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SAS Survival Handbook: The Definitive Survival Guide THE MULTIMILLION COPY BESTSELLERTHE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SURVIVING ANYWHEREThe SAS Survival Handbook Is The Complete Companion For Adventurers Everywhere From Making Camp And Finding Food In The Wild To Security And Self Defence In The Streets, Be Prepared On Land Or Sea SAS Legend John Lofty Wiseman S Unrivalled Guide Will Teach You Preparation Understanding And Assembling Latest, Most Resilient, KitNavigation Skills, Technologies And Techniques To Get You Through Unfamiliar TerrainFood And Health Finding Resources In Your Environment, Feeding Yourself, Healing Yourself And Avoiding DiseaseSafety And Security Recognising Dangerous Situations, Defending Yourself And Saving OthersDisaster Survival Dealing With Unstable Environmental Conditions What To Do In The Face Of Flash Flooding Or Fast Spreading Fire A very useful manual, incredibly interesting I would love to put some of those tips in practice Also, an easy read. Personalmente, me parece un libro muy interesante, de donde se puede obtener los conocimientos necesarios para ofrontar una situaci n de supervivencia en casi cualquier escenario Desde un punto de vista amateur, me parece muy recomendable Even for non survival scenarios A lot of things should be known by everybody.Also very comprehensive, covering most kinds of geographies and scenarios although a bit dense in some parts.I highly recommend it.

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