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Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip Into the Heart of Fan Mania A Zany Journey Into The Heart Of Football Mania Follows The Author S Odyssey By RV With The World S Most Obsessive Sports Fanatics To Follow Alabama Fans And Their Crimson Tide Team From Game To Game Across The South, Profiling The Colorful Individuals Including A Couple Who Skipped Their Own Daughter S Wedding To Attend A Game Over The Course Of A Full Football Season Reprint , First Printing

5 thoughts on “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip Into the Heart of Fan Mania

  1. Carrie Carrie says:

    I should preface this review by saying that I am not a sports fan and not a football fan, and I was not looking forward to reading this book, which was recommended to me So with all that in mind, no one is shocked than I am by how much I loved this book.The book is essentially an Alabamian turned New Yorker s experience taking a leave of absence from his job to foll

  2. Village Idiot Savant Village Idiot Savant says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable tale of one man s exploration of the obsession of Alabama football, and of America There s not a lot that I can add to what other reviewers have written I do dissent, though, from one reviewer s comment that you don t need to be a football fan to enjoy this You do, and you probably need to have dipped than a toe into the Crimson Tide I happen to lo

  3. B. Mooney B. Mooney says:

    I got this book for my daughter who has a professional interest in the history of sports But I read it before I sent it to her, since I am an LSU fan and love SEC football There are some good stories here, and the narrator is really likeable But I was hoping for After all, this is Bama we are talking about the Rose Bowl champs, the Bear s team, etc,, etc.I wanted to hear grea

  4. Jennie Sydney Jennie Sydney says:

    I just purchased this Kindle book so I could read Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer again Hilarity never read so wellover and over again I bought the hardcover book when it was first published and for the next several days, every free hour I had was spent absorbing every word of this book Warren St John share s his story in the written word as easy as if he was sitting next to you tellin

  5. H. P. H. P. says:

    I have two annual traditions to get me appropriately amped up for football season I re watch The Program and I reread Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer The second is going to get me in trouble one day when I spend a large portion of my life s savings on an incredibly inefficient and expensive monstrosity Warren St John s delightful book follows the Alabama Crimson Tide s 1999 football season

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