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Prime Obsession: Berhhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics An Intriguing Look Inside One Of The Great Mathematical Mysteries Explains The Fundamental Elements Of The Nineteenth Century German Mathematician S Discovery And Its Implications, And Features A Profile Of Bernhard Reimann And A History Of Mathematics In Relation To His Hypothesis Reprint Really, No hyperbole, because of this book I have a Masters in Maths sic Well actually I have a Masters in Maths because I studied for it, but yes the inspiration came from this book.Having decided to review my old Physics knowledge and study The Theory of General Relativity I chanced across this book whilst browsing Math books on this site, it was of course Riemann s name that caught my eye, since his geometry is one of the basis behind Einstein s previously mentioned seminal theory The reviews made the book look interesting, but I was a bit skeptical as most Math Science books for layman I found to be well crap Though I will immediately state an exception for Kip Thorne s excellent Black Holes etc.This book captivated me from the get go I liked the structure, some Math it s mostly simply Elementary Number Theory and some really basic Analysis alternating with some history, I learned a lot from both I d never studied Number Theory before and learned about a lot of mathematicians I d never or fleetingly heard of The tone wasn t too condescending and the Math was just about right for his task, at least until the last chapter or so.Anyway, when I hit the proof of the Euler Equation, I read it and read it again and again and got hooked on Number Theory and started my own Prime Obsession Now by the end of book I never fully understood what the Riemann Hypothesis truly meant or implied this may be also due to the fact that by the end of the book I was already starting to study Math and its Queen Number Theory, as I d signed up for a Masters in Maths and wanted to be fully prepared for it not having studied for a quite a few years by then And by the end of the course I got to study Riemann s original paper All in all it was an enjoyable few years.Now to be honest to really understand what Riemann was up to, you do need a wee bit Math than Derbyshire offers here, and Riemann s paper is a bit of a read as he makes a lot of assumptions on the part of the reader he of course assumes you re a Mathematician , this makes the paper relatively short, but means you need to be up on your Complex Analysis, Elementary and Analytic Number Theory help to We used Apostal s excellent Analytic Number Theory and I found Edward s Riemann Zeta Function to be extremely helpful too it also has a copy of the original paper.To conclude I highly recommend this book by Derbyshire as a great starting point to Riemann s and Number Theory in general It was for me No, this is not for math dummies IF you got good grades in Pre Calc and IF you remember it you will love this book.If you struggle with algebra, trig you will quickly bog down I don t fault the author who really does a man s job of makingall this rarified math intelligible And it s a great story too Well written But it is NOT easy if you lack the math Truth said.If you ve enjoyed popular documentaries of this subject and want , buy this book, smarten up, and the author will richlyreward you. Riemann Hypothesis states that all non trivial zeros of zeta function have real part one half Ever since it was introduced by a German mathematician, Bernhard Riemann in 1859, in his famous paper on prime numbers, it has not been proven yet, although many great mathematicians worked on it It was one of 23 Hilbert problems that were unsolved when published, and were considered to be highly influential for 20th century and is still one of six Millennium problems stated by Clay Institute that offers 1 million to whomever proves or disproves it It is the holy grail of number theory, as the hypothesis concerns the distribution of prime numbers Prime Obsession tells us what the the hypothesis is about, brief biographies of mathematicians related to the hypothesis such as Riemann, Gauss, Euler, Hardy, Littlewood, Hilbert and so on and history of mathematical advances made when mathematicians worked on it In doing so, John Derbyshire does a fantastic job He seizes the reader s attention from very first page until the very last one as if a reader reads a very absorbing thriller As far as I am concerned, Prime Obsession was one of the best books I read in the last few years If you like mathematics, you would fall in love with this book It is such a great read. I am often asked to recommend an engaging high level popular math book I have taught math at the university level as well as the precollege level the latter 6 years This is the book I recommend It s truly outstanding Moreover, in 2007 it won the prestigious Euler Prize as the outstanding mathematics book of the year The prize is given by the Mathematical Association of America Other winners include books by Ian Stewart, Edward Frankel, Steven Strogatz, Persi Diaconis, Timothy Gowers,If you re still intrigued by the subject the next step is to read the hands on book Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis by Barry Mazur and William Stein which only requires high school math and some effort The Riemann Hypothesis problem is a great way to understand modern mathematics. I really loved this book but I do think you have to understand college level math to really get the most out of the book.The author really takes you on a journey of watching the field of mathematics mature along with these questions about prime numbers And as a math guy, you can t help but feel you are seeing magic when you find there are formulas with infinite series that link the primes and a summation of simple integers raised to a power It s kind of the same thing as finding out there are formulas for pi that have nothing to do with circles or tangents or anything circular in nature There is something interesting going on here that we humans have not figured out yet. Extraordinario Un libro seminal para consultar durante mucho tiempo Escrito de forma sencilla y amena hace comprensible conceptos que se consideran abstrusos.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Prime Obsession: Berhhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics book, this is one of the most wanted John Derbyshire author readers around the world.

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