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Ruby Shadows: (Paranormal Witch Demon I/R Romance) (Born to Darkness Book 3) (English Edition) I loved the first two books and was really looking forward to Gwendolyn s story But between Gwendolyn s utter stupidity and ginormous plot holes I was sorely disappointed The main problem was Gwen She went from being a smart, resourceful, mysterious witch to a complete moron She was constantly putting herself in danger because of her idiocy She completely ignored where she was, and assumed anyone who looked human had to be some innocent victim She did it repeatedly and if it wasn t for the fact that she needed to close the door to save her loved ones I would ve been happy to see her killed off early on.The sin tax that had to be paid to cross from one realm to the next was never properly explained Since when is a single woman making out with a single man a sin And touching yourself isn t a sin, but getting felt up is Or was it that what Gwen was doing in and of itself wasn t a sin but the fact that she was doing it knowingly with a demon I also didn t get why Gwen kept being referred to as pure and innocent Prior to this book she already displayed wrath by seeking a spell to ruin her sister s pimp Also prior to this book she used black magic to cavort with demons, that s how she met Laish Add in her paying the sin taxes to cross into deeper realms and her soul should have been tainted.I also found it weird how Laish was so entralled with how Gwen looked The man counts his lifespan in eons, but he acted like he d never seen a light skinned girl with green eyes The man can travel anywhere, has lived for centuries, and is a lust demon but I m supposed to believe he never encountered a light skinned cutie with a big ole booty Yeah right.The circles made no sense I found it comical that Laish said Dante got it wrong, when its clear Anderson had no idea what she was doing either.I will be reading the next book in the series Hopefully this was just a mistake and we will get back to smart and kick ass heroines SPOILER The first circle was people that didn t accomplish goals How vague is that So was it people who never accomplished any goal at all ever Or could getting everything on a grocery list or could having a netflix marathon save you from the bowels I mean basically it was people who didn t get to fulfill their dreams for whatever reason will go to spend eternity in torment That hardly seems fair, and also that realm must be seriously over populated Then the second realm jumps from that to child molesters murderers You want to talk about a crazy leap And while the third and fourth realms were all filled with evil doers the fifth realm wasn t While narcissists can be annoying it doesn t actually harm anyone And atheists can do amazingly kind and wonderful things, so ending up there doesn t make any sense Laish even admitted that neither sin meant the inhabitants were bad people So basically according to this book the 1st and 5th realms are filled with decent and probably even good souls And why was the sixth circle a dinosaur aquarium Once again evangeline Anderson has managed to bing light and dark together Sharing with her readers humour, pathos and a healthyLoved this series and really enjoyed reading the latest installment recommend to anyone as a great story I read a book a week so it is impossible for me to write a full review on each oneI enjoy all the books i read and usually choose one that has already got a 4 plus average review Absolutely amazing I couldn t put it down One of my favourite books by Evangeline, it grabbed my attention from the first few pages and I found myself holding my breath than once The characters come alive on the pages and you have no trouble imagining what they look like.I cannot wait for book 4. I thought you couldn t get better than the first 2 books but this was Great read loved it Loved this story the character of Laish was fantastic, far better than I had envisioned and the storyline a brilliant idea I really enjoyed the journey through hell only bad part was the end I was disappointed that Laish did not keep his powers Love love loved it Up to now, I really liked the Born to Darkness series and was really excited to get the third book in the series Ruby Shadows Evangeline Anderson is one of my favorite authors, but I found that Ruby Shadows was my least favorite of the three books that have been released Maybe because the plot was so simple and the female lead so disappointing Ruby Shadows takes up where Scarlett Heat ends Gwendolyn, the witch needs to go into the Abyss to close the door she left open when she saved Taylor s life in the second book of the series, Scarlett Heat To do this she needs Laish s help to guide and protect her as they travel the seven levels of Hell Laish being a demon, has no soul and if Gwendolyn has sex with him, she wouldn t be able to form a soul bond to him and if that happens, she loses half her power as a witch Their travels reminds me of Dante s Inferno as they travel the different levels To cross, Gwendolyn has to pay a sin tax and most of that is getting and intimate with Laish Their travels through the different levels seemed like for me as the plot dragged on, literally the road trip from Hell and left me wondering will this ever end The story finally picks up toward the end What kept me reading is I wanted to find out what is Laish s story even though you pretty much know what it is by the time you get to that part of the book I was surprised that Gwendolyn really didn t exhibit any of her powers until the end and relied so heavily on Laish and by her actions , put them both in danger numerous times I was hoping she would show some street smarts since she is suppose to be this really powerful witch, but no, Laish is always there to save the day despite Gwendolyn s blunders This book sets up the next book in the series Cardinal Sin. I waited a long time for this book to come out, but I must say it certainly was worth it This continues the story of Gwendolin the witch and Laish the deamon prince Lying in bed on night Gwen hears a creaking noise which she thinks is just the house settling as most old houses make these noises at night The next thing she knows the whole bed has fallen through the ground and she is left clinging for dear life to the lip of the hole She screams for Laish as a slimy tentacle grips her ankle pulling her down into the hole Just as she loses her grip Laish grabs hold of her severs the tentacle and piIlls her to saftey He explains that when she opened the door in gone abyss her never shut it fully, allowing this creature to come through, which will not rest until it devours all those she loves and then Gwen herself Laish tells her she has to travel through the seven levels of hell to get to the abyss, and that he will help her through each one I really loved this book , and you also get to find out all about Laish who is an absolute, georgous, beautiful can you guess that I love him to bits Looking forward to the next in the series, hopefully it will not be as long a wait. Nothing Is For Free When It Comes To Demonsa Fact That Gwendolyn LaRoux Finds Out The Hard Way When She Summons Laish, A Minor Demon From The Shadow Lands To Help Her Cook Up A Little Black Magic Unfortunately Black Magic Has A Way Of Growing And Soon Gwendolyn Finds Herself Drowning In Darkness Still, Shes Determined To Clean Up Her Own Mess But When A Creature From The Abyss Enters Our World And Threatens Her Beloved Grandmother, Gwendolyn Has To Admit She Needs Helpwhich Means Summoning The Infuriating Laish, Even Though She Swore Never To Call On Him Again.Answering Gwendolyns Incantations In A Moment Of Boredom Was A Mistake For A Demon Who Keeps What Little Heart He Has Left Under Lock And Key Laish Immediately Fell For The Creole Beauty With Jade Green Eyes And Creamy, Caf Au Lait Skin And Now Hes Determined To Have Herno Matter What The Cost And Thanks To Gwendolyns Sticky Dilemma, The Price Just Went Up.When It Turns Out That The Intrepid Witch Must Travel Through The Shadow Lands And Close The Door She Left Open To The Pit, She Knows At Once She Cant Make The Dangerous Journey On Her Own Of Course Laish Is Than Willing To Act As Her Escort And Bodyguardfor A Not So Small Fee Gwendolyn Doesnt Want To Use Her Body As A Bargaining Chip But The Lustful Demon Will Accept No Other Form Of Currency And Since Her Grandmothers Life Is At Stake, She Has No Choice Little By Little She Must Give In To His Demands.As Gwendolyn And Laish Travel Further And Further Into The Interior Of Hell, Will He Be Able To Keep Her Safe And Will She Be Able To Keep Her Innocence Or With They Lose Themselves And Each Other Among The Ruby Shadows

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ruby Shadows: (Paranormal Witch Demon I/R Romance) (Born to Darkness Book 3) (English Edition) book, this is one of the most wanted Evangeline Anderson author readers around the world.

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