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Rock Me Tonight (English Edition) Love how sweet yet incredibly sexy this story was The characters were interesting and the storyline fun but odd at times cab driver odd but it fits the rest of the fanciful story Biggest complaint was the editing, or lack thereof Very, very distracting But all in all, a good read Sadie Watson Has Looked For Love In All The Wrong Places After Her Last Disaster, She Is Doneover R It All To Mourn The Death Of Her Latest Relationship, Sadie Dipped Into Her Trust Fund, And Takes Off To Toronto For A Much Needed Break From Small Town Canada On This Trip, All Sadie Wants Is To Be Left Alone But When She Meets Bas Logan, She S Reminded That No Good Deed Goes UnpunishedBas Logan, Lead Singer And Guitarist Of The Band Potion, Is Rock And Roll Royalty He Likes His Women Leggy, Blond And Size Two When He Meets Sadie, She Matched None Of His Conquest Criteria So When He Is Attracted To Her Desperately, He Cannot Understand It But When He Shows Sadie A Little Attention, Not Only Does She Have No Idea Who He Is, She Flat Out Blows Him Off Further Confused By This, Bas Is Determined To Find Out What It Is She Doesnt Like About Him But This Could Be A Bad Idea Or By The Time Bas Realizes What Is Happening, It Could Be Too Late The spelling and grammatical errors took away from what is most certainly a 5 star book It is one of the best books I read in the many decades I ve read books Those errors drove me up a wall It s a great read of how these people came together and made a happy family Flesh it out some and it would make a w movie of the week at least This is my review and how I see it This is my first read by this author and Rock Me Tonight, had me playing Freddie Jackson s song in my head The female lead was relatable in a way that any woman or man could relate to coming home to your significant other in the bed with someone else if it had happened to you Yes, I am aware that this is not something that everybody goes through, however, someone somewhere has experienced such a situation.The interaction between the two main characters was one that dreams are made of I mean who wouldn t want to meet an artist, be instantly attracted to him where a one night stand turns is to Hey, I could happen.This story is not without its tragic moment the heroine steps up to the plate so unexpectantly that it is such an Aww moment.This story is for anyone who loves stories where the curvy girl gets her man.This was such a good read that I will have to check out her other books.This is my review and how I see it. I thoroughly enjoyed this love story Sadie and Bas were an unlikely couple by the world s standards but their true hearts, minds and bodies said differently The total acceptance of each other fully was breath taking Yes, they had their own issues to dump but nothing that would irrevocably end it.This story brought together a family and friendship beyond blood Sadie taking in Amira after a tragedy be speaks of the truth of love having no set time line.Just a complete, well written love story with supporting friends and a deep love.

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