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Redeeming Love PUBLISHERS WEEKLYBESTSELLER ECPA BESTSELLER A Story Of Love That Won T Let Gono Matter What Californias Gold Country, A Time When Men Sold Their Souls For A Bag Of Gold And Women Sold Their Bodies For A Place To SleepAngel Expects Nothing From Men But Betrayal Sold Into Prostitution As A Child, She Survives By Keeping Her Hatred Alive And What She Hates Most Are The Men Who Use Her, Leaving Her Empty And Dead InsideThen She Meets Michael Hosea, A Man Who Seeks His Fathers Heart In Everything Michael Obeys Gods Call To Marry Angel And To Love Her Unconditionally Slowly, Day By Day, He Defies Angels Every Bitter Expectation, Until Despite Her Resistance, Her Frozen Heart Begins To ThawBut With Her Unexpected Softening Comes Overwhelming Feelings Of Unworthiness And Fear And So Angel Runs Back To The Darkness, Away From Her Husbands Pursuing Love, Terrified Of The Truth She No Longer Can Deny Her Final Healing Must Come From The One Who Loves Her Even Than Michael Doesthe One Who Will Never Let Her GoA Powerful Retelling Of The Story Of Gomer And Hosea, Redeeming Love Is A Life Changing Story Of Gods Unconditional, Redemptive, All Consuming Love Includes A Six Part Reading Group Guide I have read this book probably 6 times over the course of my life You think I d be tired of it by now Not only do I love reading it and getting something new from it each time, I make sure I have a copy on hand to give out to others Yes, it is that good It is a true story of a tragic time in the history of mankind It details the love, warmth and courage of a family of three an elderly father and his two spinster daughters who risk everything to save their Jewish neighbors and strangers alike from the Nazi death camps Read this book You will not regret it After reading this book, it hit very deeply for me on a certain level, that might not be familiar for most When I was 19 I was convicted of my first crime and was sentenced to six years in prison I don t remember doing most of my crime, but I do remember it happening and being blameless to the fact that I was the one who did do it What hit me most about this book, is what they felt and were subjected to during processing and quarantine Obviously the conditions aren t as bad now as they were then, but I remember having to be stripped and naked in front of hundreds I remember being told I was a number and not a name I remember having my food thrown away for looking the wrong way in line I remember countless times having everything I owned being torn through and then discarded because the Correctional Officer wasn t happy that day I know that people will say that our situations aren t the same I asked for my punishment by breaking the law I deserved to be treated like that for my crimes they were robberies without a weapon while I was on cocaine at 19 I needed to be locked up and so on and so on But the thing I can say the most from this book, is that everytime she talked about the helplessness and selfishness that comes along with imprisonment, it hit me so hard When she talked about love and compassion for others, being the only true form of currency you have in prison, those words rang so true to me I m writing this to let anyone who has ever been incarcerated know that this book should be read It puts into perspective what you are truly worth and what you should give to others, even your enemies I hated authority for so long, but realized that, love is the only way to win So I would recommend this book to everyone who needs perspective, especially those who have been incarcerated before Thank you Corrie for your endless love Give Betsie a hug for me. I read Redeeming Love based on my best friend s constant suggestion to do so I rarely read any because I am too busy and know that if I start, I run the risk of not being able to put the book down if it is that good But for some reason after my friend recently referred to the book s amazing character Michael during a conversation regarding the topic of marriagesI just went online and ordered it It arrived on Sunday and I finished all 450 pages by 7AM Tuesday morning I thought the book was incredibly powerful.The long beginning is very challenging to get through rough, tragic, disturbing but I m glad I stuck with it because I found myself in the beginning the middle and end weeping for the characters in the book and also weeping in a good healing way with how it made me look at my own marriage.The main characters are Michael, Angel, and God though his subtle but main storyline is not introduced until Michael s is Based on reviews, a handful of readers missed the opportunity to see that Michael does not have to represent all men, and Angel all women Some reviewers resented Angel being cast in such a horribly submissive position throughout But first, these readers should remember this story takes place during the time of the goldrush when women were not treated equal and were in submissive positionsbut second, readers should note that is not how God saw her The storyline is not at all about women s rights but instead about God s love The big point is that God will communicate to those lucky people who listen for him that He wants them those who are still safely in the confines of his herd to stop at nothing to bring those who are not those who are the lost sheep , back to him.Ironically, as it turned out, I identified with Michael and his storyeven though I am a woman If you take this story only as a romance as it is written , and don t realize that God s talking to trying to reach these characters is a bigger storyline, then you miss the powerful message of this book..that God s love is limitless and powerfuland unrelenting He will never abandon you even when it may seem that way with certain trials you may endure Redeeming Love conveyed just that, yet while gripping my attention the way any well written captivating story would.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Redeeming Love book, this is one of the most wanted Francine Rivers author readers around the world.

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