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Rewilding Yourself: Discovering Your Soul’s Deep Roots Through Shamanic Practices (Therapeutic Shamanism) I ve been practicing shamanism actively for 12 years Or put accurately, life threw me onto a shamanic path 24 7 12 years ago Before that time, I was practicing shamanism without realizing it, as it had always been in me, since birth It might sound like fun and romantic and exotic, but it is not The shamanic path is extremely demanding and at time beyond difficult and this is why it is of the utmost importance to have the right and powerful resources available to help you interpret what you experience and see and feel and help guide you on this path Paul Francis books are, together with Sandra Ingerman s and Joan Halifax s and Hank Wesselman s books, the VERY most precious resources I ve found to help me on my shamanic path I never went to any workshop or trip to meet shamans of different cultures because it didn t feel like it was right for me, so Life itself has been my initiation master and Guide Rewilding yourself will provide you an extremely clear picture of what shamanism practice is, what it can do, how to deal with problems that you will encounter and you will It provides guidance and powerful exercises in a very clear language, and in a culturally neutral way The truth is that some people might feel attracted to Inca and Norse or Siberian or African shamanism, yet before you choose a path, ask yourself where do you really belong Something might feel really sexy and talking to you, yet where are what are your true roots This is one of the powers of Paul Francis book he kept everything neutral as far as culture imprint, so that you can discover your own shamanic path He presents and offers a precious entrance gate to what could be called core shamanism although this term might belong to Michael Harner, but I used it here for a lack of a better word So if you are serious about walking a shamanic path to heal yourself, to heal the Earth, to help others, to find your true Self, to get your power back, and much , then I would really invite you to get each of the Therapeutic Shamanism books In each of Paul Francis words, you will find a true love for what my Cherokee friend calls all our relations , ie the Earth and all living things and yes, minerals and stones are also alive There is no ego, no self promotion, no supersize best ME in these books, there is just an extremely deep love for this world and the dedicated will to helpI have a PhD in molecular and cellular genetics but abandoned my scientific career 15 years ago Those of you with a very strong analytical mind will find here answers to questions that nobody else addresses in books I hope you will find this review helpful May you be helped on your path Carpe diem Amazing follow up as the second book in the series Can not wait for books to come In depth teachings of shamanism and I love the way he has broken down the realms into multiple books to further our understanding of them A must read for those interested in shamanism. I have been trying to understand my non ordinary experiences for most of my life The pieces of the puzzle are falling in place with the help of the wisdom in the pages of this wonderful book Anyone who feels lost in ordinary reality can find some answers here. the author kept saying that subject will be in my next book not too much in this book though The first book was good and I looked forward to this one He rehashed the same info for at least half the book Very little new info but lists of what he will write about in future bookskinda bummed me out, feeling like he is stringing me along Reading Modern Shamantic Living by Rysdyk and enjoying that. This writer really takes his time in a great way The material is natural, comprehensive and easy to follow there is no pressure to move quickly The book is very well written and explains Therapeutic Shamanism completely and in clear terminology that leaves the reader thirsting for It seems to work in subtle ways and you can enjoy the exercises because they are not over your head If anyone is struggling with their spiritual life I recommend this book and every other he writes. Many People These Days Feel A Sense That Something Is Missing From Modern Day Life They Feel A Yearning For Something That Is Not Met By Money, Possessions, Human Interactions Or Even By Religions Alongside This May Be Disenchantment With Consumerist Culture, And Concerns About The Impact We Humans Are Having On The Natural World If This In Any Way Describes You, Then This Book Is A Must ReadFor Many Centuries, Earth Based Spiritual Practices Have Been Persecuted And Suppressed All Over The World They Have Been Replaced By Materialism, The Myth Of Human Supremacy, And With Ungrounded Religions We Have Lost Our Connection With Nature, Our Spiritual Connection With The Natural World We Have Tamed Most Of The Earth To The Extent That Little True Wilderness Is Left, And We Have Destroyed Indigenous Cultures Who Lived In Harmony With The Environment For Thousands Of Years We Have Domesticated Not Only The World Around Us But Ourselves Too In Doing So, We Have Lost Our Way We Have Become Uprooted And Adrift And Are Killing The Ecosystems To Which We BelongThe Ancient Practice Of Shamanism Cultivates A Deep Spiritual Connection To The Earth It Is Not A Religion There Is No Dogma, And No Belief Is Required Instead, It Offers Practical Methods That Can Heal Our Sense Of Disconnection, And Provides A Template For Living In A Healthy Relationship With The Earth Therapeutic Shamanism Is Rooted In These Ancient Practices And Shows Us How We Can Take Them Forward And Make Them Relevant To Modern Day LifeFollowing On From The Highly Acclaimed First Volume In This Series, Rewilding Yourself , Volume In The Therapeutic Shamanism Series, Is An In Depth And Comprehensive Guide, Uniquely Dedicated To Shamanic Lower World Practices Eye Opening And Full Of Life Changing Insights, It Also Provides A Practical, Step By Step Guide To Reconnecting To The Sacredness Of The Earth And To Rediscovering The Deep, Wild And Connected Roots Of Your Own, True SoulPraise For The Shamanic Journey , The First Book In This Series The Best Book About Shamanism That I Have Ever Read Practical, Compassionate And Wise Clearly And Intelligently Written From A Firm Foundation Of Knowledge And Experience Intelligent And Down To Earth A Fantastic Book Absorbing And Fascinating A Very Special And Important Book Un Put Down Able Life Changing A Clear Map To An Ethical, Peaceful, Grounded Way Of Being Very Relevant And Necessary For Contemporary Society Full Of Profound Wisdom And Practical Guidance An Instant Classic A Beautifully Crafted Book Thoughtful, Accessible And Practical Warm, Grounded And Encouraging Intelligent, Beautifully Written, Thoughtful, Thought Provoking, And Deeply Engaging

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