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PRIDE: You Can't Heal If You're Hiding From Yourself (English Edition) Do You Wonder Or Worry About Your Gender Or Sexual Feelings Do You Have Unanswered Questions About Your Gender Or Sexual Feelings Are You Worried About What Other People Might Think Of You If They Knew Or Do You Know Someone Who Is Struggling With Their Identity And You Don T Know How To Help You Are Not Alone.Dr Ron Holt Has Spoken To Thousands Of College Age Students To Help Them Make Sense Of Their Questions And Their Lives This Book Gives You Information That Has Helped Many People Sort Out What It Means To Be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Or Questioning LGBTQ Dr Holt Will Be Your Guide To Help You Understand And Learn About Important Issues, Including Sexual Feelings And Your Sense Of Gender Are Not Things You Choose.Whether And When It Makes Sense To Tell Anyone About Your Feelings.What To Do If Others Disapprove Or Dont Like You Because Of Who You Are.How To Deal With Problems That Might Arise From Prejudice, Discrimination, And Bullying Directed Toward You.Getting Health Care That Safely Addresses Your Particular Needs.How To Live A Life Of Self Acceptance And Love As An LGBTQ Person.PRIDE Is Full Of Stories, Practical Advice, And Recommendations, Bringing Together The Information You Need To Create A Happy And Fulfilling Life If You Are Questioning Your Gender Or Sexual Feelings, Or Want To Help Someone Who Is, This Book Is For You

15 thoughts on “PRIDE: You Can't Heal If You're Hiding From Yourself (English Edition)

  1. Trevor Le Woof Trevor Le Woof says:

    Excellent read, heart lifting.

  2. Phoenix Man Phoenix Man says:

    I was very moved by and very much identified with Dr Holt s personal story of his struggle with bullying, depression and even suicidal thoughts that resulted from his experiences growing up gay in a cons

  3. Camper Cora Camper Cora says:

    It wasn t a difficult read, there were examples of various LGBT community, and their individual challenges So the reader could personally relate, or learn about other perspectives I ll pass it on to someone else t

  4. K.Bohmont K.Bohmont says:

    Something to read for all of us dealing with repression especially when by the self.

  5. nuttyme nuttyme says:

    I m in my fifties and still learning growing I found this book to be very insightful I was drawn into each of the stories and rooting for positive outcomes I hope this book is read widely and appreciated Anyone can learn from it.

  6. Nancy F Hebble Nancy F Hebble says:

    I sincerely appreciate both the thoughtfulness and honesty of this book At times the writing brought a smile to my face and, at other times, I cried There is a unique balance in the writing I thank you, Dr Holt for your braveryyour courage I l

  7. OpenMindedOne OpenMindedOne says:

    I love books that support people, that show the author really cares about the readers This book is full of anecdotes and examples of the importance of self compassion for those who have just come out and those out for years You don t come out only once,

  8. Chitownbarb Chitownbarb says:

    Read it and be proud.

  9. Sara Kravitz Sara Kravitz says:

    Ron s story is incredible It is truth and strength and vulnerability and the way It s heartbreaking to learn what he had to endure and thrilling to learn about all he overcame, and is now using to help other people His story is proof that just one persons act of bravery ca

  10. Tyerone Johnson Tyerone Johnson says:

    Overall this book didn t teach me anything new about LGBTQIA folks, but I can totally see how a younger version of myself would have learned so much from a book like this.

  11. FuninFL FuninFL says:

    I really enjoyed reading the stories featured in this book I recommend everyone whether LGBTQ or not to embrace this into their lives.

  12. andy-palmer.co.uk Customer andy-palmer.co.uk Customer says:

    This book helped me so much as an older person still dealing with coming out, there can t ever be too much help during these unstable times for the LGBTQ community Thank you, Dr Holt for these encouraging words

  13. Edna Edna says:

    Great stories that are so so true We R1 and will all see each other in another time and place.

  14. Ilia Blandina Ilia Blandina says:

    There are so many reasons that this is a book for our times The quote from the book in the headline is by far the most important reason for this book to have been written and for ALL to read it I am reminded of the verse Mark 12 31 The second is this Love your neighbor as yourself There is no commandment greater than thes

  15. Susan Mercer Susan Mercer says:

    The heartfelt stories in PRIDE are full of hope, support, and inspiration for anyone who is striving to live a authentic life I highly recommend this book.

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