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Scales for Advanced Violinists Scales For Advanced Violinists Is A Technical Source Book For Violinists Compiled And Edited By Barbara Barber This Page Book Presents Practice Suggestions And Ideas To Take The Monotony Away From Scale Practice And To Develop And Improve Evenness, Clarity, Agility, Speed, And Intonation The Circle Of Ths Is Presented With St Position Finger Patterns Scales And Arpeggios Are Written Out With Rhythmic Variations And Different Combinations Of Bowings Octaves, Thirds, Sixths, Fingered Octaves, And Tenths As Well As Harmonics, Broken Thirds, And Chromatic Scales Are Also Presented With Practice Suggestions This Is An Excellent Guide For Advanced Students And Teachers

5 thoughts on “Scales for Advanced Violinists

  1. M. Rike M. Rike says:

    This scale book is appropriate for a very advanced high school violinist or a college student who is really grounded in 1 and 2 octive scales and arpeggios It is less intimidating in layout and design than Flesch or Galamian But, not ideal for the typical violin student who practices 30 minute a day

  2. shopper shopper says:

    Wonderful scale book I used this to get my chops back up after being out of practice for a short while, and it is just wonderful I love how you can have just a couple pages dedicated to one key and get a full work out on your violin Absolutely love this scale book.

  3. Jami Owens Jami Owens says:

    This is the perfect scales book for violinists who have been playing for about 3.5 years and up Focuses on practically everything there is to know and master scales.

  4. CS CS says:

    This is the correct book to buy Note to those reading reviews the fingerings in this book are not my favorite for the first 3 octave scale fingerings I generally go with the bottom fingerings with adjustments Of course, after advancement, other fingerings and exercises should be introduced That is the advanced book Carl Flesch

  5. Carole Feldman Carole Feldman says:

    My left hand was in pain until I got used to doing scales like this, but these scale exercises have improved my speed and accuracy on difficult double stop runs tremendously Would recommend to any advanced student.

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