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Rashi's Daughters, Book II: Miriam: A Novel of Love and the Talmud in Medieval France by Maggie Anton (2007-07-31) Rashi S Daughters, Book I Joheved A Novel OfNotRetrouvez Rashi S Daughters, Book I Joheved A Novel Of Love And The Talmud In Medieval France Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionRashi S Daughters, Book I Joheved AntonNotRetrouvez Rashi S Daughters, Book I Joheved Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Rashi S Daughters Book III RACHEL The Dramatic Final Book In The Epic Trilogy Rachel Is Salomon S Favorite And Adored By Her Husband, Eliezer But Everything She Holds Dear Is Threatened As The Marauders Of The First Crusade Massacre The Jews Of Germany And Her Father Suffers A Stroke Eliezer Wants Them To Move To The Safety Of Spain, But Rachel Is Determined To Stay In France And Help Her Family Save The Troyes Yeshiva, TheRashi S Daughters, Book I Rashi S Daughters, Book II Miriam The Engrossing Historical Series Of Three Sisters Living In Th Century France Continues With The Tale Of Miriam, The Lively And Daring Middle Child Of A Great Talmudic Authority Anton Brings Both Time And Place To Vivid Life, And Captures The Struggles And Triumphs Of Strong Jewish Women Full Description Les Informations Fournies Dans La SectionRASHI S DAUGHTERS, BOOK I JOHEVED Reading Rashi S Daughters Is Filled With Carefully Researched Historical Anecdotes That The Author Uses As Inspiration For Her Own Imagined Scenes Discuss This Interplay Of Fact And Fiction Rivka Is Upset With Her Daughters Learning Talmud Are Her Objections Reasonable Why Would Men Not Want Women In A Position Of Knowledge What Is Threatening About Educated Women Discuss The Role Of Women InRashi S Daughters, Book I Joheved A Rashi S Daughters Is The Story Of The Three Daughters Of The Great Talmudic Authority Salomon Ben Isaac, Aka Rashi, Who Lived In Th Century Troyes, France And Had No Sons At A Time When Most Women Were Illiterate And The Rare Educated Woman Was One Who Could Read The Bible, Rashi S Daughters Studied Talmud They Were Also Vintners, Merchants And Mothers Of The Next Generation Of Talmudic Scholars

15 thoughts on “Rashi's Daughters, Book II: Miriam: A Novel of Love and the Talmud in Medieval France by Maggie Anton (2007-07-31)

  1. Mrs Bettina Walman Mrs Bettina Walman says:

    not bad

  2. Fuchs Joan Fuchs Joan says:

    Die Geschichte von Salomon und seinen 3 T chtern plus Ehem nnern und Nachkommen geht weiter, im S dfrankreich des 11 Jahrhunderts Atmosph risch dicht handelt dieser Band vor allem von Homosexualit t und der Schwierigkeit, diese in dieser Kultur eigentlich verbotene Neigung zu leben, oder auch nich

  3. Joann Field Joann Field says:

    I have loved all three of this series.The history and detail of daily life and Talmud studies in medieval France and Germany wasbeautifully woven into the stories.

  4. T. T. says:

    clairement pour adultes, mais j ai ador Ai t compl tement emport e par livre et a m a donn envie dans savoir plus sur Rashi et ses descendants

  5. Katherine Glover Katherine Glover says:


  6. Nicole M Francois Nicole M Francois says:

    Maggie Anton n est pas forc ment un bon crivain, mais son tableau de la vie quotidienne des quartiers juifs Troyes au XI si cle est tr s cr dible et int ressant.

  7. A Happy Grandma A Happy Grandma says:

    I had to read this book because I became so attached to Rashi s family after finishing Book 1 of the series, Joheved s story, I missed them This book is well written and offers a fascinating account of Jewish life in medieval times The characters are so well drawn that I feel like I know them better than my own relatives It deals with the issue o

  8. Mary E. Young Mary E. Young says:

    The second book in the series, this story focuses on Miriam, Rashi s middle child When Miriam s fianc e dies in a tragic accident, she is thrust into depression and despair Not even her training as a midwife can bring her out of her funk Only time and distance seems to help After marrying Judah, the two struggle with a variety of issues Judah struggles wit

  9. D. Swayne D. Swayne says:

    Miriam is truly a women in a man s world, In the first in this trilogy of books Miriam has already become a midwife and her development as such continues in this volume But Miriam meets real opposition in a patriarchal world when she decides to become a Mohel as well This adds great creative intrigue to Anton s story But the real tragedy is Miriam s loss of loving a

  10. Teacher & Mommy of 3 Teacher & Mommy of 3 says:

    I recommend this period piece for anyone who is interested in learning about France in the Dark Ages and about how Jews related to Gentiles during that time Moreover, it goes into the study of Talmud and biblical scholarship in an easily digestible form The author has done impeccable research in writing this novel If you like this novel, then I would also recommend reading R

  11. S. Bram S. Bram says:

    An excellent sequel to Anton s first novel in the series Coming from a traditional Jewish background, I do wonder about the accuracy of portraying Rashi s daughters and sons in law in such a sexual nature i.e involved with pre marital relations and homosexuality Rashi shaped the face of Torah learning probably than any other Jewish commentator and I can not imagine these actions bein

  12. Kathleen Lotz Kathleen Lotz says:

    While interesting and chock full of historic detail, I was disappointed with the whole series Rashi s daughters are bourgeois Jewish ladies in 11th Century France I was hoping to read about the experience of the whole community in this era, but bourgeois is all I got Miriam s marriage and husband are interesting as social commentary, but just barely so I also got the distinct impression that I w

  13. MR MR says:

    Maggie Anton s tale of Miriam s life and loves, second of the three part series, will grab you right from the beginning Her attention to details about medieval life in France, as well as issues which faced Jewish scholars at the time, and even today I dare say, will keep you reading and identifying with her well drawn characterizations The questions she raises may haunt you for a long time At least until

  14. Elizabeth Bennett Elizabeth Bennett says:

    I thought the book was outstanding The insight into how Jews lived and survived during that era is incredible It is a trilogy and I would suggest reading Book 1 before this text.

  15. artist artist says:

    This was the second in a series about Rashi s Daughters and takes place in 1075 Troyes, France There are many levels to this book and one learns about Jewish life in Troyes, midwifery in the 11th century, many ideas from the Talmud and the Torah and a great deal about the fairs and the trading of goods that took place at that time in the world The history is great , the life and living very interesting.

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