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Rene Magritte: Selected Writings Rated 4.5 of 5Like most people, I suspect, I am familiar with Ren Magritte from his remarkable, surrealist paintings, but have no clue as to his writing prowess Until now.Not surprisingly, the brilliant and extremely creative mind that produced some rather iconic works of art is just as introspective and creative in his writing as well But Magritte is not a writer in the sense of producing novels or even short stories in the traditional sense But he does reflect on his work and the works of others and on the idea s of art in general Some of the writings here are only a sentence or two long and some of the writings included are really not writings at all but interviews that have been conducted with Magritte A apt title might be The Musing of Ren Magritte Magritte tends to be rather philosophical and sometimes a bit existential in his thoughts, which seems appropriate given his work and the era in which the artist was painting.It is interesting to get a little insight into the mind of the man who painted the iconic Apple paintings and the painting of the pipe with the words This is not a pipe included on the painting It makes sense what he writes in 1967 blockquote I believe Victor Hugo said, We only ever see one side of things Now it is precisely the other side that I try to express blockquote And in an interview with Marcel Fryns in 1966 he says blockquote Pop art is rather the descendent of Dadism, but without Dada s freedom at that era I notice that real avant garde art has always been badly received, whereas fake avant garde art is enormously successful Pop art lacks the authenticity that would give it the power to be provocative blockquote When asked, in a 1947 interview, what he is interested in, Magritte answers blockquote Creating My only wish is to be enriched by exciting new ideas For me, art consists in expressing charm and pleasure Before the war my works reflected anxiety Experience of conflict and a load of suffering has taught me that what matters above all is to celebrate joy for the eyes and the mind I live in a very unpleasant world because of its routine ugliness blockquote One brief passage struck me as particularly interesting and unexpected from an artist someone who earned his living with his paintings.blockquote Anyway, it s not necessary to see a painting There are heaps of reproductions, art books For me, a reproduction is enough Like in literature, you don t need to see a writer s manuscript to be interested in his book blockquote But among all the little nuggets and gems of philosophy offered by Magritte in his writings and there are plenty , I think his thoughts are best summed up with his 1955 article titled A Poetic Art which opens with the sentence The art of painting, as I see it, makes possible the realization of visible poetic images Looking for a good book I recommend Ren Magritte Selected Writings Please note all quotes are from an Advance Readers Copy and may be different from the official, published volume.I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review. Available For The First Time In An English Translation, This Selection Of Rene Magritte S Writings Gives Non Francophone Readers The Chance To Encounter The Many Incarnations Of The Renowned Belgian Painter The Artist, The Man, The Aspiring Noirist, The Fire Breathing Theorist In His Own Words Through Whimsical Personal Letters, Biting Apologia, Appreciations Of Fellow Artists, Pugnacious Interviews, Farcical Film Scripts, Prose Poems, Manifestos, And Much , A New Magritte Emerges Part Surrealist, Part Literalist, Part Celebrity, Part RascalWhile This Book Is Sure To Appeal To Admirers Of Magritte S Art And Those Who Are Curious About His Personal Life, There Is Also Much To Delight Readers Interested In The History And Theory Of Art, Philosophy And Politics, As Well As Lovers Of Creativity And The Inner Workings Of A Probing, Inquisitive Mind Unrestricted By Genre, Medium, Or Fashion The paintings are better He was a thoughtful guy, but the paintings of course attack thought itself, which he himself, perhaps failed to integrate at times Never the less if one is interested in art history, surrealism, and his biography, quite interesting material. My girlfriend really enjoyed reading this as he is her favorite artist Wonderful and insightful collection of writings that really take you into the mind of Magritte.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Rene Magritte: Selected Writings book, this is one of the most wanted Rene Magritte author readers around the world.

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