[ Leering ] ➶ Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence Autor Jacob Turner – Andy-palmer.co.uk

Robot Rules: Regulating Artificial Intelligence This Book Explains Why AI Is Unique, What Legal And Ethical Problems It Could Cause, And How We Can Address Them It Argues That AI Is Unlike Any Other Previous Technology, Owing To Its Ability To Take Decisions Independently And Unpredictably This Gives Rise To Three Issues Responsibility Who Is Liable If AI Causes Harm Rights The Disputed Moral And Pragmatic Grounds For Granting AI Legal Personality And The Ethicssurrounding The Decision Making Of AI The Book Suggests That In Order To Address These Questions We Need To Develop New Institutions And Regulations On A Cross Industry And International Level Incorporating Clear Explanations Of Complex Topics, Robot Rules Will Appeal To A Multi Disciplinary Audience, From Those With An Interest In Law, Politics And Philosophy, To Computer Programming, Engineering And Neuroscience

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