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Rewilding Yourself: Discovering Your Soul’s Deep Roots Through Shamanic Practices (Therapeutic Shamanism) I eagerly awaited this, the second in Paul Francis Therapeutic Shamanism series, and wasn t disappointed Another excellent, stimulating, content rich book and practical resource I especially like that it can be approached in different and flexible ways to suit the reader reading through from start to finish and then returning to the exercises, systematically taking a chapter at a time and doing exercises as you go, or creating your own personal reading and learning path through it A helpful blend of background, context, case studies, examples and suggestions for shamanic journeys and other shamanic practices Accessible to both the relative novice and the experienced practitioner, to guide you through building and deepening connection and learning Clearly written from a grounded, ethical knowledgeable place, I felt in safe hands An indispensable guide to soul ful therapeutic shamanism, for the age we live in Highly recommended. In the second book in his series, Paul Francis takes you on a deeper study of the Lower World He explores what beings you may find down there and, with numerous practical exercises, details various types of journey that can be done to bring about healing and growth Written in an honest and open way he talks about the ethics needed for any kind of shamanic practice and the ways in which these practices can help us in the modern world.There is no drop in quality after his first book Your Shamanic Journey , only an expansion of some of the principles mentioned in that along with a lot of new material that will be of great value to anyone interested in shamanism and or psychotherapy Written with heart and integrity it is easy to see how much benefit these practices can bring and how badly they are needed in the modern world.Paul s books are really raising the bar for shamanic literature, and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to deepen their practice and understanding of the Lower World with all it s wonder I d give it 6 stars if I could. I read Paul s first book and was blown away by the doors it opened for me I was only reading it as a bit of research for something I quickly signed up for some Shamanic workshops, Paul s Medicine Wheel being one of them and I love his passion for Shamanism His latest book exceeds his previous and that s saying something There is so much valuable content, a review can t do it justice This is a book for life and you ll never be short of ideas to help progress your own or your client s journeys with this book on hand Bring on the next book I can t wait. This second book in the series is just as good as the first, and I recommend it My only beef is that there are spelling mistakes, mostly in the first half of the book, but also the second, plus the table of contents was not refreshed before it went to print, so its page numbers are incorrect I would recommend that once any upcoming books in the series appear complete, that a fresh wave of new faces are given the chance to read and discover these issues, thus making them that much better These minor issues did not detract from the flow of the book though, and the information was enlightening, so besides this minor detail, the book is very good and I look forward to the third in the series. Another fantastic book in the series of core shamanism I have been lucky enough to have physically experienced Paul s Introductory Course in Shamanism and this book and the previous one is just like being in the room with him, absorbing his learned teachings In my review of the first book in the series The Shamanic Journey, I compared his knowledge and writings to be on a par with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman I still feel the same after reading Rewilding Yourself as and of Paul s skilful teaching and enjoyable writing becomes available to the reader It is also packed with a huge amount of brilliantly clear exercises on each topic.I purchased Shamanic Journey Volume 1 in Kindle format and Rewilding Yourself Volume 2 as a hard copy I will now be re buying Volume 1 as a proper book in anticipation of proudly displaying the who e series of this phenomenal shamanic course on my book shelf to dip into whenever I want.Thank you Paul, you re a legend A second helping from the brilliant Paul Francis, eagerly awaited and long overdue since the delicious starter The Shamanic Journey Volume two is like something from the specials board serving a plethora of nuggets of wisdom, covering a tantalizing range of deeper Shamanic issues, such as how to develop an authentic practice relevant to modern times how to meet your Lower World Guide how to explore and use key healing techniques in the Lower World and looks at the causes of illness due to living our modern industrial agricultural way of life, having turned our backs on Animism and hunter gathering This book will not disappoint Paul Francis has once again served us a gem and I cant wait for afters. Many People These Days Feel A Sense That Something Is Missing From Modern Day Life They Feel A Yearning For Something That Is Not Met By Money, Possessions, Human Interactions Or Even By Religions Alongside This May Be Disenchantment With Consumerist Culture, And Concerns About The Impact We Humans Are Having On The Natural World If This In Any Way Describes You, Then This Book Is A Must ReadFor Many Centuries, Earth Based Spiritual Practices Have Been Persecuted And Suppressed All Over The World They Have Been Replaced By Materialism, The Myth Of Human Supremacy, And With Ungrounded Religions We Have Lost Our Connection With Nature, Our Spiritual Connection With The Natural World We Have Tamed Most Of The Earth To The Extent That Little True Wilderness Is Left, And We Have Destroyed Indigenous Cultures Who Lived In Harmony With The Environment For Thousands Of Years We Have Domesticated Not Only The World Around Us But Ourselves Too In Doing So, We Have Lost Our Way We Have Become Uprooted And Adrift And Are Killing The Ecosystems To Which We BelongThe Ancient Practice Of Shamanism Cultivates A Deep Spiritual Connection To The Earth It Is Not A Religion There Is No Dogma, And No Belief Is Required Instead, It Offers Practical Methods That Can Heal Our Sense Of Disconnection, And Provides A Template For Living In A Healthy Relationship With The Earth Therapeutic Shamanism Is Rooted In These Ancient Practices And Shows Us How We Can Take Them Forward And Make Them Relevant To Modern Day LifeFollowing On From The Highly Acclaimed First Volume In This Series, Rewilding Yourself , Volume In The Therapeutic Shamanism Series, Is An In Depth And Comprehensive Guide, Uniquely Dedicated To Shamanic Lower World Practices Eye Opening And Full Of Life Changing Insights, It Also Provides A Practical, Step By Step Guide To Reconnecting To The Sacredness Of The Earth And To Rediscovering The Deep, Wild And Connected Roots Of Your Own, True SoulPraise For The Shamanic Journey , The First Book In This Series The Best Book About Shamanism That I Have Ever Read Practical, Compassionate And Wise Clearly And Intelligently Written From A Firm Foundation Of Knowledge And Experience Intelligent And Down To Earth A Fantastic Book Absorbing And Fascinating A Very Special And Important Book Un Put Down Able Life Changing A Clear Map To An Ethical, Peaceful, Grounded Way Of Being Very Relevant And Necessary For Contemporary Society Full Of Profound Wisdom And Practical Guidance An Instant Classic A Beautifully Crafted Book Thoughtful, Accessible And Practical Warm, Grounded And Encouraging Intelligent, Beautifully Written, Thoughtful, Thought Provoking, And Deeply Engaging

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