSM , But It Is Classy At The Same Time StephanielovesblogspotImagine That Jane Austen Had Written The Opening Line Of Her Satirical Novel Pride And Prejudice This Way It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged, That A Single Man In Possession Of A Good Fortune, Must Be In Want Of A Good Romp And A Good Wife Although Not Necessarily From The Same Person Or From The Opposite Sex In Pride And Prejudice Hidden Lusts Mr Darcy Has Never Been Devilish And The Seemingly Chaste Elizabeth Never Turned On The Entire Cast Of Characters From Austen S Classic Is Here In This Rewrite That Goes All The Way This Time Mr Bingley And His Sister Both Have Designs On Mr Darcy S Manhood Elizabeth S Bff Charlotte Marries Their Family S Strange Relation And Stumbles Upon A Secret World Of Feminine Relations To Her Liking And, In This Telling, Men Are Not Necessarily The The Only Dominating Sex And Of Course There S Some Good Old Fashioned Bodice Ripping That Shows No Pride Or Prejudice And Reveals Hot Hidden Lusts In Every Page Turning Chapter

5 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts (English Edition)

  1. Silver Girl Silver Girl says:

    This is, bar none, the stupidest book I have ever read I see that the author meant to insert modern sex into a Regency tale, but I found the entire thing insulting to one of the greatest novels ever written She uses the script fro

  2. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book is hilarious and shocking The exaggerated sex scenes were to me reminiscent of the John Waters film, A Dirty Shame Each character s sexual preferences displayed as a caricature If your tastes run to the absurd, as mine can, you wi

  3. Sheila Gallagher Sheila Gallagher says:

    Uses the main scenes from Pride and Prejudice and adds sex or drugs to them It s a romp but will never take the place of the classic Makes you see them as 21st century people Lighthearted fun.

  4. L. Curtis L. Curtis says:

    Dear Lord, where do I begin Okay, everyone knows that my not so secret vice is Pride and Prejudice adaptations My favorites are ones where Darcy and Elizabeth show their love for each other umm, get there grove on, have sex, do the nasty However, nothing prepa

  5. Andrea Dill Andrea Dill says:

    Wonderful item It s a new twist on Jane Austen s Pride Prejudice.

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